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H.U.R.L. is an awful first-person shooter that tries to bring the appeal of DOOM-style carnage to kids - by replacing violence with non-violent action, and ugly monsters with cartoony ones. Chris Mullen ... it just didn't come off. There's no real challenge involved , and the whole game feels stilted." Stay away from this Real Dog if you can, unless you really feel like playing every FPS ever made.

Hammer Boy

Hammer Boy is an average arcade game that plays like a cross between Kaboom! and Whack-a-mole. Armed with a big hammer, your job is to prevent the American Indians from reaching the tower behind your fort ... this game for more than a few minutes, except perhaps if you are a fan of the comic book hero this game is based on. Overall, a downright average and even boring old game. Thumbs down for this one.

HaneHane Paradise

HaneHane Paradise is yet another insanely-difficult-but-fun freeware action game from Japan. Derek Yu (of Blackeye Software fame) says it all in his mini-review at TIGSource: "My God, I have never ... 'im before he changes back. And the whole time, this insanely cute music is playing... oh man, I'm getting angry just thinking about it. It's like getting testicular tortion at the circus."

Harald Hardtand

Review 1: A cute little platform game commissioned by toothpaste giant Colgate-Palmolive to promote its Colgate brand, Harald Hardtand stars a tooth (yes, tooth) superhero as he ventures into a certain ... of a Colgate clean your teeth game. As you can see this platform game is set in somebody mouth, focussed on the teeth. You have to get rid of the creatures who will try to molest the persons teeth.

Hard Hat 2: War Ensemble

Hard Hat and Hard Hat 2 are excellent 2D platformers based on robot from CAPCOM's popular Mega Man (Rockman in Asia) franchise. In the author's words, "...the game is a single player game where you ... each level to help out incompetent fans like me. But all in all, both games deserve to be considered part of Mega Man's canon, and are must-haves for every fan of the franchise. Highly recommended.

Hard Hat Mack

Hard Hat Mack is a classic platform game in the style of Donkey Kong or Miner 2049er that deserves much more attention than sales figures suggest. Your objective is very simple: finish building the high-rise ... graphics in all its 4-color CGA glory is more than adequate to convey the frenetic action. A good proof that Donkey Kong is overrated, and a real blast for the past for nostalgic gamers everywhere :)

Hard Hat: The Rebellion

Hard Hat and Hard Hat 2 are excellent 2D platformers based on robot from CAPCOM's popular Mega Man (Rockman in Asia) franchise. In the author's words, "...the game is a single player game where you ... each level to help out incompetent fans like me. But all in all, both games deserve to be considered part of Mega Man's canon, and are must-haves for every fan of the franchise. Highly recommended.

Harrier Attack

Harrier Attack is a great PC remake of an 8-bit oldie of the same name, most popular on the Amstrad CPC platform since it was part of the free software bundled with the computer. You must take off from ... love River Raid or Raid over Moscow, you owe it to yourself to try one of the best shooters of the 8-bit era - now available on the PC for the first time thanks to a fan effort. Highly recommended!

Haunted House

Haunted House is a great fanmade remake of a classic Atari 2600 action game of the same name. Since I fondly remember playing this classic until the wee hours when I was young, this superb SVGA remake ... despite the slow start. Highly recommended, especially to fans of Adventure who can tolerate or enjoy the exploration aspects of action games. Fans of non-stop action should steer clear of this game.

Heart of The Alien

Heart of the Alien is the highly underrated sequel to Out of This World, one of the best PC games ever made. Despite the success of Out of This World on PC system, developer Delphine Software for some ... Heart of The Alien is definitely a must-play for fans of the original. Just keep in mind that it is VERY difficult, and the gameplay is not as sophisticated as later Delphine games (e.g. Flashback).

Heavy Barrel

Essentially the same game as Quicksilver's earlier Guerilla War, Heavy Barrel is your basic top-down shoot em' up game. As in Guerilla War, the game features responsive controls, a lot of enemies, and ... Barrel plays too much like Guerilla War and thus is more of a clone than a new game, and isn't nearly as fun besides. Play it if you like Guerilla War or simply must play every shoot-em-up ever made.

Heavy Metal

Good conversion of Access Software's C64 oldie Heavy Metal. The game covers three different combat vehicles, recreated in three different action games. All three are military shoot'em ups - Access style. ... too exciting, though. Overall a nice game, but don't expect anything simulation-like. It's a pure action game. Start the game with CRACK.EXE after unzipping the crack into the Heavy Metal directory.

