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Skychase is a fun 2-player action game that plays like a cross between classic boardgame Battleship and arcade flight simulations. The controls are as easy as it gets: just press two keys to start white-knuckle dogfights between you and an opponent, which could be either computer or human. The fun part is that Skychase isn't just a simple action game: realistic elements commonly seen in flight sims such as G-Force, fuel, and the number of ammo rounds are all taken into account in the game. All of these factors can be adjusted based on your realism preferences, and the planes you can choose from actually have different characteristics that require different handling methods. If you feel like to give yourself a big handicap, you can even choose to fly an F-18 Hornet against a paper plane!

Needless to say, playing against a friend is much more fun than against the computer, although the AI is capable. With a wide variety of options, good clean fun, and attractive wireframe graphics, Skychase is one of the most underrated multiplayer games of all time. Recommended!

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Skychase screenshot
Skychase screenshot

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