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Waterslide Island

Waterslide Island is a fun 3D game that lets you race cute animals down dangerous, curvy water slides. The inclusion of 8 animals and cartoon graphics make the game great for kids, but anyone can enjoy ... Island is a quality shareware (now released into the public domain) title that everyone will enjoy -- especially if you have kids in the house or remember how fun Toobin' was. Highly recommended!

Wayne Gretzky Hockey

One of the best sport simulations ever made, Bethesda's Wayne Gretzky Hockey is a classic hockey game that has it all: knuckle-blistering action in the rink, coaching options, great graphics (for its time), ... is that graphics (top-down perspective) could be better and the videos less pixellated. Still, that's a very minor gripe. Highly recommended, and be sure to check out the superior sequels WGH2 and 3.

Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2

A better sequel to Bethesda's classic Wayne Gretsky Hockey, WGH2 takes the innovative hockey sim to the next level with much sharper graphics, more player options, and even the ability to integrate seamlessly ... you'll be hopelessly addicted with WGH2. Be warned, though: the game is VERY fiddly on new systems, and due to unconventional video modes, you might not be able to run it at all, even in DOS mode.

Wayne Gretzky Hockey 3

Last and arguably best in Bethesda's Wayne Gretzky Hockey series, Wayne Gretzky Hockey 3 continues the legacy of its predecessors with even better VGA graphics, more player stats, and longer league play. ... Hockey League Simulator 2, a great simulation package that will please all statistical-minded fans. Definitely a must have, and an overlooked classic that few hockey games have rivalled since.

Wembley Rugby League

Review 1: There haven't been many rugby games in the scene, but this one is definitely the best of all. Fast paced action combined with some strategy and you might even become a champion. You get to ... of players, intuitive interface, and fun gameplay, both armchair coaches and rugby jocks will have some fun with scrambling, tackling and the like :) If you're a rugby fan, this is a must-have.

Wild Wheels

A fun little game that is perhaps best described as Speedball on wheels, Wild Wheels is a futuristic sports where you control a squad of 5 cars hitting balls into the goal similar to soccer, but here the ... destroyed. This makes for some interesting tactics, e.g. ram your opponent's cars when you are behind ;) It's fun, but the graphics is choppy and the controls too irresponsive for any long-term play.

Wilson ProStaff Golf

Review 1: Wilson ProStaff Golf is a hugely underrated golf game by Novotrade, published by Konami. It is unfortunate that the game is not as well know as big-budget titles such as Links or Jack Nicklaus ... or some kind of competition, this one is highly recommended by me. I must say, it's not totally abandoned by competition, but other golf games are based on it and that's not what this game is about.

Windsurf Willy

A challenging 3D windsurf simulator that features 15 scenarios that range from speed to trick-surfing high waves. It's not authentic, and the waves are difficult to see with awful graphics-- the game is fun for a while until you discover California Games 2 or the Amiga version, which has much better music in addition to crisp graphics.

Winter Games

This cousin to Summer Games 2 doesn't play as well, but is still fun in its own right, with Epyx' hallmark graphics and fun arcade-ish gameplay. Too bad most events are too similar to each other that tournament play is not as interesting as it could be. Still, if you like Summer Games, give this one a try.

Winter Challenge

All the major winter sports on one place. Downhill, slalom, cross country... 8 of them if I remember right in this "Olympic games simulation". Play it alone or with friends and try to be the ... recommendation. Note: You may experience trouble when You want to start the new competition. To avoid this select the SETUP option in the game and then go back to main menu. It will work properly.

Winter Olympiad (a.k.a. Winter Challenge)

Tynesoft's last attempt at a sport tournament game is a much better attempt than Summer Olympiad, mainly because the range of sports they select are much more adaptable to computer games-- meaning the ... being much less known. I actually enjoyed it more than the PC version of Epyx' Winter Games, which looks primitive in comparison even though the graphics modes are the same (CGA). Recommended!

Winter Olympics: Lillehammer '94

Review 1: Winter Olympics, what more to say? The usual set of winter sports on a club, national or olympic level. The game is similar to the well known Accolade's Winter Challenge but is a bit harder ... others -- perhaps a result of them being coded by different programmers. Overall, Winter Olympics is a decent game that is worth a look for Olympics fans, but won't hold anyone's interest for long.

Winter Supersports 92

Winter Supersports 92 is a fun winter sports game from Flair that deserves much more notice that it received (the game was never released in the U.S.). While not nearly as polished as Accolade's popular ... Supersports 92 offers a nice range of winter sports, some of which are not commonly seen in PC games, that should keep winter fans happy for a while. Recommended, although not a Top Dog in my book.

