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Regarded by many wargamers as the BEST complex wargame ever made, TacOps is a simulation of modern tactical combat between US Army/US Marine Corps/Canadian Army and Russian equipped "opposing forces" ... have for every wargame expert! Major Holdridge, designer and copyright & trademark holder of TacOps, has kindly granted his permission for this version of the game to be distributed on this site.

Taipan for Windows

Review 1: Taipan - the legend is brought to the Windows operating system. This is a fanmade remake of the original game for the Apple II - and it features great gameplay in the environment of a true ... original makes this the version to own if you miss the old masterpiece. For more explanation of why Taipan! is one of the best games ever made, read my review of the original classic on this site.


One of my most favorite Apple II games ever and one of the best trading/economic games ever made, bar none, Taipan! is a masterpiece from Art Canfil and Mega-micro Computers that turned many gamers into ... early on in the game made you a multi-millionaire in no time at all. Obviously if you choose to exploit this bug, you'll find no challenge whatsoever out of the game, so cheat at your own risk ;)

Take It Easy

Take It Easy is a solid PC version of a little-known board game of the same name that is published by FX Schmid in Germany. In the game, up to four players (any one of which can be computer-controlled) ... the German version as well as a comprehensive manual in both languages from the official site. If you enjoy abstract board games, especially mathematical ones, you'll probably enjoy this old game.

Tank Attack

A good PC conversion of a fun "light" boardgame-style tank simulation for the BBC Micro and Amiga computers. Your goal is simple: annihilate up to 3 other players in a tanks-only strategic warfare. ... lot of fun-- similar to Infogrames' Nuclear War, it evokes the simple charm of board games that many old-timers can identify with ;) Worth a look, but don't expect a realistic or complex simulation.

Tank Wars

Review 1: This is pretty much a game of strategy. I first got this game in 1992 ( i think ) for my birthday from a guy who was my best friend, and he still is after all these years. Anyway, the object ... was actually released as shareware, but registering the game (which cost $3) brings no new benefits aside from the author's promise that he would notify registered owners of new version releases.

Tegel's Mercenaries

Tegel's Mercenaries is the inferior prequel to Mindcraft's sci-fi tactical combat game Strike Squad. Aside from passable plot (you control a team of mercenaries working for Tegel, space-age corporate bully) ... user friendliness of any kind. Couple that with very stupid AI, and you've got a Real Dog that's really not worth bothering with. Thank goodness Strike Squad is much better, although not by much.

Ten Nights of Killing and Mayhem at F.J.B.

One of the most unique strategy games you'll ever play, Ten Nights of Killing and Mayhem at F.J.B. is a turn-based squad-level game similar to X-COM, but with many unique twists. The plot: in order to ... for all the shortcomings. Play it-- and you may well be surprised as I was about how fun the game is. Big thanks to designer Jeff Sinasac for releasing the game as freeware and sending me the game.

Tenshindo (a.k.a. Yan Yan 2)

WARNING: This game contains sexual scenes that are not appropriate for kids. Please use your judgment before playing the game! Tenshindo (a.k.a. Queen of Tinshendo '95) is a fun Hentai card game with a ... offend your taste, so be warned. As with most anime games from Japan, Tenshindo features crisp, colorful anime graphics and great soundtrack. A good game for spending a few minutes' worth at a time.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day - Chess Wars

Another poor game from Capstone, whose record of releasing terrible games is probably unmatched in PC gaming history. The concept is interesting enough, as MobyGames description puts it: "[Terminator ... are blocky, but still quite funny to watch for the first few times. If you want a strong chess game as opposed to campy-chess-wannabe-with-license-wrapping, though, you'd best look elsewhere.


Terrace is a unique board game that rocketed to fame when it was selected to feature as a permanent prop onboard the Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Billed as "the purest strategy game," ... or anyone interested in pure, abstract games of wit with no random elements involved. Note: The download version here is the registered version of Terrace 1.0, the first version released in 1994.

Thai Chess

One of the better Thai chess games on the market, this is version 2.2 of Chussana Pun-ngoen's Thai Chess program. For those who are unfamiliar with Thai chess (and that's most of you ), here's a summary ... Anyway, I hope this program, which is one of the best computerized version of Thai chess I've ever seen, will spark some interest in the electic version of chess played in my homeland :) Recommended!

Theatre of War

One of the most unique boardgames ever released is a good example of a great game concept sunk by poor execution. Theatre of War's original mix of chess, wargame, and boardgame elements and the real-time ... is a curious mix of each unit must follow a set of movement and attack rules similar to chess, but with wargame abilities thrown in. Could be fun if you understand its highly abstract concepts.

