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Hard Drivin'

Hard Drivin' is a good PC conversion of Atari's arcade racing smash-hit. The arcade game was revolutionary in realism and feeling. Of course, the computer versions were never able to capture anything from ... Drivin' II, which added a couple more tracks and a track editor. The sequel used exactly the same game engine as seen in this one... quite sad for a full-price game that was released two years later.

Hard Drivin' II

Domark's second try in converting Atari's arcade racing hit after Hard Drivin' from 1989. As far as I know, there was no Hard Drivin' II in the arcades, so this one has seen its light only on computers. ... actual game engine stayed exactly the same. Not a single improvement in those two years. Well... but then, after all the first part wasn't that bad and now you don't have to pay for it here anyway.

Hardball II

Sequel to Accolade's breakthrough Hardball baseball game, and first PC version in the long-running series that ended with Hardball VI. Unlike the later games which were designed by MindSpan, this one was ... is included in the archive, since my CGA disk is missing. This game does not work on my Pentium II and even crashes at times on my old IBM PS/2, so be wary if you want to try this oldie out :)

Hardball III

Review 1: The third game in Accolade's famous baseball series, Hardball III was the first baseball game developed by Canadian company MindSpan for Accolade. The leap between Hardball II and this game ... Hardball IV if you prefer even better graphics. Review 2: Nice baseball game. Lots of options to fumble with. Fun voice who follows you all the game :). Good graphics and very fun to play.

Hardball IV

Fourth entry in Accolade's popular baseball series developed by MindSpan, a follow-up to HardBall III. HardBall IV features crisp SVGA graphics and the same HardBall-style gameplay fans have come to know ... is curious about why baseball is fun, Hardball IV is a must-have. It looks and plays better than the Dynamix' FPS: Baseball Pro, which got a lot more hype thanks to their success with FPS: Football.

Hardball V Enhanced (a.k.a. Hardball 5 Enhanced)

Hardball 5 Enhanced is the enhanced edition of Hardball 5, arguably the best entry in Accolade's long-running series (many baseball fans have assured me that this is better than Hardball 6, the final game ... gameplay and player controls, excellent graphics, and tons of options, HB5E ranks today as one of the best baseball games ever made and the best entry in Accolade's venerable series. A must-have.

Harlem Globetrotters

A very disappointing, sub-par basketball game based on the show basketball team Harlem Globetrotters. Well, even for 1990, I would say that this is a very poor simulation of the sport. Ugly graphics, hardly ... graphics, bad controls, and downright stupid gameplay with no ball physics whatsoever. Stay far from this Real Dog if you can, unless you somehow must play every single basketball game ever made.

Hat Trick

Hat Trick is a poor port of the classic Atari 7800 hockey game, mainly due to poor response of IBM joystick that is far inferior to its Atari counterpart. Since all the attraction of the original game is fluid joystick control that allows fast and fun action, this game is basically pointless without good controls.

Heat Wave: Offshore Superboat Racing (a.k.a. Powerboat USA)

Heat Wave is a fast and furious superboat racing game features cool 3-D polygonal superboats, lots of courses to race on, and 4 boat designed you can choose from. What I like about this game (apart from the first-person perspective and 3-D graphics) are random weather and water conditions during the race. This game is one of my most favorite Accolade games.

Hockey League Simulator

One of the best hockey simulations ever made, Bethesda Softwork's Hockey League Simulator allows you to design and manage your own customized league, or create current or classic leagues from the past. ... at your disposal is staggering. Best of all, HLS can be integrated seamlessly with best-selling Wayne Gretzsky Hockey to create the ultimate hockey action / managerial experience. Highly recommended!

Hockey League Simulator 2

One of the best hockey simulations ever made, Bethesda Softwork's Hockey League Simulator 2 allows you to design and manage your own customized league, or create current or classic leagues from the past. ... have at your disposal is staggering. Once integrated with Wayne Gretzsky Hockey 3, you will have one of the best hockey action / managerial experience this side of the real rink. Highly recommended!

Hole in One

Hole in One is a decent golf game by Really Interesting Software Company, published by GameTek in Europe. The game includes all the standard options that one would expect to find in computer golf games, ... without the longevity of classics in the genre. A decent game, but not worth keeping at all after you finish the default 18 holes (the promised add-on courses never materialized, not surprisingly).

Hole-In-One Miniature Golf

A humorous miniature golf game with a lot of innovative ideas, Hole-In-One Miniature Golf from DigiTek is a severely underrated game that deserves a closer look. The game takes the standard approach of ... golf games and are willing to lower your expectations on realism, Hole-In-One is an enjoyable experience. There are enough creative ideas and cool courses in the game to keep golfers happy for hours.