Wipeout XL (a.k.a. Wipeout 2097)

Definitely one of the best futuristic racing games ever made, Wipeout XL not only once again cements Psygnosis' reputation as the powerhouse of action genre, but also introduces many novelties to the genre. ... you can't blast your best friends on-line. Other than this obvious oversight, though, just about everything else in Wipeout XL makes it a great game that will hold your interest until the wee hours.

World Circuit (a.k.a. Formula One Grand Prix)

Arguable the best racing game ever made, World Circuit doesn't match the graphics excellence of Papyrus' more famous Indycar Racing but more than makes up for it with superb physics model that gives authentic F1 feel without bogging the player down with unnecessary details. All the official F1 tracks are present here, and you can choose to play against computer-controlled drivers or a friend. Highly recommended!

World Class Leader Board

Review 1: Although a fairly primitive golf simulation, World Class Leader Board is notable as the true precursor of Access Software breakthrough Links golf series. Among its long list of innovations, ... golf game. The game was originally made for the Commodore 64. Furthermore the game works with some wind where you have to deal with. You can choose some clubs and swing the ball across the field.

World Class Rugby

World Class Rugby from Denton Designs and Audiogenic is one of the best rugby games ever made. The game features squads from the 16 countries which qualified for the 1991 Rugby World Cup, as well as a ... at any time, and even save it to tape for future viewing. With plenty of action, smooth gameplay, and a lot of customization options, WCR is a blast to play. Highly recommended for fans of the sport.

World Class Soccer (a.k.a. Italy 1990)

Re-release of U.S. Gold's own Italy 1990 with a few unimportant enhancements, mostly cosmetic ones. Despite the coveted World Cup license, World Class Soccer is a very uninspiring game that doesn't offer ... seem to know what "defense" means). A downright waste of license... only to be recommended for people who want to have every soccer game ever made. If you want a fun game, look elsewhere.

World Cup Rugby '95

The last and arguably best in Audiogenic's long line of excellent but very underrated rugby games, World Cup Rugby '95 is an updated version of World Class Rugby, a great 1992 Audiogenic released described ... the right adapter. If you love rugby, this is the closest in 1995 you would get to the real thing. Too bad the series was never as popular as EA Sports' rugby games that were inferior gameplay-wise.

World Cup USA '94

This is fun, arcade-style footie game that's supposedly "endorsed" by FIFA as the official game for World Cup USA 1994. It probably doesn't deserve that endorsement, as it has awkward controls, ... look like clones), and subpar graphics. Still, it does have every team from that World Cup, practice mode, and a decent trivia game. Overall, it's fun for a while, but boring in the long haul.

World Darts

Review 1: Darts... ever heard of that? Those pointy thingies you throw at that round thingy hanging on the wall? Yeah right - that's it. This is Darts... 501 to be precise. The rules of it are simple ... against a computer or against a friend. When you play the computer you just have to win one leg in order to go to the next character to play against. Of course they will get better a long the way.

World Games

Review 1: I am sure everyone has heard of Summer Games, Winter Games and even California Games - World Games still remains one of the least known of that series. Nonetheless this one has always been ... are excellent as well. Review 3: In this game you will play diiferent kinds of sports which are played in different countries. You can play games such as: Weightlifting, Barrel jumping and Skiing.

World Championship Boxing Manager

Review 1: I admit - I love management games. Ever since I played Track Suit Manager on C64 I simply fell in love with them. Most of the time they were football managers, and this time it is a new sport ... gameplay including individualistic judges and emphasis on negotiation skills, WCBM is no doubt one of the best boxing simulation games ever made. If you are a boxing fan, don't pass this old game up.

World Championship Soccer

Probably the rarest PC game from SEGA, World Championship Soccer is an okay PC port of one of the first soccer games on the SEGA Genesis. This overhead soccer game lets you choose from 24 national teams ... the USA team, that is). Decent graphics and good two-player exhibition mode (hotseat on the same computer) cannot rescue the flaws of this game that deserves its obscure status. Not recommended.

World Karate Championship

Review 1: I first played World Karate Championship on my Commodore 64 together with the other games in this series like Exploding Fist and advanced versions of World Karate Championship. The game was ... where you have to deflect bouncing balls etc, which gives you extra points." A great game with an equally great music (even on a PC speaker), this is one of my most favorite Epyx games.

World League Basketball

World League Basketball is an excellent, comprehensive, and vastly overlooked basketball game from Mindscape. The game has many features that set it apart from most other basketball titles. For starters, ... to a die-hard basketball fan. If you are looking for a basketball game that focuses on non-NBA action and offers more coaching options that a typical game, this old game from Mindscape is the ticket.

