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One of Taito's best known games, Qix is a great PC port of the hit arcade title that sparked numerous clones. Like all other great arcade classics, the gameplay is simple, but highly original and addictive. ... marker (by touching either incomplete lines or the marker itself). Mindless, yet very addictive, Qix is a must-have for every arcade fan, and a great game to relax with from more serious action fare.

Q-Lat 2

Q-Lat 2 is a great arcade game with a unique premise. Borrowing elements from billiards, pinball, and a little Marble Madness, the game's objective is to make all the balls explode by turning them all ... likely the former case). Overall, Q-Lat2 is a fun and unique game that, as the author claims, requires "good aiming, fast reflexes, quick thinking, and a lot of plain good luck" to succeed.


Oh no - Robotron has escaped his familiar walled enclosure and robotic badguys: and is running amok in a Tron Lightcycle! Quick, bounce rubber balls at him!" This is sort of what Quadnet is like. ... a screamingly fearful, heart-rupturing, high-scoring ride a good relentless action game can show you; get this. If you have a new and expensive keyboard, maybe you should go for something gentler.


One of the first truly irreverent and unpretentiously violent games, Quarantine has achieved cult classic status among action gamers as one of the few games that provide pure, unfiltered, visceral fun ... footsteps 3 years later, you have complete freedom to ignore the grand plot as long as you like. "Postal" games don't get better than this. My advice: buy a flamethrower as soon as you can

Quarantine 2: Road Warrior

Road Warrior is a superior sequel to GameTek's highly original Quarantine, a politically incorrect roadkill game. As in the original, you still play the role of Drake Edgewater, a cab driver whose only ... each having a new set of graphics for the environment, Road Warrior will keep you occupied for hours on end. Highly recommended, although Quarantine fans will need to get used to the differences.


Quazatron is a great remake of Hewson's unique action/puzzle game that is widely considered one of the best 8-bit games of the era - and one of the many gems that never made it to the PC. Similar to Paradroid, ... the original, the levels in Quazatron are very detailed and get progressively harder as you go on. Definitely a must-play for every Paradroid fan, or fans of unique action/puzzle games in general.

Queen of Hearts Maze Game, The

The Queen of Hearts Maze Game and Treasure Hunt are two of the earliest commercial maze games, both released in 1982. There is nothing much to say, except that the first game is a top-down ASCII maze game ... similar: collect as many treasures/point items as you can, while avoiding the nasties. They don't stand the test of time very well, but they are nice examples of what early maze games look like :)

Quick The Thunder Rabbit

Lackluster platform game from Stywox and Titus, featuring chubby and toothy rabbits that are uglier than they are cute. Standard platform fare, except with blocky graphics, uninspired levels, and downright ... have bought the game. Stay away from it if you can-- this Real Dog is a waste of time. On the other hand, if you want to see how a rabbit can possibly be ugly in a game, then by all means, try it ;)


Quiver is a fun shareware FPS that makes up for the lack of multiplayer support with a great sense of humor, some innovative weapons, and huge levels. The plot is nothing you haven't seen before in DOOM ... crown, but then again it is not designed to. If you enjoy unassuming FPS with plenty of levels and furious action, 27 challenging levels of Quiver will keep you occupied for some time. Recommended!

R Type

Nice Nemesis like game. Good arcade fun.

Rad Warrior

Rad Warrior is an early Palace Software (Barbarian) release that sets itself apart from other platform titles of the same period with puzzle elements and fluid animation. Despite 4-color CGA graphics, ... physical puzzles that are fun to solve, although none of them is very difficult. Gameplay is very similar to Epyx' earlier Spiderbot, so those who like that game should definitely give it a try.

Radias for Windows 95

Galax and Radias for Windows 95 are two fun shooters from Japan's prolific freeware gaming 'scene.' Galax is a vertical shooter that boasts crisp anime-style graphics and fun power-ups, while Radias for ... difficult if you don't consider yourself an expert in action games. The graphics in Radias looks a bit dated, but that is due to the author's intention to make the game as authentic as the original.

