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SDL Paradroid

SDL Paradroid is an excellent fanmade Windows remake of Paradroid, a classic Commodore 64 game that was released for the Atari ST and Amiga, but never for the PC. The plot of this masterpiece goes as follows: the droid crew of a galactic space freighter has turned against their masters. A droid "Influence Device" has been beamed aboard to help you regain control of the situation. Your goal is to clear all droids from each of the space freighter's 20 decks. When you have completely cleared a deck of droids, the ship's computer shuts down the deck lights and you are awarded bonus points.

You use the Influence Device to destroy the droids on each deck by shooting them, ramming them, or temporarily taking control of a droid's circuitry (called "transferring" in the game) to redirect its energy and armaments against its own kind.

Transferring to a droid is a key element of strategy in Paradroid, and the game's most fun feature. When you successfully transfer to another droid, the Influence Device assumes all of the capabilities and characteristics of that particular droid. It is always fun to discover each droid's abilities, especially since virtually every droid has more power than the Influence Device.

In addition to reflexes, sound strategy is also important in Paradroid because the Influence Device, or any droid that you have transferred to, will begin to run out of energy after a period of time. This means you have to continually transfer from one droid to the next to avoid getting burned out. With hundreds of screens spanning across 20 decks, the game will take you hours to finish - and you will enjoy every minute of it. This Windows remake is very faithful to the original, down to 16-color palette and a clean 2D interface. If you enjoy unique action games that require strategy to succeed, check out Paradroid, one of the best games of its kind. Highly recommended. A must-have!

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SDL Paradroid screenshot
SDL Paradroid screenshot

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