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Bool is a very creative and unique action game that takes some time to figure out at first, but will gradually grow on you. In the author's words: "in this game you rescue yellow balls with a crane from a big floating white ball. You can upgrade your ship and buy all sorts of items that effect anything from the weather to the ability to restart the game and keep your stats. The game is all in another "language" that you need to translate if you want to know what's going on. You do this by buying translations in the shop menu."

Sounds weird? You bet. The first time you start the game, you might feel daunted by the inscrutable language (which is somewhat reminiscent of Captain Blood) that is used for all text in the game - including menus.

I had a lot of fun 'discovering' the gameplay and goals by trial-and-error. After you get better at navigating the menus (and with the knowledge you have from reading this review ;)), you will discover the basic goal: fly the circle around, dropping a crane (by pressing SPACEBAR) to pick up little circles that dot the landscape. Naturally, this isn't as easy as it seems: there is plenty of obstacles in your way, and you also need to refuel and make it back to the entrance before time runs out. Your performance is scored, and so you should try grabbing as many extra items on the map as you can. The more points you get, the more you points you can spend on power-ups, translations (which translate one or more menu item at a time), and the ability to toggle off annoying weather effects. Although it would probably be better for the designer to translate some menu items from the beginning to ease the learning curve, Bool is still a fun and addictive action game once you spend some time with it. Not recommended for the impatient gamer, but anyone who can tolerate 10-15 minutes of clueless experimentation will uncover a cool game in the end.

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Bool screenshot

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