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Harald Hardtand

Review 1:

A cute little platform game commissioned by toothpaste giant Colgate-Palmolive to promote its Colgate brand, Harald Hardtand stars a tooth (yes, tooth) superhero as he ventures into a certain unhealthy mouth to rid its owner of green germs and other unspeakable monsters that make cavities their home. He shoots-- what else-- Colgate toothpaste, but other than this unique context, the game is not that different from typical jump-and-run platform fare. There are power-ups, extra lives (or teeth, as it were), and tons of germs to exterminate. One novel feature in Harald Hardtand is the radar at the bottom of the screen, which shows the entire level with all the monsters. Since the mouth is quite big, the radar is indispensable for tracking down that last germ which is keeping you from advancing to the next level (mouth). Despite repetitive gameplay and quite boring levels (to paraphrase Gertrude Stein, a mouth, after all, is a mouth is a mouth is a mouth), Harald Hardtand is worth a look for anyone who is bored of cliche games, and is looking for little-known diversions set in unique contexts.

Review 2:

Scandinavian version of a Colgate clean your teeth game. As you can see this platform game is set in somebody mouth, focussed on the teeth. You have to get rid of the creatures who will try to molest the persons teeth.

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