Theme Hospital

Review 1: It hasn't been a very good year for Bullfrog. The British development team first filed Gene Wars (a very disappointing game), followed it up with Syndicate Wars (a lifeless sequel to one of ... As it stands, Theme Hospital is still highly recommended for its quirky, original gameplay, but don't expect this to replace Civilization from the permanent slot on your hard drive. Two thumbs up!

Thieves and Kings

These are 2 cardgames in one simple game. Both a lot of fun, I think. Forty Thieves is the most simple, you get a stack of cards and seven columns of five cards, frontside up. One card from the stack is ... Queens and jacks will stay on the board, face down. You can get stuck if you don't seem to be able to place a card in its fitting space or if you can't get any cards of the table after dealing.

Third Reich

"A faithful adaptation of the famous boardgame, this version was the best ever done; note that this does not mean it is really good, just that it is the best ever done. The main problem is that it ... the problems to make the game shine like it was meant to be. Definitely a must-have if you are interested in a realistic, complex simulation of WWII conflict-- be sure to apply the patch, though ;)

Third World War

Arguably the best game ever made for SEGA CD console, Third World War is an excellent game of global politics and economics. The game suffers from the same syndrome that plagues the likes of Dark Wizard ... PC wargamer should download the game, as well as the GENS emulator, to really try it out - because it is well worth the 5-10 minutes of effort it will take to get the game running on the emulator.

Through the Desert (a.k.a. Durch Die Wuste)

Through the Desert is a good PC version of Durch Die Wuste, Reiner Knizia's classic board game of tile placement. (one of the three games collectively known as his "tile laying trilogy" - the ... will entertain for hours - hopefully long enough for you to consider buying the actual board game and investigate Knizia's other classics such as Medici, Samurai, and Lost Cities. Highly recommended!

Tigers in the Snow

Review 1: The first PC game made by SSI made in 1981! The game takes place at Bulge, at the time of the famous battle of WWII. You control either Axis or Allied troops and, of course, have to beat the ... the order of battle was cycled through three times, and pity the gamer who did not input his orders by the third time -- primitive graphics, primitive play mechanics and a poor user interface."


TigrisGame is an excellent fanmade computer adaptation of Euphrates & Tigris, Reiner Knizia's classic board game that ranks among one of the best games of its kind ever made. If you have never played ... may not have been exposed to this form of gaming before. If you like Civilization-style game, TigrisGame is a must-play. The game is coded in Java, so you will need Java Runtime Library to run it.


A fun variant of classic Chinese boardgame Tangram, Loriciel's Timerace is more similar to QQP's later old game Origamo, but with simpler gameplay and tougher time limit. In each level, you are given triangles ... that should please all puzzle fans. Recommended, but make sure you use slowdown utility before starting the game, otherwise you'll wonder why you never seem to have enough time to complete a level :)

To Serve and To Protect

One of the most unique games ever made, To Serve and To Protect places you in command of a police department in a crime ridden city. Like a real police chief (and subordinate commanding officers), the ... a dynamic gameworld -- a huge city bustling with cars and events, TSTP is one quality shareware game that is well worth your time, especially if you enjoy reality-based micromanagement simulations.

Tom Clancy's Politika

You would'nt think it would be so hard to convert a board game into a computer game. It's been done since the early days of computer gaming, with companies like Avalon Hill leading the way. But board games ... pulls the overall game down to a average game. If you're looking for a good board game to play online with friends, you'll really like this one. If you like board games of this nature, try it anyway.


Review 1: Linel's Traders is an ambitious clone of Dani Bunten's classic M.U.L.E. that unfortunately adds too many new gameplay elements with the subpar AI that the elegant simplicity of M.U.L.E. is ... only downside in the game is a low AI. Once you learn how to trick the computer players you will win each game. That's why you should play Traders with your friends and make it much more challenging!

Transarctica: Arctic Baron

Review 1: Transarctica is a very unique game which is a mix of an adventure and strategy game. When you first start the game it looks like any other graphic adventure game but after a short look on your ... evil Viking Union, trade with towns for slaves, mammoths, etc... all in real-time. Overall, one of the best Silmarils games ever made, despite cumbersome interface and extreme scarcity of resources.

Transport Tycoon

Another 'tycoon' game. These games are very popular. Try to extend your empire to a maximum by developping all kinds of transport.

Transport Tycoon Deluxe

Review 1: Transport Tycoon Deluxe is pretty much an enhanced version of the original Transport Tycoon. This newer version conists of 4 worlds which you can establish your transport empire, with a variety ... that small town you developed turn into the hulking metropolis it is today, for you see, providing the city with good and services increases its rate of growth, thereby increasing demand and money.

