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Ravage is an excellent shareware vertical shooter game from Alpha Helix, the maker of cult classic The Last Eichhof freeware shooter. While The Last Eichhof was humorous, wacky shooter, Ravage is a typical sci-fi shooter that boasts futuristic spaceships, menacing motherships, and spectacular explosions.

Just because it's "typical" doesn't mean it is not fun. Like The Last Eichhof, the gameplay in Ravage is fun, furious, and highly addictive. You will constantly face nonstop waves of enemy ships that will test your joystick expertise to the limit. The end-level bosses deserve a special mention for being appropriately gigantic, powerful, and tough to beat. In between levels, you can upgrade your battleship in a shop with weapons and other goodies. Ravage even includes a nice 2-player co-operative mode that lets you and your buddy fight enemies on the same screen.

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Ravage screenshot
Ravage screenshot

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