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Halls of Montezuma

Last in the celebrated series of wargames based Battlefront, SSG? revolutionary game engine which was released on Apple II and Commodore 64 only. Like other games in the series, Halls of Montezuma features ... warfare.? Regardless, the game's intuitive interface, flexible gameplay, and excellent scenario editor help make it much better than an average wargame. Not SSG's finest hour, but still very good.

Hammer of The Gods

One of the best and most original turn-based strategy games ever made, Holistic Design's Hammer of the Gods is an addictive empire-building game set in the world of Norse mythology. Despite it being based ... that is well taken advantage of. Definitely a forgotten classic that deserves a second chance! Note: This is the full game minus voices. Please note that the game requires VESA 1.2 compatible driver.


Hana-fuda is a solid Windows 95/98 version of a traditional Japanese card-matching game of the same name. Hanafuda cards are often known as 'flower cards', because each suit is depicted by a different ... the basic rules. Overall, a faithful reproduction of a fascinating Japanese pastime that more people should know about, even though it will take a while to familiarize yourself with the cards.

Hannibal: Master of The Beast

Hannibal is one of the few games that focus on the second Punic War-- you control the formidable Carthagian army --on elephant backs-- with the ultimate goal to conquer Rome. The game is realistic in a ... an interesting game that raises the ever-controversial issue of realism vs. fun in wargames, with fun unfortunately left on the wayside as the tedium of watching your armies move kicks in again.


Hanse is a classic trading sim based around the trading association Hanse set in the 14th century. I remember playing this one for many hours on the C64. Some computer magazines trashed the game back then, ... together with some friends. In 1994, Ralf Glau together with Ascon released an enhanced remake of his own game called Hanse: Die Expedition, which is also available for download from this site.

Happy End

Happy End is an excellent PC version of Othello (a.k.a. Reversi) board game with a twist: instead of letting you play a full game against the computer, it lets you replay the endgames from a selection ... game that both newcomers and veterans will enjoy. New players will benefit from excellent in-game help and strategy articles, and experts can hone their skills on the endgame. Highly recommended!

Harvest Moon

Review 1: Harvest Moon is one of the best examples of Japanese developers' creative powers. First released for the Super Nintendo in 1997, the game went on to attract a loyal following and spawn many ... new places are opened up because of moved boulders or broken wells. At festivals there are perfumes that help to get good with your girl. There are hearts that tell you what your girl thinks of you.

Heart of Africa

From Brian Moriarty's tribute to Dani Bunten: "Ozark wanted to follow up Seven Cities [of Gold] with a computerized edition of one of the classic Avalon Hill board games, but Electronic Arts had other ... resulted in a sequel, Heart of Africa for the Commodore 64, which continued the formula of action and strategy, exploration and history. It achieved less than half the sales of its predecessor."

Heirs to The Throne

A solid medieval conquer-thy-neighbor game, this game features excellent AI and a good balance between economic and military options. It is similar to Impressions' Lords of the Realm although the focus ... you allocate resources and production to conquer one province at a time. Random maps guarantees replayability, but the game ultimately suffers from non-intuitive interface and the too-abstract focus.

Heroes of Might and Magic

If some of you, like I, have become familiar with Heroes of Might and Magic through one of the later renditions then the lineage with this first edition will be quite clear. Everything which makes a game ... never see where they wanted to take the series next. All in all HoMM is a game well worth playing even today and if a friend comes over you can have some nostalgic fun with its multiplayer option.

Herzog Zwei

Ask anyone you know what the first real-time strategy game is, and 99% will probably say Dune 2. But not many people know that the honor actually lies with a SEGA Genesis game called Herzog Zwei, the 1989 ... like Genesis for an in-depth strategy game, let alone a genre pioneer like Herzog Zwei. Thanks to advent of emulators for PC, you can now experience this highly underrated classic in its full glory.

Hexodus Chess

Hexodus Chess is a very nice PC implementation of hexagon chess, a difficult chess variant that is most popular in Eastern Europe. The game is basically chess played on a hexagonal board. Needless to say, ... If you enjoy chess variants, Hexodus Chess is one of the best freeware ones you are likely to find. Highly recommended, especially to beginners like me who have a hard enough time with regular chess.


Hexy is an excellent Windows version of Hex, a fun but little-known abstract board game I used to play a lot with friends in college. As explained on MazeWorks' Hex page, the game "...was created ... sizes depending on how much playing time you want. If you enjoy abstract strategy games, Hexy is an outstanding freeware gem that is great for those 10-15 minute coffee breaks. Highly recommended!

Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda is a game in which you are new president of Chimerica (fictive country in central america), you were chosen as president after citizens overthrowed the evil dicator Farsante, and the game ... This may sound like the game is very difficult, but it's fun to play and quite enjoyable though it may be hard in the start… and after you've been playing the game for a few times you'll get in it.