Transsib (a.k.a. TransAmerica)

Transsib is a great Java version of TransAmerica, a fun "beer & pretzel" tile-laying tabletop strategy game from Rio Grande. A game for 2-6 players, the goal in this game is to accumulate ... on the same computer or over a network. A clean user interface and rule variants round off this well-coded Java game. A fun way to spend 20-30 minutes without setting up the actual board game.


TrianGO is a solid computer version of the relatively unknown variation of Go, a popular Japanese boardgame. This excellent multiplayer game is played on a Chinese Checkers-style board. Each player has ... the board more clearly. TrianGO is definitely a must-have for all puzzle fans, especially those looking for a good multiplayer game or anyone interested in Oriental boardgames. Highly recommended!


Trimok is an excellent and unique board game based on the well-known Japanese game of ?jan-ken-pon? (scissors-paper-rock) that we all play as kids. The objective is similar to Chess: two players (White ... gameplay and rules make it fun for a while. The computer puts up a decent fight, and there are special rules that liven up the game. Recommended, especially to anyone who likes unique board games.

Triple Triad Gold

Triple Triad Gold is an excellent fanmade clone of Triple Triad, a popular card game included as an optional mini-game in Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VIII. The game is ideal for FFVIII fans who want to ... that will offer IPX and TCP/IP support. Whether or not you have played FFVIII before, you will enjoy Triple Triad Gold if you have even a passing interest in unique and fun card games. Recommended!


Trommy is a fun board game for one or two players, featuring smart AI and nice graphics. Similar to Othello or Reversi, your goal is to have more stones then your opponent at the end of the game. There ... against a friend, and change the size of the playing field as well as the stones' colors. If you like turn-based abstract board games, Trommy will prove a surprisingly playable and addictive game.

Trump Castle

One of the better series of games from Capstone/Intracorp, Trump Castle games are solid casino simulations licensed by the famous casino of the same name in Atlantic City owned by Donald Trump, one of ... guests) in the premise when you take a break from the games. Overall, the series as a whole are well worth a look by casino fans, although they are not as good as Lucky's Casino or Beat the House.

Trump Castle 2

One of the better series of games from Capstone/Intracorp, Trump Castle games are solid casino simulations licensed by the famous casino of the same name in Atlantic City owned by Donald Trump, one of ... guests) in the premise when you take a break from the games. Overall, the series as a whole are well worth a look by casino fans, although they are not as good as Lucky's Casino or Beat the House.

Trump Castle 3

One of the better series of games from Capstone/Intracorp, Trump Castle games are solid casino simulations licensed by the famous casino of the same name in Atlantic City owned by Donald Trump, one of ... guests) in the premise when you take a break from the games. Overall, the series as a whole are well worth a look by casino fans, although they are not as good as Lucky's Casino or Beat the House.


Turncoat is a very interesting and original strategy game designed by Peter Donnelly. In the designer's words, Turncoat " a simulation of a card game pitting one human against three AI opponents. ... only downsides to the game I can think of are the considerable learning curve (a tutorial would have helped), and the fact that you need to install Microsoft .NET package (about 20MB) before playing.

TV Mogul (a.k.a. Prime Time)

TV Mogul (known as Prime Time in the US) is a decent business simulation that lets you manage and run a TV station. Despite attempts to inject realism, however, the game suffers from flawed business model ... are really bored with everything else. Anyone interested in the subject matter would do well to pass this by and pick up Mad TV 1 and Hollywood Mogul instead. A disappointing game to say the least.

Twilight 2000

Paragon's last game is one of the best RPG / strategy hybrids ever produced, with excellent AI, lots of gameplay options, and outstanding character creation and tactical combat module that features all ... squad sent to various peacekeeping missions around the globe. Tactical, financial, and personnel decisions all combine into an addictive game that foreshadows Sir-Tech's Jagged Alliance years later.

Typhoon of Steel

Review 1: I can't say I'm a huge fan of these war game strategy games even when I'm a huge Strategic Simulations Inc. fan. With these kind of strategy games the interface is simply too tough to use for ... Some of the scenarios were "edited" for playability (thereby damaging historicity), but overall, while most wargamers seemed to enjoy it in its time, I simply found it tedious. "


TZ-Colony is one of the best M.U.L.E. clones I have ever seen. Originally released as shareware with a steep price tag of US$25 for the registered version, TZ-Colony does not credit M.U.L.E. anywhere in ... definitely love this graphical update that brings the same addiction to a whole new audience. Like the original classic, a joystick is highly recommended, especially for reflex-intensive portions.

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