Radio Zonde

Radio Zonde is a good-looking vertical shooter made by the design team of Dogma, a great fighting game you can find on this site. Although the graphics is excellent and the gameplay very smooth, Radio ... graphics, and plenty of fireworks. Just be mindful about the heavy gameplay imbalance. If you aren't confident of your action-gaming skills, Radio Zonde will prove much more frustrating than fun.

Ragdoll Matrix

Ragdoll Matrix is a fun freeware action game made with Game Maker by Artturi Piipponen. Inspired by tAAt's Truck Dismount and Stair Dismount games, the purpose of Ragdoll Matrix, as the name suggests, ... enjoy. All in all, this is a great time-waster for those short coffee breaks, and the author is hard at work on a two-player version that will definitely be reviewed here at some point. Recommended!

Raging Skies

Raging Skies is a great 360-degree shooter from Darthlupi, maker of Mage Craft. Although it is basically a straightforward top-down shooter as far as gameplay goes, numerous touches such as the addition ... players would give up in frustration. My only gripe would be that the game feels a bit too short, but that is definitely partly because I had so much fun. Highly recommended to every shooter fan.


Review 1: One of those top-down shooters that flooded the scene during the late eighties and early nineties, Raiden is no different than the others. Fly around and shoot at anything you see is all you ... wishing for an easier game. Recommended to expert gamers only or those looking for a real challenge! Also be sure to check out the excellent but little-known sequel Raiden II, also on this site.

Raiden II

Raiden II is an excellent sequel to Raiden, one of the best shoot em-ups ever made. The game is not very well known due to its limited distribution (sold in Japan only, ported by Cyberfront Studios), but ... is a polished and addictive vertical shooter in every respect.. a must have for all action fans! Note: The game is in Japanese, but most menu commands are either in English, or are self-explanatory.

Rambo 3

Review 1: Based on the movie, this action game places you in role of the famous John Rambo. Your mission is to free your commanding officer, but first you have to escape the prison camp yourself. The ... the right difficulty level for an average gamer. It's not Metal Gear in terms of novelty and intuitive interface, but it is definitely one of the best games based on movie licenses. Recommended!


Review 1: Don't you love it when those mutated giant monsters destroy all those buildings? Didn't you ever think hey, this must be fun? This is your chance - take the role of George (aka King Kong), ... one of those other big sods will just pick you up and pop you into their mouth. Rampage is a fun and addictive game, maybe lacking in depth but with a lot of replayability. Download it, it's good.


Review 1: Very addictive Strategy/Action/Tetris-Crossover. Shoot the ships, build up your castle - sounds simple, but it isn't, coz' the castle-building is done in Tetris-Style. Well, I like this game ... even strategy fans who fancy a bit of action. The music is a bit dull, but that's a very minor nitpick. Highly recommended, especially if you can find someone to play against in the two-player mode.

Ranchan Cat

Another fun and quite unique time waster from Japan. In Ranchan Cat, you are a cat named Ranchan (duh), who needs to get to the end of each level (to satisfy his feline urges for ... something). He does ... manipulating the swing meter in most golf games, and makes for a fun challenge. If you enjoy fun, cutesy-looking platformers with some innovation to boot, Ranchan Cat more than fits the criteria.


Rapanui is a simple Arkanoid clone for Windows, a sequel to an earlier game called Dionakra from the same developer. The idea, like all other Breakout games, is to move the pad to bounce the ball off it ... is the inclusion of a well-designed level editor you can use to create your own levels. But if you want a truly good Breakout game, play Krypton Egg or Crystal Hammer instead of this average game.

Rapid Assault

Rapid Assault is a decent first-person futuristic driving game from Synthetic Dimensions, published by IBM. The plot is simple: as member of the futuristic police force, your job is to drive your trusty ... dead-average game that doesn't bring anything new to the table, and the gameplay is much less interesting than, say, Quarantine or G-Police. Thumbs down on yet another lackluster PC release from IBM.

Raptor: Call Of The Shadows

Review 1: This is a really good hack and slash arcade action game. Your mission is to free the kingdom, Lograth, from and evil dragon and it's hordes of evil minions. The game has five levels with a ... levels, and a wide variety of monsters and weapons make it much more than an average platform game. Highly recommended, especially to fans of other Conan-style action games such as Golden Axe.


