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S.C.A.R.A.B. (a.k.a. SCARAB)

S.C.A.R.A.B. is an innovative mix of shooter and strategy genres that sadly received too little attention than it deserves. A spiritual descendant of Simutronic's excellent but also underrated CyberStrike, ... when your own robots are nearby) is crucial. In this sense, S.C.A.R.A.B. is more of a futuristic sport title than a FPS - but it will reward anyone who is patient enough to learn the intricacies.


S.T.O.R.M. is a horrendous 3D underwater action game developed by ASC Games back when they were known as American Softworks. Your goal in this sci-fi action fest is simple: kill everything in sight by ... are ridiculously easy to kill. I can't think of any redeeming value in this game at all - especially when there are far better games of the same type: Sub Culture and Subwar 2050 comes to mind.

S.T.U.N. Runner

Review 1: That big one page advertisement for this game has been staring at me ever since 1990 in one of those almost historical gaming magazines from that year. Always wanted to try this game and just ... but above average considering its time. Not as innovative or offering as much longevity as other futuristic racing classics (e.g. Powerdrome), but still way ahead of most others in that period.

Saboteur 2

Saboteur 2 is a fun beat 'em up game from Durell, a sequel to the first Saboteur which was released only on non-PC 8-bit systems including the ZX Spectrum computer. You play a mercenary "Saboteur ... Mechner's early classic Karateka, but they are adequate by 1987 standards. If you like beat 'em ups, Saboteur 2 will surprise you with its wonderful range of missions and innovative focus on stealth.

Safari Guns

Safari Guns is an above-average first-person shooting gallery game, except in this game you have to shoot both bullets and pictures. Your job is to photograph a certain number of safari animals to pass ... affair. Safari Guns is worth a look for its novel twist, but doesn't have enough gameplay variety to capture your interest for long. The variety of animals you can shoot is nice, though.

Sailing: An Adventure in The Bermuda Triangle

Sailing: An Adventure in The Bermuda Triangle is a decent but primitive action/sport hybrid from Dynetron, released way back in 1983. Your objective: finish sailing 3 legs around the Bermuda Triangle, ... - the lack of random maps limits replay value, and there are not enough challenges to keep you entertained. Worth a look only for its historical value as one of the first cross-genre games.

Samurai Shodown VS. MUGEN

Samural Shodown VS MUGEN A competent fanmade fighting game based on characters from SNK's hit Samurai Shodown series (a.k.a. Samurai Spirit in the West), coded using the versatile M.U.G.E.N. fighting games ... the original classic that are much better anyway. Recommended, but only to die-hard fans of Samurai Shodown or anyone who wants to know what the characters feel like before buying the real thing ;)

Samurai Spirit 2 (a.k.a. Samurai Showdown 2)

Best known for their Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting series, SNK has been one of the forefather of fighting games (along with Capcom, of course). As we know it today, SNK is the first to develop the Roll ... pity that this game never reached the shore of United States. IMO, this game is one of the best fighting games for PC. If you're a fan of fighting games, you are a fool if you don't try this one out!


SandWarriors is a fun but very obscure 3D shooter from Astros, published by Gremlin in 1997. Although the game sports many innovations and fun gameplay, it was bogged down by poor frame rates on computers ... it's woefully outclassed by the competition." Outclassed though it may be, but if you are in the mood for a challenging shooter set in a unique environment, SandWarriors is still worth a look.

Sango Fighter 1 (a.k.a. Fighter in China 1)

Sango Fighter 1 and 2 are two excellent side-scrolling fighting games from underrated Taiwanese eveloper Panda are based on the epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel (as depicted in KOEI's classic strategy ... The story mode allows you to follow plot developments, and in Sango Fighter 2 you can even plan which of the 16 cities to defend and attack in addition to choosing your champion for each fight.

Sango Fighter 2 (a.k.a. Fighter in China 2)

Sango Fighter 1 and 2 are two excellent side-scrolling fighting games from underrated Taiwanese eveloper Panda are based on the epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel (as depicted in KOEI's classic strategy ... The story mode allows you to follow plot developments, and in Sango Fighter 2 you can even plan which of the 16 cities to defend and attack in addition to choosing your champion for each fight.

Sanity: Aiken's Artifact

One of the most underrated action/adventure hybrids in recent memory, Monolith's Sanity: Aiken's Artifact is a fun and creative game that showcases how versatile the powerful LithTech engine (that powers ... But other than that, I find Sanity a creative and fun action/adventure hybrid that should appeal to gamers who can overlook its extreme easiness in favor of a coherent style and a creative plot.


Santaman is a great freeware platformer that deserves to be much better known. The plot: "...The year is unknown. A factory has being used by a gang mutants for a long time and people say strange ... to "INSERT COIN" and "PRESS FIRE" mechanics of arcade games, no doubt, but still a little annoying. If you like Joust or arcade games in general, check out this neat little game.

SAS Baggage Claim

Another cool promotional gem from prolific developer E-Game, this time sponsored by SAS, premier Scandinavian airline. True to its sponsor's nature of business, SAS Baggage Claim puts you in the role of ... is known for, SAS Baggage Claim is another entertaining gem from E-Game. You can even post your high scores on E-Game's website, although the promotional period for this particular game is long gone.


Savage is a little-known gem from much better known software developer, Probe Entertainment (and was even programmed by Brian O'Shaughnessy, who also worked on Mortal Kombat). In Savage, you play the role ... sprites), Savage thrills me even today with its excellent graphics and great music. It is a classic how few people know, and I'm glad I kept the disk and can play it today as well. Get it. Now.

