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Xadlak Plus

Xadlak Plus is a very fun horizontal shooter from Japan, featuring excellent illusion of depth, parallax scrolling, and plenty of cool enemies and backdrops. Despite heavily 'borrowing' from other shooters ... have one of the best freeware shmup you'll ever play. The only big downside is that the game is relatively short: there are only 5 levels. But at least you will have a lot of fun as long as it lasts.


One of Epic Megagames' most obscure shareware titles, Xargon is a fun scrolling arcade/adventure game base on the same engine as its much more popular cousin Jill of the Jungle. As the official description ... Strangely enough, it was not included in Epic's catalog of oldies they still sell at Epic Classics site, although the official game pages are still up. So, download the registered version here :)


Xatax is a side-scrolling shooter that doesn't add any revolutionary concept to the genre, but does what it does well: furious action, tons of power ups, endless waves of enemy ships, and well-designed levels. A fun and harder-than-average shooter that bodes well for the fledling company.


Xenocide is a fun sci-fi action game that offers different types of gameplay, from first-person shooter to platformer to overhead action. This PC version is much more obscure than the Apple IIGS version ... in releasing something that doesn't require a lot of effort to produce. Different modes of play increase challenge and take the player longer to master the game, which IS a good thing! ;-)"


Review 1: Xenon was the first game from Bitmap Brothers, a classic vertical shooter that immediately put the small UK outfit on the map. Excellent graphics, catchy soundtrack, and gameplay turned the ... this spaceshooter-like game you can transform into a tank or a spaceship. You have to eliminate all things on your way. The original idea of transforming gives this game something extra to the genre!

Xenon 2

An even better shooter than its original, Xenon 2 is a SHMUP masterpiece from Bitmap Brothers, although this PC version did not sell nearly as well as its Amiga counterpart. Piloting the "Megablaster" ... one of the first game developers to use professional musicians to score their games. Definitely one of the best-looking and most fun SHMUP in PC gaming history, and a must-have for every shooter fan.

Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport

Xenophage is a pretty bad one-on-one fighting game in the same style as Mortal Kombat, although not half as good despite featuring scrolling arenas and some inventive aliens. Games Domain's review says ... and sometimes the game just doesn't register key presses despite how many times I hammer them. If you enjoy playing fighting games just to laugh at its incompetence, then Xenophage fits the bill.


One of the most graphically violent games ever made, XEvil is probably one of a handful of games that manage to be this offensive and controversial and get away with it. The game features an incredibly ... in a humorous light, make this game unsuitable for young children or anyone gullible enough to believe it ;) Otherwise, it's a great game you will get hooked for days, especially in multiplayer mode.


Review 1: A fun little freeware gem from David Bayliss, X-Fighter is a simple top-down shoot-em-up that is deal for a few minutes of simple, clean arcade fun in 4-color graphics. Gameplay can be summed ... good. ;) I recommend this game as one to keep you busy for quite a while, or as a game to just load up when you have a bit of time to spare. It's a gem of a game, download it and see for yourself.

X-Fools: Abduct This!

X-Fools: Abduct This! is a great Shockwave game from Palladium Interactive. This unusual X-Files spoof puts a twist on the familiar kill-all-alien shooter genre. Instead of shooting the aliens, you are ... sharp, the animations are humorous, and the gameplay is very addictive. Definitely one of the best Shockwave games ever made, and a great way to spend those rare 2-3 minute break. Highly recommended!

Xiao Xiao 4

Xiao Xiao series are short, immensely entertaining Flash snippets featuring stick figures who punch, shoot, and maim each other to the death in the true "organized chaos" style of Oriental films. ... and for the many more times it will entice you to replay ;) Note: as a bonus, this download includes all four Xiao Xiao games/movies, from the first Xiao Xiao 1 .AVI movie, to 1.9MB Xiao Xiao 4 game.


Review 1: A simple and entertaining arcade space shooter - at least for a little while as the game quite fast doesn't have much to offer if you are looking for more than random space combat with little ... Star Crusader), Xiphos in the end is similar to Coke: it sizzles for a while, only to fall flat shortly after. A good attempt, but not good enough for either fans of arcade fun or space simulation.

X-Men 2: The Fall of the Mutants

A good action/strategy blend, the RPG-style top-down view in this game is replaced by a side-scrolling view when combat starts. Many strategic elements are still present (choose a hero to disarm traps, ... you can download the scenario editor below to create your own scenarios. The bottom line: if you are fan of the X-Men, or crave a well-balanced superhero RPG/action hybrid, X-Men 2 is a must-have.

