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Sinbad (a.k.a. Throne of The Falcon)

This Cinemaware game puts you in the shoes (sandals?) of legendary Sinbad the sailor from 1001 Arabian Nights, who roam the seas in search of fortune, power, and true love. In contrast to Cinemaware's earlier action/strategy classics (e.g. Defender of the Crown), Sinbad is basically a pure action game, as choices you can make are limited to which town to sail to next. Get ready, though, for a lot of fun action sequences that involve pirates and genies, and even Arabia-style romance and heartbreak. You'll need all of your wits and swordmanship to defeat the Black Prince and his minions from hell. But hey, who can deny the lovely Princess' requests? Despite a very hackneyed plot and stereotypical characters that don't do justice to the classic novel, Sinbad has more than enough swordfights, potential love intrigue, and exotic charm to keep Cinemaware fans trigger-happy for hours on end.

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Sinbad (a.k.a. Throne of The Falcon) screenshot
Sinbad (a.k.a. Throne of The Falcon) screenshot

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