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Bonanza Brothers

You are one of the Bonanza Brothers and your job is to steal from the corrupt people in the city.. You have to enter a variety of institutions ranging from a casino to a pyramid and steal everything of value :) fun. Its not just the objective that sets this game apart either, in this game you spend 90% of your time attempting to fool the computer AI (the security guards) so you can sneak past un-noticed or by stunning the guards by shooting them with your rather attractive stun gun. You can accomplish this in many ways, from hiding round corners, to sneaking past when they are asleep to pretending to be a robot, just make sure you get that loot ;). The graphics in this game are very well done, everyone is made up out of shapes, and no one has legs or necks giving the game a distinct style. The music is also well done and the sound fits the game well, although usually just consist of cartoon type sounds. Where this game really shines is in the two-player mode :) so make sure to get a friend round or play on the interweb using gens to get the most out of it :). If I have one complaint about this game, it's the size. Its quite easy to complete once you know what your doing and there are only about 6 or 7 levels. Still worth every byte though.

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