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Smashset is a fun Breakout clone from Japan. The game introduces nice twists on the familiar bounce-the-ball formula in several ways. For starters, you don't play this game from a 2D view, but an attractive isometric 3D view, with your paddle to the right of the screen and blocks to the left. This means you now have the third dimension - height of blocks - to contend with. Blocks will not only move toward your paddle like in other Breakout clones, but also will pile up. There are many kinds of blocks and power-ups to keep the game interesting. You can even 'save' various power-ups to use later - this inventory feature is a welcome change, especially on higher levels when things happen far too quickly. You can also play bonus levels once in a while: these give you the opportunity to stock up on power-ups and surprise bonuses. With attractive graphics, excellent gameplay, smooth controls, and even a nice soundtrack, Smashset will appeal to all Arkanoid fans who are looking for something a little different. My only major gripe is that it is too difficult to make the ball go sideways, mainly because your paddle is thick, and the playing field is not as wide as a typical Breakout field. This means it is much more difficult to make the ball bounce off both sides at steep angles, if at all. Still, I am sure Breakout experts will have no trouble figure out how to do it after they get used to the perspective.

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Smashset screenshot
Smashset screenshot

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