Hellfire Zone

Hellfire Zone is a lackluster isometric/first-person shooter that looks and plays similar to Electronic Arts' older Jungle Strike, except not nearly as much fun even though it is much newer. As a pilot ... we have seen it all before, and done many times better. Basically Hellfire Zone is a "poor man's" version of far superior Navy Strike, and adds nothing new to make it more interesting.

Helter Skelter

A fun little action game that plays like Marble Madness meets pinball, Helter Skelter is a ball-rolling game with a simple goal: move the ball to hit moving targets within time limit to win a level. Higher ... big yellow arrow. Simple, yet effective. Although not groundbreaking by any means, Helter Skelter still provides ample fun during that 5-10 minute break when you feel like exercising your reflexes :)

Heroes (1995)

Heroes is an excellent Nibbles clone coded by RealTech, a demo group. Like Nibbles, your goal in the game is to maneuver a small vehicle around the arena, while collecting power-ups and avoiding obstacles, ... The game features 12 original sound tracks, 94 levels (made up of 10 different tile sets), plus an intuitive level editor. If you enjoy Nibbles, Heroes is one of the best remakes you will find.

Heroes of the Lance

Heroes of the Lance, Dragons of Flame, and Shadow Sorcerer are three releases in SSI's series of action/RPG games that are based on AD&D's "Dragonlance" fantasy world. Unlike the "Gold ... a drab palette and interesting storyline (based mostly on novels/modules written by Weiss/Hickman) make this series worth a look by AD&D fans, although RPG fans may find the games too repetitive.

Hi Octane

Review 1: This is a very fast-paced racing-game where your goal is to win (ofcourse), either by sheer driving skills, or by blowing the other drivers to bits with your minigun or your missiles, enough ... the "classic" status of Populous or Syndicate. The game is recommended in multiplayer mode, although the single player mode lacks the longevity to keep anyone entertained for long.

Highway Fighter

Highway Fighter is a very obscure precursor to Highway Hunter, a shareware game from Russia published by Safari and later by Epic MegaGames. Although the game offers the same plot, similar graphics and ... Hunter, you will definitely enjoy this precursor that is much more challenging. I gave up after level three, but I am sure veteran gamers would have no trouble blasting endless enemies. Recommended!

Highway Hunter

Review 1: The spiritual precursor to Safari's more famous shooter Tyrian, Highway Hunter is an addictive, knuckle-blistering shooter that puts you in control of an armed-to-the-hilt car instead of the ... You can shoot bikes and helicopters and all kinds of other stuff. Once in a while you can pick up upgrade-bonusses. The graphics are pretty cool. The gameplay runs smooth; you only use a mouse.

Highway Patrol II

Highway Patrol II is a little-known racing game from Microids that boasts some innovative concepts that are sadly lost in lackluster implementation. As the title suggests, you play a highway patrol officer ... and a repetitive gameplay that consists of chasing the bad guys level after level to shoot their cars. Good for a few minutes' worth of diversion, before you get bored and go back to Quarantine.

Highway Pursuit (a.k.a. Spy Hunter Remake)

Highway Pursuit is a great arcade-style game that takes its inspiration from a number of classic games, but plays most like Midway's classic Spy Hunter - so much so that I have decided to assign this an ... thing to reliving the memory. It's freeware, and it captures the feel of arcade original much better than Spy Hunter 2, Midway's recent 3D remake that the company outsourced to another developer.

Historical League of Bouncy Boxing, The

A clever and skillful use of the Adventure Game Studio adventure game engine, The Historical League of Bouncy Boxing is a cool multiplayer beat 'em up that plays like a cross between The Ancient Art of ... although the game is much more fun (and less predictable) against real human beings. Definitely not only "just a clever use of AGS," but a fun multiplayer action game in its own right.

Holotz's Castle

Holotz's Castle is a neat Lode Runner-style game that combines the key-collecting, hole-hopping fun of Lode Runner with an interesting plot that features some funny dialogues and interesting NPCs. Your ... a level editor, and there already are fanmade levels you can download from the game's official site. Highly recommended, especially to fans of Lode Runner games. Includes additional fanmade levels.

Home Alone

Review 1: Home Alone is fun, for about an hour. Based on the movie of the same name, Home Alone puts you in the place of Kevin, a young boy accidentally left at home alone while his family is on holiday, ... to fans of the movie. Review 3: Home Alone 1 is a game based on the movie. You have to make your house ready for when the thieves are coming. You will need to do some stuff. Nice game. Try it!

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

In this sequel to Home Alone Kevin McCallister has again lost his family, this time in New York City. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, as with the first game, is a faithful adaptation of the hit movie of ... "difficult" setting won't be challenging enough for veteran gamers. Still, the powerful movie license, fun gameplay, and good graphics make it an enjoyable romp-- if only for a short time.


