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18th Airborne

18th Airborne is a fun and hugely underrated (and unknown) action/strategy game from Taiwanese developer Spectrum Information. Although it looks like a typical top-down two-player frag fest, 18th Airborne ... what to do and how to control the plane, but once you do, the game becomes a lot of fun. Anyone who likes Return Fire or any other split-screen multiplayer games will definitely enjoy this old game.

3D Monster Maze

To put across how much this game scares me, I really should gibber uncontrollably for most of this review. If this image entices you, read on. Arguably the best game on the Sinclair ZX81 computer (the ... short respite by finding the exit from the level, which is always down a cul-de-sac, and viewable from 5 spaces away. Look hard for it. And remember, on the next level, Rex is looking harder for you.

3D Pinball Express

3D Pinball Express is a so-so pinball game from COSMI that is apparently one of the worst pinball games ever released, at least according to pinball expert Martin Mathis' review: "Multi-table bargain ... I'm hardly a pinball expert, but Martin's review seems to hit the mark judging from my 15-20 minute experience with the game. Avoid this one unless you simply must have every pinball game ever made.


Review 1: 3-Demon is a 3D version of the once popular PacMan. You collect "Food Dots" and occasionly collect "Power Pills" which enable you to eat the roaming ghosts. You get points ... thing, isn't it? Hehe... Review 3: One of the first 3D games I played on the computer. It's actually a Pacman clown but instead of viewing topdown, you see the field from Pacman's persepctive.

4D Prince of Persia

Review 1: 4D Prince of Persia is almost the same game as the original Prince of Persia but this version features additional gameplay targeted at the more experienced fans of the original game since many ... actually is a level up inside the fortress. All by all, the original caught me playing for quite a few hours, with good graphics, a very nice sound setup and good gameplay and I recommend it to you.


A7xpg and Parsec47 are two more superb "abstract shooters" from Kenta Cho, prolific Japanese freeware developer. If you have played rRootage or Noiz2sa (or hopefully both), you know what to expect ... to charge enough energy for the devastating "roll shot" is to slow down your ship. If you love shoot 'em ups, these are two more modern freeware gems that deserve to be in your collection.


Review 1: Oh yeah - enjoy the life of a monster! Destroy buildings, eat people - I begin to understand why Gozilla always comes back ;) You take the role of either a lizard or an ogre and attack towns. ... game is far too easy, even on higher levels. Good for whiling away a few minutes at a time, or play with friends, but the game quickly becomes repetitive and boring. Don't say I didn't warn you :)

ABM Command

ABM Command is one of the numerous clones of classic arcade game Missile Command, but this is one of the more faithful ones, with the familiar gray towns and green laser streaks across the sky. If you ... once on higher levels. With a simple yet addictive gameplay, ABM Command keeps the memories of Missile Command alive, and helps prove that great games don't have to be CD-ROM extravaganza. Must-have!

Absolute Pinball

After publishing a number of excellent pinball games that they developed in-house, 21st Century Entertainment decided to outsource the development to a third party company, in this case UDS of Sweden. ... playing a single game and this one doesn't have near the intensity of StarPlay's pinball sims or the Pro Pinball series. Quantity doesn't replace quality but it can make you feel a bit better."

Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero is yet another missed opportunity for Domark: a game that offers an innovative premise that is so refreshing that it makes poor gameplay all the more regrettable. GameSpot's review says it ... it, Absolute Zero is a nice change of pace from the increasingly ordinary world of starfighting games. But those looking to jump in and start shooting are headed for a frosty disappointment."

Abu Simbel Profanation Deluxe

Abu Simbel Profanation Deluxe is a superb fanmade remake of Dinamic's classic platformer for the Spectrum computer. You are Johnny Jones, avid adventurer who explores a forbidden Egyptian temple (perhaps ... Spanish gem to a whole new generation of PC gamers. But given the high difficulty, it will take you quite some time to get through the 45 screens. Highly recommended, but let the newbies be wary :)


Review 1: "You are Nick Vrenna. It is the year 2009. You have been falsely incarcerated inside a high security underground prison where illegal genetic experiments are taking place. Alan Blake, ... Tournament feature of playing with the mouse. Yep, you can use the keyboard and mouse simultaneously, both to move and to aim and fire. This game is a MUST if you are into action-packed game play!