Hover is an excellent freeware hover racing game that features excellent 3D terrain, fluid animaiton and physics, although unfortunately it only has one track since the promised "full release version" ... enjoy it while it lasts... until you have mastered the one track in the game and hope for more. As it stands, it's still a great coffee-break racing game that you won't mind playing again and again.


HyperBlade is a superb futuristic sport game that is the closest thing to a 3D version of Bitmap Brothers' classic Speedball game (that is, until the next generation Speedball game comes along, whenever ... it in the game. For parents though, there is an option to eliminate the blood that can be activated at personal discretion. HyperBlade is excellent choice for both action and sport fans alike."

Ian Botham's Cricket

A decent cricket game by Celebrity Software featuring one of the world's most popular cricket player, Ian Botham's Cricket offers good graphics and gameplay but is bogged down by a cumbersome interface ... Border's Cricket in playability or graphics. It's a nice try nonetheless, though, and the real-life rosters that include many cricket celebrities could keep fans happy for at least a few matches.


One of the best racing games ever made, Ignition is a wonderfully addictive game that strikes a perfect balance between awesome visuals and solid gameplay. The description of the game on the official site ... controls that take only a few minutes to learn. With super-fast 3D engine, excellent graphics, and some of the best tracks ever designed, Ignition will keep racing fans occupied for hours on end.

Indoor Sports Volume 1

Indoor Sports is an excellent collection of 4 indoor sports games designed by SuperStar Ice Hockey designer Ed Ringler, all of which are a lot of fun to play. The games included are Bowling, Darts, Air ... set up the number of matches to play, so you can simulate an indoor tournament, as well as a plethora of options for each sport. Overall, this is a very solid package that is hard to find fault with.

International Athletics

This is a high quality atheltics game, with superb graphics and sounds. You play the game with the usual numpad and the spacebar or the mouse. You can compete in different events like: 100 meters, long jump, 110 m. hurdles, javelin, disc throwing etc.

International Karate

Review 1: What a dissapointment! I loved this game when I played it on my C64 but this PC conversion is just a very poor attempt on converting a classic karate game to the well known PC system. Too bad ... the whole game. I suggest that you download this game, play it for five minutes and then download Amiga version instead (also available at our site). The difference between the two is extreme.

International Moto X

International Moto X is a nice motorcycle racing game from Graftgold that is relatively obscure on PC, although the Playstation sold considerably better. The game offers standard options racing fans are ... a solid game with long-term play value. Too bad most courses lack the details that would make them distinctive, and the underlying physics model is not as realistic as Dynamix' venerable Motocross.

International Open Golf Championship

International Open Golf Championship is a solid but relatively unknown golf sim by OCEAN sponsored by Pringles (yes, that crunchy snack we're all familiar with), who also sponsor many annual golf tournaments. ... that probably won't raise any eyebrows, but golf fans who try it out will be pleasantly surprised to find an underrated sim that is very enjoyable to play, although lacking in long-term play value.

International Rally Championship

International Rally Championship is an excellent sequel to Magnetic Fields/Europess' 1996 Rally Championship, and is the fourth entry in Magnetic Fields' long line of top-notch rally simulations that began ... line of rally simulations. It is not as well-known as SEGA Rally, but it is both more realistic and more replayable. If you like rally games, this is one game you can't pass up. Highly recommended.

International Soccer

Professional soccer game.

International Sports Challenge

International Sports Challenge is a good multi-sports simulation that offers a decent variety of sporting events, satisfying depth of gameplay, and good user interface (although very high joystick proficiency ... required to succeed, and as such it's only recommended for expert gamers who find Accolade's games too easy. Overall, a decent PC conversion of a better-known Amiga and C64 old game of the same name.

International Superstar Soccer 3

By the turn of the millenia, the ISS franchise was split into two games: Pro Evolution/Winning Eleven and ISS/Jikkyou. While the first are native to the PSX formats, featuring a almost perfect and acclaimed ... ratings, it's a tricky one to do. In the first hour, it goes as a top game, after an afternoon playing, it goes down to 8, and after a few days, it goes to 6's, where it stays, much possibly forever.

International Tennis Open

International Tennis Open is a good port of Philip's CD-i game of the same name that sold relatively well on the CD-i but remains unknown on the PC. Billed as a "tennis simulation" (as opposed ... by a too-short tournament length and lack of gameplay variety. All computer-controlled players seem to look and play the same, for example, and there is no in-depth record keeping. Recommended.

Italy '90

Review 1: One of many football (soccer) games that were being made during the late 1980's and early 1990's, but this one is definitely one of the worst. Why? Heck, why not! The graphics are bad, the ... Italy or Germany, the players of the good teams (of that time) are faster than the players of weaker teams (e.g. Costa Rica). Solid game - overall good for some matches, even got two-player-mode.