Scorched Planet

Scorched Planet is a fun, marginally above-average 3D action shooter from Criterion Studios, published by Virgin Interactive. The cliché plot: save the human race on Dator 5 planet from the marauding Voraxian ... good at what it does: providing a fun, no-frills adrenaline rush. The game does get repetitive after a while, though, so if you are expecting a complex game with long-term play value, look elsewhere.


ScubaVenture is a fun, early Apogee platformer by George Broussard that relates to id's blockbuster Wolfenstein 3D in an interesting way. Here is the lowdown from Lon Matero's superb Apogee Page: "Apogee's ... reminds me of "The Well of Wishes" level in Keen 4, with the scuba gear and Dopefish. Also, even though this is a Softdisk game, the credits say it was an Apogee Software production."

SCUD: Industrial Revolution

SCUD: Industrial Revolution is a decent top-down action game based on SCUD: The Disposable Assassin, a wacky and successful comic book hero created by Rob Shrab in 1993. You control SCUD, the yellow coin-operated ... any new standard, but sets itself apart from run-of-the-mill games with a unique and stylized graphical style. If you are a fan of the comic book, you will definitely like this computerized version.

SDL Paradroid

SDL Paradroid is an excellent fanmade Windows remake of Paradroid, a classic Commodore 64 game that was released for the Atari ST and Amiga, but never for the PC. The plot of this masterpiece goes as follows: ... 16-color palette and a clean 2D interface. If you enjoy unique action games that require strategy to succeed, check out Paradroid, one of the best games of its kind. Highly recommended. A must-have!

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon is a fun but very difficult underwater shooter from Adventure International. The basic premise is similiar to such arcade hits as Scramble: you are going through a maze of underwater tunnels, ... fire downward. Overall, though, Sea Dragon is a solid shooter that is both challenging and interesting - but arcade beginners need not apply due to high difficulty level that cannot be toned down.

Search and Destroy

Search & Destroy and Up! Periscope are two early submarine sims have a lot in common even though they were produced by publishers who lived thousands of miles across: Search & Destroy was designed ... simulations although Search and Destroy had a more action-oriented focus than its cousin. Up Periscope! is better in terms of realistic feel, game interface, and has more interesting missions.


Seawolf is a decent BASIC game released by IPCO, the first PC publication, way back in 1982. You are the captain of a submarine who is given one minute to try and destroy as many PT boats, submarines, ... - mostly because its primitive, simplistic gameplay has been done many times better - before and after its existence. Worth a look for nostalgia/historical value, but not at all as a classic game.

Shadow Knights
Shadow Warrior

This fantastic 3D FPS from 3D Realms, built on Duke Nukem 3D Engine is funny as DN3D. In game you can find good arsenal of weapons from Katana to Railgun. I recommend Shadow Warrior to older gamers, who can nostalgic remember the old days. This game looks like DN3D. It's different in many ways, but the same engine is well known. There is such kind of stereotype after some time.

Shakii The Wolf

Shakii the Wolf is a fun platformer designed specifically for kids (6 years old and older). The story goes as follows: "Shakii The Wolf once ruled the peaceful Kingdom of Shake until the evil, almost ... house, or if you like platformers but find Disney's games too frustrating, Shakii the Wolf will definitely keep you or your kids entertained for hours on end. Highly recommended for this old game.


A fast, fun, unassuming little side-scrolling freeware shooter. You are a new sheriff in town, and your job is to track down the notorious gunslinger who's been causing trouble in these parts. The game ... smooth, and it's got plenty of charm. Don't be put off by EGA graphics and tiny pixel characters -- you will soon learn to love them like I did ;) A great coffee-break title, and well worth a look.

Sherman M4

Sherman M4 is an oldie combat tank simulation by Loriciel. The game is set in a World War II scenario and offers most of the things you would expect from a game in this genre. Fairly decent solid-filled ... M1 Tank Platoon. D. Arnaud, one of the main designers of this game, continued later on to produce Advanced Destroyer Simulator one year later. Both games are fairly similar in game design and layout.


Shikun is a simple but addictive action game that sports bright anime-style graphics, fun arcade-ish gameplay, and enough surprises for multiple replays. Your goal: collect chickens using either a net ... power-ups in the scene that the flashes they give off are annoying. Also, I find the game very difficult even on Easy mode, and the evil teleport gates on some levels don't make things any easier.


Review 1: A standard Action/Jump 'n Run-mixture. You got to free hostages and you are armed with an unlimited amount of Shuriken which you throw at your approaching enemies who are trying to stop you. ... as the best ninja platformers (e.g. Ninja Gaiden 2 on the consoles), but it does offer more than a few hours of fun gameplay, and the addictive and original bonus levels are well worth playing for.

Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun

Shodai Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun, released only on the Super Nintendo, is a great sequel of Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun, the first game in Technos' outstanding beat 'em-up series that star Kunio and Riki (Alex ... go for it. It's a lot of fun." Note: the ROM download on this site has the latest English translation patch (alpha 2) already applied, although there are still about 15% Japanese text left.

Shooting Heart

Shooting Heart is a great freeware side-scrolling shooter from Japanese freeware group Asys. Choose to play as one of 3 main characters from To Heart, a popular anime series about romance in highschool, ... on Easy level) more than makes up for it. Definitely one of the best shooter games I've played, this obscure old game is a must have for To Heart fans and shooter lovers alike. Highly recommended!

Shufflepuck Cafe

Review 1: Can't help myself - I just love this game. Overall this is not a very overwhelming concept. Just the possibility to play this Pong-like game (you might have seen those tables in your local ... the PC conversion is lacking a bit in terms of atmosphere as graphics and music are not quite up to the Amiga standards - but still a fun game. Highly recommended, especially to air hockey fans.

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