Act of Fighter

Another solid arcade game from SoftStar, Taiwan's best game company, Act of Fighter is a smooth side-scrolling beat-em-up set in Chinese history. Set in a typical o-father-I-vow-to-avenge-your-death premise ... by the many deaths (and few continues) they have to endure on the way to see the finale. Oh, and the game is in Chinese -- but there really isn't a lot of text to distract from the action ;)

Acter World

Acter World is a fun freeware clone of Taito's classic Bubble Bobble. You control Princess Lina, who must kill all the enemies who have invaded the royal palace. You are equipped with a magical ring that ... and the action nonstop. If you enjoyed Bubble Bobble, you will find this fanmade clone to be a worthy tribute - even if it is a bit too short compared to 100 levels in Taito's original release.

Action Fighter

Review 1: A fast action arcade paced racing game where you have to avoid enemy vehicles and shoot your way through them. At first the game reminded me of one of the James Bond games that have been made ... from the president, lending a bit of (albeit fake) urgency to the game. Overall, a mostly challenging, fast, and enjoyable oldie that's one of the better PC versions of console games. Recommended.


Actraiser is a fun action/strategy hybrid from Quintet/Enix for the SNES. You play the role of a god who is trying to reclaim the earth from evil beings and make it habitable for your people. Similar to ... but it's a lot of fun while it lasts. Too bad Quintet decided to focus much more on the action part and virtually abandoned the superior sim segment for the disappointing sequel, Actraiser 2.

Advanced NetWars

Advanced NetWars is a little-known sequel to NetWars, a great 3D space shooter that Novell bundled for free with their Personal NetWare program to show off IPX capabilities. Caldera upgraded the game with ... NetWars or space combat games in general, Advanced NetWars is a must-have. Note: The download here includes an IPX wrapper program you can use to connect to Kahn Central to play a multiplayer game.

Adventures of Captain Comic, The

Review 1: Some may attack me for this review, but I never found anything interesting in this below average platform-jumping arcade game. It features Captain Comic, a "superhero" in search for ... the game more challenging. Overall, both games above-average platformers that action fans should take a look, although they are far from being comparable to Apogee's classics in breadth or depth.

Adventures of Lomax

Little-known PC port of the better-known Playstation game, The Adventures of Lomax features the lemmings from Psygnosis' classic arcade puzzle series, but takes them back this time to the old school of ... fun twists, great platforming action, and Lemmings-like strategy element will attract all fans of the puzzle originals. Highly recommended, but be warned of the extremely high difficulty level.


AeroStyle is an excellent freeform aerial combat shooter that sports a very intuitive mouse-driven interface, crisp SVGA graphics, and fun gameplay. Your goal in the game is simply to pilot a biplane similar ... nature that you would wonder why no other plane-combat game uses this method. Best of all, the game plays in a Window, which makes it ideal for a round of quick aerial combat during coffee breaks.


Review 1: Pretty straightforward jetfighter game. You fly your jet avoiding and shooting enemy planes and their missiles. Really nothing new, but made pretty well. The controls are pretty good (unfortunately ... your enemies fly planes. You will shoot at them, they will shoot at you. There's really now a whole hell of a lot to it than that. Just don't get killed and shoot lots of bad guys, you'll do fine.

Afterburner 3D

Afterburner 3D is an excellent fanmade remake of SEGA's classic first-person shooter Afterburner. The game features excellent 3D graphics, great special effects, and even a nice soundtrack to round things ... is a very good, very polished remake with a strong professional feel - well worth a look for all Afterburner fans. This is a much closer remake to the original than SEGA's own effort, Sky Target 3D.

Agent USA

Agent USA is a good Windows remake of the original 8-bit classic game of the same name, released by Lothlorien in 1984. Designed for kids, the game is a fun action game with a bizarre premise. You are ... - you can only travel 10 times before you have to register the game. But for only $2, it shouldn't only be a big decision to make ;) Recommended, especially for the young ones in your house.


