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Bruce Lee Lives: The Fall of Hong Kong Palace

Fun martial arts game staring Asia's most famous martial artist. Description from MobyGames goes as follows: "You are Bruce Lee, the only man that can fight back against Master Po and his army of martial arts warriors. You have to stop their destruction in Hong Kong Island. Software Toolworks' martial arts game features a "learning" engine that can take action by looking at your past moves. In this way you have no chance to come strong against your opponent with your "approved" succesful moves. A difficult game where "the opponents very often beat the program's designers!"

Company's blurb aside, Fall of Hong Kong Palace isn't as good as the claim, mostly due to choppy animation and lackluster level designs. Still, enemies in later bouts are suitably challenging, and the practice mode is good enough to teach you all the moves Bruce Lee can make. Great fun for a while, until you realize how much better EA's Budokan really is :)

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Bruce Lee Lives: The Fall of Hong Kong Palace screenshot
Bruce Lee Lives: The Fall of Hong Kong Palace screenshot

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