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BMF is a fun freeware combat game from Imagination, a now-defunct Finnish developer. Formerly released as shareware, the game is made freeware in 2000 along with other Imagination games. The game is similar ... a bit more variety and realism, BMF is well worth a look. It is a vast improvement from Men in War, Imagination's earlier game, and will keep you entertained for hours on end. Highly recommended!

Bob Winner

Bob Winner is an early action game with some adventure elements by Loriciel, set in the US' wild, wild West. Bob Winner is on a quest to find a lost civilisation, and has to collect three keys which are ... with its 4 colour art, overall comparable to the Amstrad CPC version. But then for CGA standards the backgrounds still look very nice. The game itself is a fun little game for a while, not much more.

Body Blows

Review 1: This game has no real story line behind it, as far as I could see but none-the-less it is still a popular game that is loved by many people. Its been said that "you're a real man if you ... fast fight game, with stunning graphics. You can play with different kinds of characters against each other. Look a bit like streetfighter and that kinds of games. The sounds are also pretty okay!


Bolo is an excellent redesign of the classic Atari game by the same name. Billed as "a high resolution fantasy action adventure," Bolo is actually a fun action-oriented platformer similar to ... castle of the Megaghost to vanquish evil. Over 50 levels, 52 different game elements, and a superb soundtrack round off this greatly underrated game that was more successful on the Mac than on PC.


Bombjack is an excellent fanmade conversion of Tecmo's classic arcade game of the same name. The game is much better than Mighty Bombjack, the official PC conversion made by Elite Systems in 1990. If you ... timer control, so it plays at the right speed even on modern Pentiums. If you like Tecmo's original or games like Bomberman, you should check out this little-known fanmade game. Highly recommended!

Bonanza Brothers

You are one of the Bonanza Brothers and your job is to steal from the corrupt people in the city.. You have to enter a variety of institutions ranging from a casino to a pyramid and steal everything of ... out of it :). If I have one complaint about this game, it's the size. Its quite easy to complete once you know what your doing and there are only about 6 or 7 levels. Still worth every byte though.


Bonkheads is a fun 2D action game designed for kids. The Troll brothers Grag and Thog must rid their home of annoying pests in each of the 144 levels that comprised Trollsville. You can play solo as Grag, ... they are both a blast. With a lot of levels, many different enemies, and an all-around solid gameplay, Bonkheads is a keeper. Highly recommended, especially for budding action gamers in your house.


Bool is a very creative and unique action game that takes some time to figure out at first, but will gradually grow on you. In the author's words: "in this game you rescue yellow balls with a crane ... action game once you spend some time with it. Not recommended for the impatient gamer, but anyone who can tolerate 10-15 minutes of clueless experimentation will uncover a cool game in the end.

Boulder Dash

Review 1: One of the true classics from the Commodore 64 system that has been converted to the PC system. The game is pretty simple. You have to pick up as many diamonds on each level and on each level ... the PC-version not only near unplayable - the C64-Version is also much better looking. In my opinion the best version ever made of this game. Fun for hours, legendary, cult - what should I say more?

Boulder Dash 2

It's Boulder Dash... again. You once again set out and dig your way to diamonds - so deep down in the earth that you meet strange monsters that are out to kill you. I guess everyone heard of Boulder Dash ... known computer game heroes. The first game was better I have to say though... esp. the C64 version. Unlike it's predecessor this game runs well on modern computers. It's a bit hard though... I'd say.

Boulderdash (remake)

This remake of boulderdash works great! You have to collect some gems and get to the end of each level without being killed by the stones.

Bounce Zone

One of the best Pong games I have ever seen, Bounce Zone is a 3D Pong game that is full of all the options you could ever want. You can change bat sizes, gameplay speed (although you would need MoSlo or ... have a few minutes to kill, you can't go wrong with this addictive freeware game that truly stands the test of time. You would also be hard pressed to find a better Pong game, freeware or otherwise.

Bouncing Babies

Who ever owned one of the old 8086 based IBM PC surely remembers this simple game. The babies are falling through the window of a building that is in fire and you have to make sure they safely reach the rescue car. Simple, yet not as easy as it may sound.

Bounty Bob Strikes Back

Bounty Bob Strikes Back is a great sequel to Bill Hogue's classic Miner 2049er game. Although this is much better than the original, it wasn't as commercially successful - perhaps due to poor marketing ... in mid-air during a jump, and sound effects are much improved over the original game. Overall, if you love platformers or innovative action games in general, Bounty Bob Strikes Back is a must-have.

Boy and His Blob, A: Trouble in Blobolonia

A Boy and His Blob: Trouble in Blobolonia is a unique puzzle/action/adventure masterpiece designed by Pitfall creator David Crane, released only on the NES in 1989. There are many gushing reviews of this ... solutions, usually multiple paths that you can take. A thoroughly memorable, wonderful, and unique masterpiece that proves once more why Mr. Crane ranks among the world's best game designers.

