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Review 1:

Oh yeah - enjoy the life of a monster! Destroy buildings, eat people - I begin to understand why Gozilla always comes back ;) You take the role of either a lizard or an ogre and attack towns. Your goal is simple - destroy everything. Eating people or the Hot-Dogs, Hamburgers etc. gives you power back that you lose if the catapult or an evil mosquito hits you.

This game sure is fun, while of course being not much more than an agression-killer. It does that job nicely. I enjoyed this game and I am sure you will do the same - you can even play this game with a friend.

Review 2:

A decent, "light" action game for 1 or 2 players, Aargh's premise is simple: play as either a gigantic lizard or lumbering giant to destroy prehistoric villages. Simple concept, fun execution. You need to watch out for the villages' defense that range from catapults to upset villagers, although the game is far too easy, even on higher levels. Good for whiling away a few minutes at a time, or play with friends, but the game quickly becomes repetitive and boring. Don't say I didn't warn you :)

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