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Alien Breed

Review 1:

A conversion of one of the Amiga's most popular game titles of all time. Alien breed is a fast paced action game with a lot of shooting, explosions and death. The game takes place on Federation Research Station that has been infested by a massive army of Aliens (they remind me of the Xenomorphs - from the movie Alien). Your job is to terminate them and complete the mission. It's rather easy; just make sure you don't run out of ammo. The game has total of 12 missions and it's definitely enough to keep you busy for some time.

Review 2:

Terminate every alien encountered on your Base (the Federation Research Station). 12 Levels to shoot through :). This game is one of the most popular arcade games of all times. So check it out!!

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Alien Breed screenshot
Alien Breed screenshot

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