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Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda is a game in which you are new president of Chimerica (fictive country in central america), you were chosen as president after citizens overthrowed the evil dicator Farsante, and the game can be considered good educational material.

In the start you are encountered by group of journalists asking you what are your main goals, choose wisely as you will be judged by History later. Chimerica is in a terrible state, infant mortality is terribly high, lot of people are living in poverty. This is where you come in!

First of all you appoint ministries, which is harder than it looks! Will you be leftist president having ministries full of people from National Liberation, or will you rather pursue radical right policies? It's all up to you, remember you can not only try to help people, but you can also be as cruel a dictator as Farsante was! You also go around and meet people, death squad leader, union leader etc. etc. Your goal is to stay in presidency as long as it is only possible, and as you go and meet people you also form your policies, and every time you get friends and also enemies. Watch out for if your enemies really hate you, they can start Coup d Etat.

Like if it wouldn't be enough already, USA is trying all the time to force you to do what they want so you have to be careful as they don't care to help much, but if you defy them they can be a really terrible opponent.

Also ministries will try all the time to do as they want, and you have to be careful about what they say as this is really high game of politics and few words can easily turn the whole decision by 180 degrees. You can check what impacts the decisions had by checking statistics and several newspapers.

This may sound like the game is very difficult, but it's fun to play and quite enjoyable though it may be hard in the start… and after you've been playing the game for a few times you'll get in it.

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