Hoppop'n is a cute and unique anime action game that is strangely addictive despite repetitive gameplay and level design. From the review at Otaku World: "This is one of those strange games that seem ... The fun lies in throwing the right balls at the right time to clear the level. Each new level brings more monsters and more obstacles in your way, so you have to time the throw carefully.

Horde, The

One of few action games that offer an excellent mix of action and strategic elements, The Horde casts you in the role of Chauncey, a lowly serving boy who became a knight after saving the king's life from ... can't afford such time wasters. But overall, The Horde is a fun, addictive underrated gem. Zany humor and many hidden surprises round off one of the best action old games ever. Highly recommended!

Horror Zombies from The Crypt

Review 1: Horror Zombies from The Crypt, as the name implies, is a spooky action-adventure by Millennium. You are Count Frederick Valdemar, and your mansion has been shattered by the arrival of an army ... Don't get caught by any zombie or you will lose a life. Find key's to go through the next sublevel. There is a total of 6 levels to complete. Enjoy the haunted house. Nice graphics, nog very special.

Hostage: Rescue Mission (a.k.a. Hostages)

Hostage: Rescue Mission is a fun game from Infogrames, published by Mindscape in the U.S. As commander of an anti-terrorist squad somewhere in Europe, your job is to rescue U.S. Embassy officials who have ... a la MicroProse's underrated Covert Action, Hostage would be much more replayable and engaging. As it stands, it is still a fun game that becomes boring after you see what the stages are like.


Hotshot is a fun futuristic sport game that plays like a cross between Arkanoid and regular pinball. The object is to score more points than your opponent, by attracting a plasma ball and firing it with ... enjoyed with a friend. Fans of pinball games will like the pinball-style gameplay, although the ball's small size and awkward controls can get in the way. Not a keeper, but definitely worth a look.

House of the Dead 2, The

Review 1: The House of the Dead 2 is a near-flawless PC conversion of the hit arcade game of the same name. The game is a ?rail shooter? like the first game, i.e. you are ?led? by the game down a path ... Dead 2 accomplishes that very well. A little freedom in movement would have been nice, but if you are looking for a game in which all you need do is be fast on the trigger, this may be your game.

House of the Dead, The

The House of the Dead is a "rail shooter" - a kind of game I have not seen before on a PC platform although it is well known for arcade fans. For those of you who aren't familiar with the expression ... gameplay, you may want to try HOTD. If you want a rail shooter with a more varied and longer gameplay, try the sequel The House of the Dead 2 instead. Recommended, but with reservations.


HoverTank is a fun two-player split screen tank battle game, just like Atari's classic Combat, but with better graphics and more power-ups. You start out at either a random or a predetermined location ... a friend on the same computer, but the computer "drones" also put up a good fight. If you like Atari's classic, HoverTank is one of the best fanmade clones you will ever come across.

Huckleberry Hound

Huckleberry Hound is a straight-forward jump'n run by Alternative Software featuring the Hanna-Barbera comic character. It's your solid platform game, as used by other low-budget titles from, eg., Codemasters. ... more contrast between background and foreground would have been nice, decent adlib music by Adam Gilmore and gameplay that should please fans of the genre. Give it a try if you like jump'n run games.


Humphrey is a great remake of one of Ziggurat's best action games that is basically unknown outside Spain. In the remake author's words: "in 1988, Zigurat released a game that ended up being one of ... Spain. Ignacio Gil did a fantastic job converting this game to Windows PC and upgrading the graphics. It is too difficult for me, but expert action gamers should have no problems. Recommended!

Hunt for The Red October, The

A fun action game based on the hit movie of the same name, Hunt for The Red October casts you as Jack Ryan, the CIA officer in the movie who suspects that the USSR submarine Red October is trying to defect ... most of the time. A marginal old game that starts with a great promise that it can't fulfill. A real pity-- go watch the movie instead if you have never seen it-- it is the real old game here :)


Hurdler is a very neat little action game created by KNPMaster and Master Raichu. Your goal, similar to hurdles in track & field, is to jump over obstacles and reach the yellow balloon. You control ... for me, since I (as usual) never get further than a few screens. When all is said and done, though, Hurdler is a fun freeware game that merits a look by all fans of quirky platformers. Recommended!

Huu Baku

Huu Baku is a fun arcade game from Japan that plays like a cross between Lander and Sopwith, with a little bit of strategic element a la Armor Alley thrown in for good measure. The idea is that you control ... too difficult for the reflex-impaired like me), and a semi-original premise that doesn't feel like your typical shooter, Huu Baku is a little-known gem that will keep all action fans entertained.


Hyperoid is an asteroid-game.

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