Bram Stoker's Dracula

One of the worst games from Psygnosis, Bram Stoker's Dracula is a lackluster first-person shooter with minimal adventure elements. The plot: legions of the undead are rising from their graves, and it's ... it's hard to believe it comes from the same house that produced many platformer gems such as Shadows of the Beast for the Amiga. Avoid this Real Dog at all costs - don't say I didn't warn you.


One of the more innovative Arkanoid/Breakout clones, Breakfree is essentially 3D version Breakout with some interesting twists. The object of the game is to break free from each level by destroying all ... be as you cannot easily gauge your progress. Better graphics would have made the game a lot more fun. As it stands, Breakfree is an above-average Breakout game that is fun only for a short while.


Bricks is a nice and simple version of arkanoid and works good under windows 3x and higher.

Bridge Hopper

Walk men across bridge, Bouncing Babies like game.

Bruce Lee

Review 1: I remember this one from my C64. Basically it's a Jump 'n Run with some fighting elements, although the name sounds more like a real Kung Fu-Game or something like that Bruce Lee is far from ... that makes games such as Bushido simplistic in comparison. Note: If you like the game, also check out Mark Rosten's amazing 2001 remake of the 16-color Commodore 64 version, also on this site.

Bruce Lee Lives: The Fall of Hong Kong Palace

Fun martial arts game staring Asia's most famous martial artist. Description from MobyGames goes as follows: "You are Bruce Lee, the only man that can fight back against Master Po and his army of ... bouts are suitably challenging, and the practice mode is good enough to teach you all the moves Bruce Lee can make. Great fun for a while, until you realize how much better EA's Budokan really is :)

Bruce Lee Remake

Review 1: The original Bruce Lee game was only my second game on my Commodore 64 after Blue Max so it was with great joy when I discovered that Mark Rosten had programmed a remake of this classic. It's ... makes games such as Bushido simplistic in comparison. Definitely a must-have for all martial arts fans, and three cheers to Mark Rosten for porting THE ultimate version of this classic to the PC.

Brutal: Paws of Fury

Review 1: After a huge success of Mortal Kombat games, a lot of companies begun making their own fighting models. Gametek came up with a rather original game featuring martial arts animals and did a ... version, though, you should hunt for the SEGA CD version instead. If you like the game, be sure to also check out Brutal: Paws of Fury Remix, an excellent fanmade remake/update on this site.

Brutal: Paws of Fury Remix

Brutal: Paws of Fury Remix is an outstanding fanmade remake/update of GameTek's excellent fighting game of the same name. Coded with Elecbyte's excellent MUGEN engine, the game takes the best elements ... of graphic enhancements such as new hitsparks and life bars. Doubtless one of the best, if not THE best, games ever made with MUGEN, Brutal: Paws of Fury Remix is a must-play for every fighting fan.

Bubble Bobble

Review 1: Bubble Bobble. Is there anyone that has never heard of those two cute little dinosaurs? Well, if You haven't - be ashamed! Those two little guys are responsible for many divorces, unhappy parents, ... Any attempt at a story would only make the game less fun, as it would get in the way of playing. Bubble Bobble is perfect for killing half an hour of lunchbreak and being carefree for that time.

Bubble Bobble featuring Rainbow Islands

A great value for money that includes two classic action/puzzle games: a remake of 1989's Bubble Bobble, and its sequel Rainbow Islands. For those who aren't familiar with the original, Bubble Bobble is ... charming action. I highly recommend the Windows front end file ( from Rainbow Islands page at Taito Overclocked website -- it makes the game much easier to play on Windows 95/98 systems.

Bubble Bobble Hero 2

Bubble Bobble Hero 2 is an excellent and little-known Bubble Bobble clone from Taiwanese developer Lonaisoft. Although the game was translated from Chinese to English (the version you can download here), ... a lot of variety in level designs and enemies to keep the game from being boring. If you like Bubble Bobble, you will definitely enjoy this obscure game that not many people outside Asia know about.

Bubble Ghost

Published by Infogrames in France (Europe?), and published by Accolade in most other countries, Bubble Ghost is a simple and fun action-puzzle game in which you control a ghost and have to lead your bubble ... little Bubble Ghost's task harder. Avoid the many sharp objects and other hazards! Very cute indeed! =) One of the most addictive games of its kind. Requires a slow-down util on modern computers.

Bubble Pop

Review 1: Bubble Pop is a great clone of Bubble Bobble, with some unique touches. Your mission is to rescue Bublina and the world from The Evil One (definitely the most unique name ever made for the ... can help as well. Bubble Pop is a lovely game suitable for both kids and adults, especially when playing in two-player mode. It's a real shame this game never got the attention it deserves!