It's a Funny Old Game

It's a Funny Old Game is one of the few tongue-in-cheek soccer simulations in existence. While it will never dethrone the likes of Championship Manager or even On The Ball as one of the most accurate simulations ... managers who want a relaxing break from tougher sims, It's a Funny Old Game is a decent introduction that should provide some leisurely-paced entertainment for a while… albeit a very short while.

Jack Nicklaus

Accolade's oldie golf simulation with one of the longest game titles in computer game history, Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (whew!) was instantly hailed as a classic when ... computer-controlled players including Jack Nicklaus is quite nice, and the three included courses should keep you playing for a while. A great start to a great, and highly underrated, golf series.

Jack Nicklaus Signature Edition

Signature Edition is a vastly superior follow-up to Accolade's classic golf sim Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf. The in-game graphics were improved overall, though the golfer graphics and animations look ... it got its following and thousands of fan-made courses were made for this game and can be found on the net. The course designer portion of the game still ranks today as one of the best ever devised.

Jack Nicklaus' Unlimited Golf

Follow-up to the first Jack Nicklaus by Accolade. Back in the time of its release in 1990, there were three golf games competing for the passionate computer golfer's heart: Links by Access Software, PGA ... games, which is a shame. Recommended still, especially to budding course designers and golf beginners. Check out the sequel Signature Edition for an even more versatile course designer program.

Jahanghir Khan's Squash

Review 1: This game is great! I love it, but... It's difficult controls make it almost unplayable. I would like to see You control Your player with the O, P, L, M and N keys instead of the usual cursor ... used in tournaments. While the controls are somewhat awkward (it's difficult to change the speed of the ball, for instance), they are playable enough to allow fast and furious action on the court.


Jammit is a very entertaining arcade-style basketball game that almost perfectly captures the flavor and atmosphere of "street" basketball that is very popular in the US. In contrast to normal ... from the players (which you can toggle on or off) round off this fun action basketball game that all action fans, and fans of Epyx' classic Street Sports Basketball in particular, will enjoy.


Jaws is an ambitious shark hunting simulation based on the Steven Spielburg blockbuster movie of the same name. In contrast to most fishing games, the goal in Jaws is very narrow: hunt for big sharks to ... license, but Box Office didn't exactly take advantage of it, either. Worth a look only for die-hard fishing and/or shark hunting fans who want a narrowly-focused fishing game with a unique angle.


JetMoto is a good PC conversion of a Playstation futuriastic bike racing game of the same name, developed by now-defunct SingleTrac for Sony Interactive. Despite the futuristic setting, the game boasts ... have a lot of fun with JetMoto. If you have a Playstation, though, you should probably play the Playstation version instead for smoother gameplay and slightly better graphics. Highly recommended!

Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour

Review 1: Jimmy Conners Pro Tennis Tour (or simply Pro Tennis Tour in Europe) is a below average tennis game from Blue Byte. Although it has all the options you find in a typical tennis game (variable ... Tennis Tour is best passed over for a better tennis game. Review 2: Good tennis game. Named after this fantastic tennisplayer from the 90s/ You can play against eachother or against the computer.

Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker

Excellent snooker simulation by Archer Maclean, one of the best known designers among Amiga lovers. The Amiga Games Database's review summarizes the high points of this revolutionary snooker game that ... you enjoy the game, check out the equally strong sequel, Archer Maclean's Pool, also on this site, as well as Jimmy White 2: Cueball, a great spiritual sequel released in 1998 by Awesome Development.

Joe Montana Football

Endorsed by Hall of Famer Quarterback Joe Montana, Joe Montana Football (JMF) was one of the first SEGA football games, released back in 1990. This company is known for manking great sports games -- but ... tried a football game before would not be advised to play this. Even football fans, unless they are playing another human, will probably soon become bored with this dated and limited option game.

John Elway's Quarterback

John Elway's Quarterback is an action-oriented football game. You have your choice of several different plays on offense and defense. On offense you assume the role of quarterback on passing plays and ... but they are not that good either and each team is represented by only nine players. The game is easy to play, but unless you are a joystick manic, not very interesting. I rate it a 2 out of 5.

John Madden Football (a.k.a. John Madden American Football)

Old american football simulation co-designed by famous sportscaster John Madden. The first game in EA's long-running Madden series. I guess different versions of this game have been available on almost ... Should be played in real DOS mode as beeper sound usually doesn't work right in Windows' DOS emulation. If you like this one, also check out its follow-up John Madden Football II, also on this site.

John Madden Football II

Follow-up to John Madden Football, JMF II improves upon the classic with decent VGA graphics, ADLIB music, and overall much nicer presentation. Quite an in-depth sports sim for its time, although nowhere ... much more famous than this PC version. Not the best football game ever made by a longshot, but still a highly entertaining game that's worth a look for fans of the sport, especially Raider fans.

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