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International Sports Challenge

International Sports Challenge is a good multi-sports simulation that offers a decent variety of sporting events, satisfying depth of gameplay, and good user interface (although very high joystick proficiency is required to beat this game).

Although the graphics doesn't look as good as Accolade's well-known Summer Challenge, ISC is superior in terms of gameplay variety and the (higher) level of challenge. Up to 4 players can compete in 6 summer sports covering 21 events, from equestrian sports to diving, swimming, shooting, cycling, and finally marathon. The game can be played using keyboard, but using joystick and mouse combination is a much more precise and intuitive method (although it takes some getting used to). You can play all events or only events of your choice. The game is quite difficult - a lot of joystick-bashing is required to succeed, and as such it's only recommended for expert gamers who find Accolade's games too easy. Overall, a decent PC conversion of a better-known Amiga and C64 old game of the same name.

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