Kinda Worms for Windows.


Ravage is an excellent shareware vertical shooter game from Alpha Helix, the maker of cult classic The Last Eichhof freeware shooter. While The Last Eichhof was humorous, wacky shooter, Ravage is a typical ... levels, you can upgrade your battleship in a shop with weapons and other goodies. Ravage even includes a nice 2-player co-operative mode that lets you and your buddy fight enemies on the same screen.

RayCrisis (a.k.a. Layer Section III)

RayCrisis is a good-looking vertical shooter from Taito that is not as good as G-Darius or games in the Gradius series, but still packs enough variety to warrant a look. This download is the rare PC version ... of weapons and power-ups. If you like shooters and have already played all the hit games, RayCrisis will entertain you for a while. Just don't expect it to be the next best thing since G-Darius.

RayForce (a.k.a. Layer Section)

RayForce (released as Layer Section outside Asia) is an excellent vertical shooter that began an series that would spawn RayStorm and RayCrisis. The game is a 2D shooter with excellent scaling and animation ... and power-up ships that appear from time to time to repair your ship. All in all, though, RayForce looks good and plays great - a wonderful start to a fun series that get much tougher later on.

Rayging Blue

Rayging Blue is yet another excellent vertical shooter from Japan's fast-growing freeware community. The game features excellent 2D anime-style graphics, plenty of big explosions and power-ups, well-designed ... game's difficulty level is about right: not so hard as to frustrate newcomers, but at the same time not too easy as to bore veterans. If you enjoy shooters, this little gem is well worth your time.

RayStorm (a.k.a. Layer Section 2)

The Year is 2219. The place, Earth. Alien beings from the Secilia System have arrived in our solar system. Their objective, is to obliterate and take over the Earth with their Battle Cruisers, Mechs and ... that only expert gamers may be able to finish the game. But if you consider yourself a veteran for this kind of games, you will find RayStorm a worthy and worthwhile challenge. Highly recommended.


Reaction is a fun action game with puzzle elements, similar to Dynablaster in style but with more focus on action than puzzle. Your goal is to kill all the enemies on the board, by shooting them and making ... you also have to avoid running into fireballs that move around the arena, and other hazards. If you enjoy anime-style games or action/puzzle hybrids in general, check out this enjoyable old game.

Reap, The

One of the best-looking shooters ever released, The Reap from Finnish developer Housemarque features stunning visual effects and huge 3D-modelled levels spanning 4 different worlds. As the official blurb ... off this highly-polished game that is a good example of how good-looking a PC game can be without sacrificing speed or playability - and that is no small feat given 1997 hardware. Highly recommended.

Rebel Runner

Rebel Runner is a decent platformer from Korea that offers good value for money but is marred by awkward controls and choppy animation. The plot is entirely optional, so there's no need to go into the ... other. If you enjoy platform games, you might find Rebel Runner entertaining for the first few minutes. Finishing the game, however, requires a lot of tolerance and forgiveness of its many quirks.


Yet another fun freeware shooter from Japan?apparently a very prolific and lively community for action game developers. Reflection has no plot to speak of, or even twists to the age-old shoot-everything-in-sight ... enemy fire. Overall, a nice, pleasant little shooter that shouldn?t take any expert too long to finish. A long shot from classics such as Raptor, but much better than your average amateur shooters.


An okay conversion of Taito's lesser-known arcade game of the same name. There is not much more I can say about Renegade-- the game will be familiar to anyone who has spent numerous quarters on Double ... that is worth checking out for perhaps a few minutes, or just to watch the demo that shows some of the later (still boring) levels. That's it, really-- an average game in every sense of the word.

Renga Funsai Yuugi

Renga Funsai Yuugi is a novel combination of vertical shooter and Breakout: your spaceship is equipped with flippers, which you use to bounce the ball back to destroy the blocks on the top of the screen. ... less challenging than, say, DX-Ball series, and the shooter element is somewhat distracting from the main action. If you like Breakout/Arkanoid clones in general, though, give this old game a try.