X-Men: Children of The Atom

One of the better fighting games for the PC, X-Men: Children of the Atom proves that the PC is indeed a viable platform for fighting games, despite popular opinion. In GameSpot's words: "X-Men: Children ... won't mind for even a second, as they'll be enjoying X-Men's slick visuals and cool character designs and wondering all the while as to why the PC doesn't enjoy more games of this category."

X-Men: Madness in The Murderworld

A great side-scrolling arcade game featuring all the X-Men and their cool powers, Madness in Murderworld pits the team against their arch-enemies Arcade and Magneto in Murderworld, the deadly amusement ... and combat screens, and some puzzle-solving (e.g. find the right key for the door). The game also came with a limited edition comic book that leads up to the action.. and no, I'm not selling mine .

X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse

id Software's perennial favorite Quake has probably seen more unofficial add-ons and enhancements than any other game. Those of you who play on their servers over the Internet are probably familiar with ... With huge single-player missions and a great variety in multiplayer, X-Men: RoA adds literally hundreds of extra hours of gameplay, and breaths a new life into one of the best games of all time.

XSynergy Gate

XSynergy Gate is an outstanding 3D shooter from Sexy Death Entertainment, makers of Die Slave. The game is a vertical shooter that boasts excellent production values, jaw-dropping graphics (especially ... a rolling beach ball instead of a spaceship ;) Still, that's a very minor quibble compared to the excellent graphics and gameplay. If you enjoy quality shooters, XSynergy Gate is simply a must-have.


Xtron is a dead average Space Invaders clone by Keypunch - one of the first commercial clones of its kind. Nothing more to say, really -- if you like Space Invaders, this is a competent clone that will ... collect games of this type, or if you are somehow a fan of Keypunch's games - this is one of the rarest from them. Given the game's lackluster quality, I'm not surprised it is very hard to find ;)

Xwing Fighter

XWing Fighter is a decent BASIC game released by IPCO, the first PC publication, way back in 1982. You are an X-Wing pilot leading an attack on the Death Star - or more specifically, its small unshielded ... in 1982, though, it could be much worse. Worth a look for historical value, but for a really good example of what the PC was capable of back in 1982, play Space Strike or Cosmic Crusader instead.

Yahoo! Balloon Circus

Yahoo! Balloon Circus is yet another small, fun freeware gem from promotional game developer E-Game. Once again, the ties between the product the game promote and the game itself are quite ingeniously ... land the guy on the right spot. As with other E-Game offerings (e.g. Falcon Beertender and Statoil Service Station), Yahoo! Balloon Circus is fast, fun, and strangely addictive. Highly recommended!

Yie Ar Kung-Fu II

Yie Ar Kung-Fu II is a superior sequel to Yie Ar Kung-Fu, one of the first really addictive beat 'em up games. In this second game, Konami adds plenty of new enemies, levels, and attack moves. Although ... for me, though, so be advised if you are a reflexes-impaired gamer like me. Note: the game was never made for PC. This download is the MSX version recompiled to work in DOS with no emulator required.

Yo! Joe!

Yo! Joe! is a nice two-player jump'n run game by Scipio, published by Hudson/Play Byte (Blue Byte). The option for two players to play together is not seen very often in this kind of game, so this differentiates ... to play something with a friend in co-operative mode for a change, but otherwise the single player gameplay isn't addictive enough to keep anyone glued to the screen for hours. Close, but no cigar.


Zap'em is a very lackluster "old skool" shooter from IBM coded in BASIC - one of their most disappointing releases. The description from MobyGames goes as follows: "Zap'em is an action game ... nothing in Zap'em that won't make you miss Defender and other Atari classics afer a while. Not recommended at all, unless you like collecting action games that are made up of only ASCII characters.


The first isometric shooter in my memory brought the arcade's furious action, cool "powerups," and simple fun to the PC. The shadow that the plane casts on the ground is cool, too.I remember ... was difficult to visualize the "3D" of the game because of the limited 4-color palette-- my plane always hit the brick walls because I couldn't line the plant up precisely with the opening.

Zeitgeist (a.k.a. Jupiter Strike)

Zeitgeist is an excellent PC conversion of the Playstation game Jupiter Strike from Taito. First released only in Japan, this English PC port was released around the world by Interplay. Zeitgeist is a ... ship. With excellent graphics and well-designed anime ships and levels, Zeitgeist is a pleasant 3D shooters that should please all fans of the genre, even if the controls take some getting used to.

