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Xadlak Plus

Xadlak Plus is a very fun horizontal shooter from Japan, featuring excellent illusion of depth, parallax scrolling, and plenty of cool enemies and backdrops. Despite heavily 'borrowing' from other shooters (most notably Gradius series) and some pixellation of graphics, the game is still highly entertaining and plays flawlessly.

Although it doesn't look as good as many modern hi-res shooters, Xadlak Plus has excellent gameplay and plenty of character. Your ship, for example, comes equipped with the "booster jets," which allows you to jump out of trouble spots. Enemy ships are well-designed, and the "boss" ships are particularly memorable. Power-ups are very neat, especially the ship add-on you can use in the last level. Combine all this with excellent soundtracks, and you have one of the best freeware shmup you'll ever play. The only big downside is that the game is relatively short: there are only 5 levels. But at least you will have a lot of fun as long as it lasts.

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Xadlak Plus screenshot
Xadlak Plus screenshot

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