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Return Fire

Return Fire was basically the 3DO's best game, and one of the most fun multiplayer action games ever. You and either a computer player or one of your friends are given control of a bunker equipped with military vehicles and perhaps a base. The goal of the game is very simple: To capture your opponent's flag.

For your firepower, you have 4 vehicles. First up is the Tank. Fast moving, and equipped with a rotatable turret, it's firepower is unfortunately fairly low compared to some of the other vehicles. Next of all is the Rocket Launcher. Far heavier power is let down by poor manoeuvrability & slow speeds. It has a nice special ability in the fact that it can drop mines, perfect for destroying bridges and defending the flag. You also get the Helicopter, with missiles and bullets. It is very quick, but unfortunately can get quickly destroyed if bogged down by enemy turret fire. Finally, there is the Jeep. Very fast and easy to drive after you understand it, it's weaponry is pitiful, just some grenades. However, this is the ONLY vehicle that can actually pick up the flag so you can win the scenario.

In single player mode, this game is unfortunately rather boring. But with a friend playing splitscreen the game improves immensely, as you scheme to beat your "friend", who will no doubt be an enemy after a few sessions of Return Fire. The only criticism I can think of is that it lacks is a map editor, Internet multiplayer options & 3D graphics. All 3 are available in its sequel, Return Fire 2, which I also highly recommend. If you can find this game on CD somehow, you might like to hear the nice classical music they use to set the scene. There is a taster of this in the demo, still available at Games Domain. Also check out the superior sequel Return Fire 2 on this site if you like the game.

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Return Fire screenshot
Return Fire screenshot

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