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One of the most unique platform games ever made, Sleepwalker was OCEAN's final game before being bought out by French software giant Infogrames. You are Ralph, the ever-faithful dog (yes, dog) who must lead your master safely home one night. The catch is that your master, a little boy named Lee, sleepwalks, and so doesn't have a clue of where he is going. It is therefore up to you to guide Lee past a bunch of traps and baddies that would either wake Lee up, or worse, do him some physical damage.

Gameplay lives up to the really cool premise, with excellent graphics, smooth controls, and a wide variety of hazards. There are also dozens of curious puzzles that you will have to solve to pave the way for Lee. Although they are mostly of the "how to I get from point A to B" variety, the puzzles add a fun layer of challenge to the already captivating game. If you like unique platform games, Sleepwalker is one of the best there is.

Note: The game was actually produced for the Comic Relief charity, but there was no telling how much money actually went to the cause, since it didn't sell well despite many positive reviews for the Amiga version.

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Sleepwalker screenshot
Sleepwalker screenshot

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