High Command: Europe 1939-1945

As the title suggests, High Command puts you in command of the Allies or Axis during the most crucial points of World War 2. In contrast to Harpoon's micro scale, this game is decidedly a strategic-level ... control the Allies or Axis air, land, and sea forces in Europe. Well-researched realism and scenarios are bogged down beneath spotty AI, cumbersome interface, and questionable supply logistics.

Hill Street Blues

Review 1: Hill Street Blues is one of the very few games that I have seen which is based on the very popular police series. You start each mission with that your police officers get a short briefing. ... of police." If you are interested in "police simulation" games, I'd recommend the superior shareware game To Serve and To Protect (reviewed on this site) over this disappointing game.

History Line: 1914-1918 (a.k.a. Great War: 1914-1918, The)

History Line (released as The Great War: 1914 - 1918 in the US by SSI) is a World War 1 tactical wargame based on an improved and modified engined used in Blue Byte's earlier Battle Isle games. It is one ... releated and otherwise -- for the two months that are covered in the battle you are currently fighting. This is not mentioned in the manual, and is a nice touch, so I thought I would mention it. :)

History of The World

"A very faithful computer translation of the board game, this covered the course of civilization from 3000 BC to 1900 AD. A quick-playing game, it divided history into seven epochs with each player ... to cut them down to size. If size isn't everything, then turn placement surely is." Overall, a fun game that will appeal to fans of the board game, but probably to "dry" for others.

Holiday Island

Review 1: Ever wanted to create your own holiday island? Well, here is your chance. You can build almost every imaginable thing regarding a holiday island right from small benches to large buildings. ... it. A bit difficult and it needs lots of training, but one of the best games I've ever seen. Graphics are great, sounds are ok, gameplay is good and the addictivity level was enormous in my opinion.

Horse Race Card Game

Yet another excellent coffee-break game for Windows from NZP of Canada. From the official site: "Exciting horse racing game played with cards. At the start of each race, seven cards are dealt face-up ... There are few better ways to take 5-minute break with your computer on than playing these very nice freeware titles - especially if you are a big fan of card and puzzle games, like yours truly.

House of Cards

House of Cards is a good collection of 6 of the most popular card parlor games from Mastertronic, and may well have been the last game Mastertronic released before their being taken over by Virgin to form ... and the winning score ("game limit"). This flexibility and solid AI makes House of Cards one of the better card games on the market, although it doesn't introduce anything new to the genre.

Imperial Conquest 2

Imperial Conquest 2 is a fun wargame where your goal is lead a major nation to ever higher levels of glory over a twenty-year rulership during the 3rd Century BC. There are 16 playable nations, although ... game, though, it is not. Try it out if you like wargames and/or games set in ancient Europe. Once you overlook the game's flaws, you have a fun and addictive game on your hands. Recommended.

Imperial Space Command

Imperial Space Command is a fun sci-fi wargame designed as an internal game for IBM's employees. The game is a novel multiplayer game that lets up to 8 players (any of whom can be computer controlled) ... would like to talk to Ed about the game (and maybe you'd like to even update it for modern computers ;), contact Ed Kiser at this e-mail address: He'd love to talk about the game! :)


Review 1: What was Imperialism historically? It was the period in 19th century where major powers (Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Japan, USA, Belgium, Holland...) decided to devide the "undeveloped" ... war on them. Other than that though, Imperialism is a wonderful game and worth a try for anyone who likes the managerial genre. All in all, I rate it a 4. It does have flaws, but it's still fun.

Imperialism 2: The Age of Exploration

Review 1: Imperialism II: Age of Exploration is an outstanding turn-based strategy game that expands on the premise set in its predecessor, Frog City/SSI's underrated Imperialism. The game is set in ... pirates). Build a good labor force. Try to get ahead in the technology race (get those spies out there). And don't forget a strong military, for only a mighty nation can unite Europe under one flag.


Review 1: Don't ask for mercy - this one is a hardcore space strategy game you will either love or hate. You got very few graphics and most of the game is played on that rather dull desktop interface. ... for die-hard strategy fans out there, and expecially fans of Rainbird's UMS games. The game will likely prove too dry and complex for casual gamers. Don't forget to also download the manual!

Imperium Galactica

Imperium Galactica is a unique and commendable effort from Digital Reality that tries to blend 4X strategy genre with a real sci-fi story and adventure-genre-style plot development. The result is a hodgepodge ... resign yourself to playing the game just once in single-player mode. All things considered, though, there is definitely room on your shelf for this unique entrant into the space strategy genre."