Zero Divide

Zero Divide is an ambitious 3D fighting game that has a lot of potential that is thoroughly wasted by bad controls and repetitive gameplay. The result is a very average game that beat 'em up fans can safely ... too bad that the actual game is too banal to make the overall game stand out from the crowded. Worth a look for a few minutes, then you will be going back to Tekken or, more appropriately, OMF: 2097.

Zombie Wars

Zombie Wars is the superior and little-known sequel to classic shareware platformer Halloween Harry (a.k.a. Alien Carnage) published by Apogee. The plot picks up where the first game left off: the gang ... at them. Fast, furious and a hell of a lot of fun - this is what great "brain off, autofire on" gameplay is all about. Highly recommended, especially to anyone who likes Halloween Harry.

Zona 0

Zona 0 is a fun puzzle / action game that is a faithful translation of the game "Light Cycle" in the classic movie Tron (this is the game most people think of when they say "a Tron-like ... away a few minutes at a time, although you'll need a lot of perseverance if you want to see the final level, since it is impossible to save your progress. A definite must-have for all Tron fans :)

Zone 66

Zone 66 is a great overhead shooter that takes the genre to another level with 360-degree freedom of movement. Featuring furious gameplay, funky techno soundtrack and plenty of options, Zone 66 is one ... used a preliminary version of his own 386 protected-mode extender "pmode". Unfortunately, due to the extender being an early version, the game is incompatible with all Pentiums and higher.

Zone Raiders

Zone Raiders is a decent 3D futuristic driving combat game that unfortunately doesn't offer anything to set it above Wipeout XL or Quarantine. In the game, you play an independent "Raider" who ... the gameworld in Zone Raiders feels empty and ultimately boring. If you enjoy 3D action games, this lackluster old game may entertain you for a few minutes - until you realize how dead average it is.


Zool and Zool 2 are above-average 2D platformers from Gremlin that are quite obviously ri....err, I mean, "inspired" by SEGA's best-selling Sonic games. Instead of the quirky hedgehog, you control ... some nice ideas. They are decent Sonic-style games, but without the "just one more level" quality. Worth a look if you like cartoon-style platformers, but they are no Top Dog in my opinion.

Zool 2

Zool and Zool 2 are above-average 2D platformers from Gremlin that are quite obviously ri....err, I mean, 'inspired' by SEGA's best-selling Sonic games. Instead of the quirky hedgehog, you control a similar-looking ... title despite some nice ideas. They are decent Sonic-style games, but without the 'just one more level' quality. Worth a look if you like cartoon-style platformers, but they are no top in my opinion.


Zoom! is an interesting Pac-Man clone that ultimately suffers from repetitive gameplay and too difficult levels. Played from an isometric perspective, your goal is to guide a Pac-Man-lookalike as he gobbles ... repetitive gameplay to continue the game. A pity there isn't much more to the game to promote the quite original idea. Two-player mode can't help, either, because the basic gameplay remains the same.


Review 1: Like to play Prince Of Persia? Then you will love playing this game as well. The whole game and interface is based on the same as seen in Prince of Persia. The movements are the same, but the ... will have to wait for a game that truly captures the hero's daring exploits -- this below-average game isn't it. And if you're interested in the film clips, ask your nearest video store instead.

ZPC (a.k.a. Zero Population Count)

ZPC is an original first-person shooter from Zombie that you will most likely either love or hate (I love it, incidentally). If any action game deserves a label "artistic game" (much like The ... recommended, but only to those who are open-minded enough about what a FPS could be, but not to those who are looking for a "Quake killer" type of game. I wish more FPS were this way.


ZugyA is another excellent freeware shooter from Sprite, one of Japan's oldest freeware developing team who was behind Vampire, a great Castlevania clone. Although the game's graphics is not as sharp as ... except for the varying intensity of enemy fire. Still, the novel destroy-the-modules concept and nonstop action will keep the game enjoyable for a long while before you get bored. Highly recommended!

Zyclunt (a.k.a. Blade Warrior)

Zyclunt a fun anime side-scrolling platformer that not many people have heard about, mostly due to it being distributed only in shareware channels. The game is set in a dystopian future: in the year 2002 ... In short, if you are a fan of futuristic action games with a lot of robots (e.g. Mega Man), you will have a lot of fun with Zyclunt even if the odds seem impossible at times. Highly recommended!

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