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Holiday Island

Review 1:

Ever wanted to create your own holiday island? Well, here is your chance. You can build almost every imaginable thing regarding a holiday island right from small benches to large buildings. You even have to put different security things to provide safety for your future visitors.

The graphics are indeed good with nice matching sound. The interface is smooth and Holiday Island is very easy to control. All though the game is rather tough because you will lose your money rather fast, but still much fun to play and really worth a download.

Review 2:

Build up just it - a Holiday Island. Kind of SimCity-Style Gameplay, but it's far less serious. It's just fun and you need some management skills to run your paradise for the modern tourist... The variety of things you can do is, well - nearly infinitive! You can sabotage your opponents, run advertisment-campaigns and build up anything between a mere Hot Dog or Newspaper Stand to something like a Power Plant or a Garbage Dump. I got a request on adding more DinoPark-Style Games on my old site - well, this was the answer! Personally I prefer Holiday Island, I'd like to call it SimCity for a surfer's nature... ;)

Strange enough that I've never seen this sold alone in the shops but only as part of a collection every once in a while. I've heard some rumors about the game only being released in some countries (heard of the netherlands).

Review 3:

This is a neat "light" Windows 95 sim that, had it been published by Maxis, would certainly be titled "SimResort" As an Entrepreneur who's just been given the right to develop a virgin island, commercialize it to death with beach resorts, camping grounds, and other structures. This is not SimIsle, so you don't have to worry about damaging the island's ecosystems ;) Great attention to detail-- you can even rent out deck chairs and umbrella. This game is an effort of a few talented designers that should have been spotted by big-name publisher (like SimTower before it).

Review 4:

A great simcity look-a-like. The difference with this game and simcity is that this is about building the best holiday island. Insert facilities on you island and small houses, hotels and more. You can also build vehicle rent shops and more entertaining facilities like tennis courts and more. One of my favourite sims. The main idea is that you eventually have a big island with all kinds of holiday facilities and lots of visitors. Make your island(s) the best and you make loads of money to improve it. A bit difficult and it needs lots of training, but one of the best games I've ever seen. Graphics are great, sounds are ok, gameplay is good and the addictivity level was enormous in my opinion.

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Holiday Island screenshot
Holiday Island screenshot

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