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Shooting Heart

Shooting Heart is a great freeware side-scrolling shooter from Japanese freeware group Asys. Choose to play as one of 3 main characters from To Heart, a popular anime series about romance in highschool, starring both humans and androids.

There are many fun things about Shooting Heart. For starters, fans of the anime will immediately recognize the weapons for each of the three characters as being very true to the series. Multi the cute cleaning robot, for example, rides her white broom which shoot laser, surrounded by two helper brooms. Akari, the orange-hair girl, rides a boar with two surrounding kiddie boars, and mysterious girl Serika rides a witch's broomstick and drops little cats as her weapon. The animations are very smooth, the music is excellent, and the gameplay a lot of fun. Shooter fans might regret the lack of variety in power-up items (most of the things you can collect are To Heart bonus scores), but the challenging gameplay (two hits from end-level boss can kill you, even on Easy level) more than makes up for it. Definitely one of the best shooter games I've played, this obscure old game is a must have for To Heart fans and shooter lovers alike. Highly recommended!

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Shooting Heart screenshot
Shooting Heart screenshot

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