Air is an excellent side-scroller from premier Taiwan developer Softstar. Despite what the name implies, the game actually takes place underwater most of the time. In contrast to most other shooters that ... levels, and imaginative weapons and bosses. Anyone who enjoys shareware game In Search of Dr. Riptide will also enjoy this obscure old game that sadly was never officially released outside Asia.

Air Offensive: The Art of Flying

Air Offensive: The Art of Flying is a decent 3D shooting game from Inca Gold. The official word on game plot: " a fresh recruit, you will join the militia forces of the Archipelago in a desperate ... and so Air Offensive falls short of the high standards set by such modern classics. Recommended for a few minutes of quick play, but don't expect it to be a permanent resident on your hard drive.

Airborne Ranger

Microprose is well known for it's great games and this is one of their true legends. Airborne Ranger is a well known and original title known to all computer game players of the eighties. Whoever missed ... mine fields and such. This is not just a typical action game since you will have to use your brain a lot if you do not want to die too soon. Airborne Ranger is a masterpiece and you must play it!

Airlift Rescue

Review 1: Simple concept: fly your helicopter to rescue hostages, bring them to the embassy and destroy tanks and other enemy crafts on your way. The game is a remake of the old Atari/Apple classic Choplifter ... classic, try Night Raid instead. Review 3: You are the helicopter which has to rescue people which ussually stand around the buildings, but you have to make sure you don't get hit my the enemies.


A solid conversion of a little-known Konami arcade game of the same name, Ajax is a challenging vertical scrolling shoot-em-up for one or two players. The objectives of the game, simple enough, are to ... It's not the best a PC shooter can offer (meaning it's not Raptor), but it's still excellent, and worthy of notice as one of the very few games that feature a very intuitive mouse-based interface.

Akuji the Demon

Akuji the Demon is an excellent freeware platformer from Japan that puts many commercial titles to shame. The storyline alone is already a twist on the familiar "hero kills foozle" plot: you ... be warned, though: the game is easy even on Hard setting, and will take veteran gamers only 1-2 hours to beat the whole game - but at least you will have a blast while playing it. Highly recommended!


Review 1: You play the character Aladdin from the popular Disney movie/television series. The ultimate aim of the game is to save Princess Jasmine from the evil Jafaar. Jafaar has one half of a scarab ... wich is hard to beat. Review 5: Platform gamewhere you can play different levels with your favourite eastern guy Aladdin. You know the guy from the Disney movie, or was it the other way around?

Aldo's Adventure

A surprisingly nice game that almost made me close it down before I even tried it. But then I played it for quite a while. The game is made up a bit like Jumpman, the graphics are a bit better (Aldo looks ... collect things - erm... treasures I guess - to finish the level. You have to avoid barrels (?) that are rolling around. The levels are made up different enough with increasing difficulty - nice idea.

Alex the Allegator 4

Alex the Allegator 4 is a fun platformer that harks back to the good old days of 8-bit Nintendo games. Similar to Douglas Circumstance, Alex 4 features excellent anime-style animations, addictive side-scrolling ... monitor, and there was no option to adjust it. But then again, if nitpicking about small screen size is the only gripe I can think of about a game, that is probably a good sign of how good it is.


Review 1: One of the better movie-based games from Box Office, Alf was a budget release game based on the popular 80's television show of the same name. As Alf the good-hearted alien, your goal is to ... Alf, the one alien that we could be around as kids and not get frightened, (except ET of course, although I'd probably need a clean pair of pants if I saw him face to face at the age of 22 even!)

Aliants: The Desperate Battle for Earth

Review 1: Aliants is a lackluster action game from Keypunch, maker of numerous budget action games in mid 1980s that were mostly below average. The plot is yet another rescue-the-Earth-from-Alien-invaders ... in the 24th century. Men finally live in peace and settled themselves in space. But then things start to happen: Aliens have come to conquer earth. Well bladibla, enjoy this cheap CGA space-shooter.