World Tour Golf

World Tour Golf is a solid oldie golf sim by Electronic Arts, co-designed by Paul Reiche III (Archon, Starflight). The game lets you play over a dozen well known courses, via a split screen that gives ... time. But World Tour Golf features a couple of neat ideas like computer-controlled players, lots of courses and an built-in course editor -- possibly the first editor ever seen in a PC golf game.

World Tour Tennis

World Tour Tennis is the definitive version of Distinctive Software's excellent tennis game that began life as 4D Sports Tennis in 1990 and improved for the subsequent promotional game Compaq Grand Slam ... player movement and ball physics make the game much better than most recent 3D-accelerated titles - and the wireframe/polygon graphics actually doesn't look too bad at all once you get used to it.

World Trophy Soccer (a.k.a. Italia '90)

"Official" soccer game of the 1990 World Cup at Italy, World Trophy Soccer is a graphically advanced game that is unfortunately bogged down by frustrating controls and unrealistic ball mechanics. ... effect from seeing excellent EGA graphics wears off. Arcade fans who play soccer games just for a few minutes of adrenaline rush may find it fun for as long (actually, short) as it lasts.

World Wide Rally

World Wide Rally from Digital Dreams Multimedia (DDM) is an average first-person rally racing game. A wide variety of rally cars and courses unfortunately do not make up for the game's many shortcomings, ... fans of Papyrus' celebrated NASCAR Racing series will feel short-changed but this budget title that more or less deserves it obscure status. Avoid, unless you must play every rally game ever made.

World's Greatest Baseball Game, The

A disappointing game that really could have been better, The World's Greatest Baseball Game offers only a handful of teams to choose from, no tournament play, and irresponsive controls. It plays like a ... reason. Recommended only as a historical lesson on how a sports game giant could go wrong without sufficient play-testing. Definitely one of Epyx's worst moments as a company famous for sport games.

Wreckin' Crew

Wreckin' Crew is a decent PC conversion of an underrated PlayStation game of the same name, which was a result of 2-year intensive work by Telstar to make a better cartoon racer than Mario Karts. To a ... - it just feels too unwieldy for me even after hours of trying. Expert racers will probably have a great time with this obscure game, but the rest of us casual drivers may have to look elsewhere.

WWF in Your House

One of the best wrestling games ever made, WWF in Your House is an excellent game developed by Sculptured Software that, for once, offers much greater depth and variety than lackluster ports of Acclaim's ... worthy of any beat-em-up fans attention. It's playable, fun, and you can't ask for a lot more than that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to put on a wierd wrestling costume, and taunt O.A.Ps."

WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game is an excellent conversion of the popular Bally Midway arcade game of the same name. In contrast to some earlier duds such as Judge Dredd, Acclaim got itself together ... game. If you are a wrestling fan or just like fighting games in general, WWF Wrestlemania is a must-have. The game looks good, feels great, and above all - it's a blast to play. Highly recommended!

WWF: Wrestlemania

Review 1: One of many games based on the world's most popular 'sports entertainment' industry. Yes, WWF Wrestlemania lets you play any of your favourite wrestlers from 1991 - Like The Hulkster, Mr. Perfect, ... These power struggles are really a murder for the keyboard (you must press left and right as fast as possible). All in all a nice little game I loved playing and it brought back many memories.

Xeno 2002

Xeno 2002 is a fun remake of Xeno, an old 8-bit Spectrum ZX classic from 1986. Xeno is a futuristic sports game for 2 players that plays like air hockey. Though the goal is the same (score more goals than ... physics engine than Xeno. If you love the classic, you will love this remake. If you have never played the original but enjoy ice hockey/air hockey games, Xeno 2002 will be a pleasant surprise.

Yacht Racing Simulator

In September 1983, the whole of Australia was in a state of jubilation after Australia II ended the New York Yacht Club's 132-year domination of the America's Cup. This was clearly the inspiration for ... on its realism, it's really only suited to yachting enthusiasts. But if you do win the race, don't expect to receive - as Australians did courtesy of Prime Minister Bob Hawke - a national holiday.

Yie Ar Kung-Fu

One of the most loved arcade games of all time, Yie Ar Kung-Fu is a pioneer in the one-on-one fighting genre, a timeless classic that offers many innovative features that became standard. The game casts ... due to the greater number of moves and fluid animations. Note: the version for download here is the DOS executable compiled from ROM of MSX version. Too bad the game was never released for the PC.

Zany Golf

Zany Golf is a great miniature golf game that even today ranks as one of the best games of its kind. It?s worth noting that the game was designed by Will Harvey, one of Electronic Arts? most under-appreciated ... holes. The graphics are crisp and clear in EGA, and ball physics and handling are both excellent. Overall, a must-have if you like mini golf, and a much better than Accolade?s better-known Mini-Putt.

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