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom is a simple but fun CGA shooter based on SEGA's arcade game of the same name. It's probably best described as Zaxxon from a first-person perspective as opposed to isometric. ... Smooth graphics and fluid controls make this a knuckle-blistering experience that all SEGA fans should enjoy. Recommended, especially to those who like Zaxxon but find it a little too difficult.


Review 1: Oh yeah - we played this for hours back then and exchanged strategies for the tournament-opponents at school. The game itself is divided into two parts. The first part is "just" the ... anticipation and just coming down on the right side." Multiply the fun of the C64 version by 10 times, and you have this wonderful PC game that, for once, is far superior to the other versions.


Bug! is an above-average 3D platformer from SEGA that could be much more fun. Jennifer Reitz of Accursed Toys voiced her views that are similar to mine on this marginal game: "Bug! is essentially ... not actually reached. I can recommend Bug!, with the caveats previously mentioned. It is amazing, and very fun, to a point. But, alas, tedium does set in after a while. Close, but not quite perfect.

Bugs Bunny Hare-brained Adventure, The

The Bugs Bunny Hare-brained Adventure is another good adaptation of a cartoon license released by Hi-Tech Expressions. Based on a TV episode of Bugs Bunny, you play the famous hare who must find his way ... ways - turning you invisible, for example. If you love the TV series, you'll enjoy this fun game that preserves its gentle sense of humor while offering a solid arcade-style gameplay. Recommended.

Building Panic

Another excellent game from freeware developer Yamada No Ana Project, who is dedicated to producing games based around the same cast of characters, led by Doka-chan, a stubby construction worker and his ... original, and well-designed game that will keep you occupied for hours on end, whether or not you're a fan of reflex-based puzzle games, Othello the board game, or just action games in general.


Bumby's Arcade Fantasy is a mediocre action-puzzle game. Easy game principle, the typical "steer a jumping ball through obstacle-filled rooms while collecting stuff" game with some nice twists. ... that is), the novelty quickly wears out from repetitive gameplay, boring level design, and in general just not enough surprises to keep things interesting. Fun for a short while, not much more.

Bungaru WA

"So Icy Tower has got a Japanese cousin", I first thought. But, after playing some more times, I can say that, while the basic concept is the same, the two games are very different. In Bunguru ... which collapse at light speed once you land on them. True, the game is limited and can get repetitive, but before this happens, you will be hooked by the "one-more-try" syndrome. Fun!

Bunny Bricks

Another innovative game from Silmarils, Bunny Bricks is billed as "the first cartoon-style, arcade, brick-breaking baseball game to star a rabbit"-- and I can't think of a more succinct description ... help of his friends, Bunny the rabbit must hit balls to break as many bricks as he can in each level. Secret items and power-ups such as Super Bat and Machine Gun keep the game fresh and interesting.

Burger Blaster

Make hamburgers and hotdogs.


Review 1: Burokuzu is a great freeware Breakout clone from Japan. The usual bounce-the-ball-off-the-paddle action is livened up by a number of interesting innovations. My favorite one is that you can ... more than the average game and if it wasn't for the few but good features the game wouldn't be recommended simply because of the non-realistic ball motions and poor controls. Worth a try though.

Burps, The

The Burps is an excellent, very faithful fanmade remake of Atic Atac, one of the best games ever made for the Spectrum computer by Ultimate Play The Game, the most famous developer for that platform. The ... rendition of the original, The Burps finally brings the fun of Atic Atac to the PC and provides proof of why Ultimate Play The Game is hailed as one of the pioneers in action/adventure genre.


I played this game endlessly with my little brother on our state-of-the-art IBM XT. We were hooked by the fluid animations, cool fighting moves, endless enemies, and well-drawn oriental backgrounds. It ... way we could beat the sheer number of enemies was to keep our fingers pressed on the "punch" button :) Definitely a standard-bearer for side-scrolling action games for generations to come.

Bust a Move

Review 1: This is the port of the well-known SNES game Puzzle Bobble. It was known as Bust-A-Move on the PSX later on. This PC version is an unofficial port using thesame tiles and graphics from the ... If you enjoy Tetris-style games and haven't played Puzzle Bobble, Bust-A-Move is an excellent freeware gem that is well worth a look, and ranks as one of the most faithful fanmade games ever made.

Butterfly 660

Butterfly 660 is a fun freeware platformer that does what very few action games have tried to do: offer a solid storyline that develops as you play, with intriguing plot twists along the way. Unfortunately, ... in a genre not known for good stories - and they succeeded in spades. Highly recommended to anyone who loves a good sci-fi romp, except die-hard action gamers who need a good target practice.


BZFlag is a great freeware multiplayer 3D tank battle game that has one of the best "Capture the Flag" gameplay I have seen. The game was first developed in 1992 by Chris Schoeneman, a then-college ... map editor, and a very active community of map designers and programmers ensure that BZFlag will always have something new to draw you back. Note: The version for download here is for Windows 95/98.

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