Alien Breed

Review 1: A conversion of one of the Amiga's most popular game titles of all time. Alien breed is a fast paced action game with a lot of shooting, explosions and death. The game takes place on Federation ... 2: Terminate every alien encountered on your Base (the Federation Research Station). 12 Levels to shoot through :). This game is one of the most popular arcade games of all times. So check it out!!

Alien Breed: Tower Assault

In the depths of space a holocaust has occurred. Intelligent and hostile alien life forms have taken over the Military Research Unit in the Planet Azarin 2E. Featuring over 50 huge levels of Alien blasting ... Assault is yet another action game with a lot of shooting and killing. Not much has changed since the first game, so if you liked Alien Breed you'll love this one. Great game for action players.

Alien Carnage (a.k.a. Halloween Harry)

An instant hit for Apogee after its release as shareware and subsequent commercial game under the new name Alien Carnage, Halloween Harry is a great platformer that features cool weapons, numerous levels, ... graphics, and responsive controls puts the game's developers Gee Whiz into the front rank of quality action game houses. Also check out the sequel Zombie Wars!, which is even better than the first.

Alien Fires 2199 A.D.

For its second game, Paragon made its first attempt at an action/RPG hybrid. Almost everything about the game is primitive, from the plot to simplistic gameplay (which comprise mostly static combat scenes that are seemingly resolved purely by random chance). A humble beginning, indeed, but at least it does attempt to combine action and RPG elements... a focus that Paragon would refine over the years.

Alien Odyssey

Alien Odyssey is a fun but little-known multi-type action game by Argonaut Software that is similar to Cyberia in concept: it's got action, flight sim, adventure, and Full Motion Video (FMV) sequences ... are fun to watch, and there's enough variety to keep you occupied, although it's ultimately too linear (like Cyberia) to warrant extensive replay. Well worth a look if you enjoy diverse action games!

Alien Rampage

Alien Rampage is a fun 2D horizontal platformer from indie developer Inner Circle Creations, who bought rights to the game (originally titled Ravager) from Apogee, finished it, and got Softdisk to publish ... the game after the completion of a level, the save markers only work while you are playing. Still, this is solid, classic gaming, with fierce action, fun and diverse levels, and good control."

Alien Syndrome

A decent PC conversion of hit arcade game by SEGA, Alien Syndrome is an addictive top-down action blast. Like the arcade game, there is a two player option, which has the obvious advantage of doubled killing ... romp is made far more enjoyable by the two player option, although it would have been nice if the two players were impervious to each other's fire. It does make the game more challenging, though.

Alien Trilogy

Alien Trilogy is a lackluster first-person shoot 'em up that is a disappointing waste of the blockbuster license. Very loosely based on the three existing Alien movies, the game casts you as Ripley, space ... this average game. Acclaim could have done a much better job. If you want a fun and appropriately scary Alien game, play Sierra's superb Aliens vs. Predator series instead and leave this one alone.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

This is one of those standard cheap arcade games based on a popular license (in this case, the Burt Renyolds/Dom DeLouise voiced children's movie of the game's name). Most of them have little thought applied ... through--the EGA graphics actually don't look bad--but not much more. And I fail to see how children would even remotely enjoy this. At least the happy-bouncy speaker music can easily be disabled...

All Point Bulletin

You're a police man and you have to drive on road to complete missions.

Alley Cat

Review 1: This is the first PC game I have ever played! I know I've spent hours and hours playing it and it never got to be boring. Now when I look at it... it's just a cute little game that gets repetitive ... is only about 30kb in size. One downfall I would have to say is that it gets really hard, and I'm not exactly the best gamer around, so I kind of couldn't stick with it when it got too much for me!

Altered Beast

Another SEGA arcade conversion done by Unlimited Software. Altered Beast is a typical arcade side-scrolling beat'em up game. You all know it anyway. The conversion doesn't look too good graphically but ... around it's hard to see what's going on. But Altered Beast, like its arcade original, pushes the PC to its limits, and although it's a flawed execution in some ways, I'd still say it's a good game.

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