Resolution 101

Resolution 101 is a standard 3D action fare set in future New York city. The plot is novel enough: you are a criminal who is promised freedom if you help the authorities eliminate other criminals from ... this off to play something better, like Bethesda's The Terminator or The Punisher. There's nothing technically wrong with Resolution 101 -- it's a smooth and well executed game. Just very, very dull.

Restraint of Zero (a.k.a. R.O.Z.)

Restraint of Zero (R.O.Z. for short) is another excellent, very polished shooter from Japan's rapidly growing freeware scene. Similar to huge 3D shooters like Idinaloq and Die Slave (which you can also ... difficulty level doesn't detract from the fun, since you will have so much fun ogling at wonderful ship designs and cool 3D effects in R.O.Z. to notice how many times you need to restart the level.

Resurrection: Rise 2 (a.k.a. Rise of the Robots 2)

Resurrection: Rise 2 is the sequel to Rise of the Robots, one of the worst one-on-one fighting games ever made. While this sequel is far from a top game, it still shows that Mirage spent a lot of time ... troublesome special moves and an aging 2D fight engine. Rise 2: Resurrection is no masterpiece, but for those who want a new 2D fighter and are sick of Mortal Kombat, this one is worth a look."


Decent 3D shooter from Gremlin that tries hard to enhance the immersion with Wing Commander-style ?interactive screens? between missions, but didn?t quite succeed due to insipid plot and writing. The plot: ... Retribution will keep the most expert of pilots occupied for some time. Recommended, but only for veteran gamers who are looking for a furious space combat game without the need for an engaging plot.

Return Fire

Return Fire was basically the 3DO's best game, and one of the most fun multiplayer action games ever. You and either a computer player or one of your friends are given control of a bunker equipped with ... classical music they use to set the scene. There is a taster of this in the demo, still available at Games Domain. Also check out the superior sequel Return Fire 2 on this site if you like the game.

Return of Egypt

Return of Egypt is a very good Castlevania clone from Driven Phantom Soft, sporting fluid 2D sidescrolling action, plenty of well-drawn enemies, and excellent level design. You star Moses as he returns ... make this game the best Castlevania clone I have ever seen - and one of the best platformers in general. If you like this one, also try Dracula by the same author who is apparently a big Konami fan.

Return of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom

Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom and the sequel Return of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom are two rare 'retro'-style shareware shooters. From description at MobyGames: "[Invasion] consists ... by mail-order in late 1990s, Pop Software resurfaced briefly in 2001 to sell both games via PayPal on-line, but they have disappeared again since 2002. Download the registered version below.

Revenge of Defender (a.k.a. Starray)

Starray is a fun side-scrolling shooter developed by Logotron and published by Epyx in the US as Revenge of Defender (probably to increase brand awareness by associating the game with Atari classic Defender. ... that resemble one another after a while. Still, for anyone looking for a quick shooter fix, Revenge of Defender just might do the job-don't expect it to be anything like the Atari classic, though.

Revenge of the Mutant Camels

Revenge of the Mutant Camels is a great PC remake of classic Commodore 64/Spectrum game of the same name, released as shareware by the author in 1994 but has since been released into the public domain. ... and more. The game is a lot of fun, but it is extremely challenging. If you enjoy arcade games in general, this highly underrated classic from one of the true pioneers in the genre is a must-play.

Revenge of The Toys

Best considered as the sequel to zany Dilbert's Desktop Games developed by the same company, Revenge of The Toys is a great collection of fun mini-arcade games you can play from your desktop. The games ... a while is what makes work worthwhile, right? ;) Highly recommended, especially for Dilberts (including yours truly) everywhere. If you like Dilbert's Desktop Toys, you will love Revenge of The Toys.

Revolution X

One of the worst games from Probe/Acclaim, Revolution X is a downright horrendous game that is even worse than the original coin-op version. Only fans Aerosmith may enjoy this one - and they will probably ... bad as an arcade game can get. Take my advice, and stay far away from this one. Is it my imagination, or is every game that features rock stars really suck? This one is a Real Dog, without a doubt.

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