In the Days of Knights and Kings

In the Days of Knights and Kings is an interesting early strategy game that depicts the events leading up to, and including, the famous Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD that saw William of Normandy crowned ... even a nice glossary/reference section on medieval terminology. It is not as deep as Annals of Rome or Kingmaker, but it's quite a fun beer & pretzel strategy game that warrants a second chance.


Incredible and Fascination from ComSpec are fun and quite original solitaire games, although they don't have much replay value beyond the first few games. The object of the games are similar: in Incredible, ... limited and short to have any high replayability. Don't come close at all to QQP's classic Solitaire's Journey, but at least they are fun enough to while away a few minutes during your coffee break.


Incubation is one of the best X-COM-style games ever made - and in my opinion superior to MicroProse' much better-known X-COM: Apocalypse. The game features a slick interface, challenging single-player ... be recommended highly enough - your estimation will hinge on the kind of gamer you are." If you love turn-based strategy games such as X-COM, Incubation and its add-on is definitely a must-have.


Incunabula is an uninspiring game of population growth and development. move your stacks of counters across the board, giving them room to grow and move them to engage hostile forces. The game is interesting ... more tedious then fun. Just keep expanding, and mathematical certainty guarantees you a win. A live opponent would increase the challenge and I have to assume the game was designed with that in mind.

Infiltrator 1

Infiltrator 1 and 2 are faithful PC conversion of Commodore 64 action hits. As the title suggests, you are a soldier/spy ordered to infiltrate the enemy's compounds. Along the way you'll fight numerous enemy planes and ground defense systems. Excellent graphics and gripping gameplay make up for the relatively short length of both games and paper-thin plots.

Infiltrator 2

Infiltrator 1 and 2 are faithful PC conversion of Commodore 64 action hits. As the title suggests, you are a soldier/spy ordered to infiltrate the enemy's compounds. Along the way you'll fight numerous enemy planes and ground defense systems. Excellent graphics and gripping gameplay make up for the relatively short length of both games and paper-thin plots.

Intelligent Strategy Games 10

One of the best collection of board games ever made, this compilation by Oxford Softworks includes 10 of the most popular parlor games from around the world: Go, Renju, 4-in-a-Line, Othello, Gomoku, Backgammon, ... is just about the only downside of this excellent collection. If you enjoy this pack, also check out the company's 1995 update called Mind Games Entertainment Pack for Windows, also on this site.

International Bridge Contractors

Review 1: International Bridge Contractors is a great version of the 1979 BASIC games coded by Philip Case for the TRS-80 computer. The game was recompiled and expanded with more features by William ... Review 2: All things that come to bridge building are mentioned in this game. How much money you have, how many crew is available, material. you name it. First who earns $500 million is the winner.

Into the Void

Into the Void is a decent 4X space strategy game that in my opinion is not nearly as bad as most game magazines say, although it is by no means a classic. It is an ambitious game that tries to inject some ... plot and a lot of suspiciously derivative technologies and ship designs. Worth a look if you are into 4X strategy games, but don't expect this rare game to keep you entertained in the long run.

Inucla No Classical

Inucla No Classical is a fun turn-based board game from Japan based on original concepts. The game is designed by one of the lead programmers of Siter Skain, one of Japan's best shareware developers. Starting ... enjoy challenging and unique abstract strategy games, especially a relatively short one that can be finished during a 5-10 minute coffee break, this freeware game from Japan comes highly recommended.


Invader is a solid computer implementation of Amazon, an intriguing 2-player board game based on chess invented in 1988 by Walter Zamkauskas of Argentina. In Amazon, one player controls 4 red pieces while ... you can play against the computer of similar skill level if you cannot get a friend to play hot-seat with you. If you like chess or board games in general, check out this fun old game. Recommended!

Iron Cross

Iron Cross is an ambitious but disappointing real-time wargame that lets you control infantry, artillery and armor units on various battlefields and you can play either the Axis or the Allies. There are ... very much because the enemy AI is none too bright. Overall, Iron Cross is a Real Dog that neither casual nor die-hard wargamers will enjoy. Steer clear of this one and play Clash of Steel instead.

Iron Seed

A great but sorely underrated space strategy game, Iron Seed recalls the venerable classic Starflight series in its breadth and scope, but is more focused on the strategic and tactical issues than that ... replayability, and numerous ship designs and crew selection allow for different playing style. A highly recommended game that is precursor to SimTex' Master of Orion in spirit if not in name.

Isle of Four Winds - Rune War

The Isle of Four Winds - Rune War is a unique Mahjong game that wraps the traditional Oriental board/gambling game with a Western-style fantasy mythos, with a plot and "Rune War," an average ... an average Mahjong game and a below-average strategic game. If you want a fun fantasy wargame, Master of Magic or Fantasy Empires remain superior to this unique, but not exceptional, old game.

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