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Indoor Sports Volume 1

Indoor Sports is an excellent collection of 4 indoor sports games designed by SuperStar Ice Hockey designer Ed Ringler, all of which are a lot of fun to play. The games included are Bowling, Darts, Air Hockey, or Ping Pong. You can play any game against a friend or the computer. You have the option of setting the difficulty for the computer opponents, but obviously playing against a human opponent is better :) The graphics and sounds are great for 1988, and the games not only play well but are also reasonably realistic; for example, the puck in Air Hockey speeds up or slows down depending on the force you apply to the shot, and bounces off the edges in a convincing manner. There are options to set up the number of matches to play, so you can simulate an indoor tournament, as well as a plethora of options for each sport. Overall, this is a very solid package that is hard to find fault with.

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Indoor Sports Volume 1 screenshot
Indoor Sports Volume 1 screenshot

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