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Caravel DROD

Caravel DROD is a superb - and free - updated remake of the maddeningly addictive Deadly Rooms of Death (aka DROD). For a description of what DROD is, read the review elsewhere on this site. This new 2002 ... DROD, (the one you have right here) which I call "Caravel DROD". Caravel DROD was written almost entirely from scratch, though it looks nearly identical to the original Webfoot DROD."

Card Puzzles

Card Puzzles is yet another excellent freeware card puzzle collection from NZP. This collection, in the author's words, includes "...five clever conundrums with playing cards. Several varieties of ... solution that requires fewer moves - and to stump your friends who have not played these puzzles before. Highly recommended, although the lack of random element makes the game a bit too short-lived.

Card Sharks

A fun game based on oldie TV game show Play Your Cards Right, Card Sharks combines amusing surveys with a lot of luck to create a lively and entertaining half-hour. To gain control of the gameboard, contestants ... Still, the questions are as hilarious as the show, and there are hundreds of them in the game. Recommended for fans of the TV original, but anyone who just wants a good trivia game may want to pass.

Card Spin

Yet another excellent coffee-break game for Windows from NZP of Canada. From the official site: "This clever puzzle will have you spinning cards all night long! The puzzle consists of 9 disks, each ... There are few better ways to take 5-minute break with your computer on than playing these very nice freeware titles - especially if you are a big fan of card and puzzle games, like yours truly.


Carol is a fun competitive puzzler set in Christmas theme that sports commercial-quality graphics, somewhat original gameplay, and very high production values including full Japanese voice acting. The ... There is no time limit here, only the pressure of competition. Excellent anime graphics rounds off this fun old game. You'll have to know Japanese to understand the storyline in story mode, however.

Castle of Dr. Brain

Review 1: This is one of kind puzzle game. Once you enter into dr. Brain's castle after the first puzzle. Many will follow. Walk through his Castle and try to solve the strange and mostly logic mathpuzzles. ... getting the job applied for, is meeting the people who helped to create the game. While the ending may be somewhat anti-climactic, the journey to the end is great fun and well-worth the download.

Castle of Elite

Castle of Elite is a great 2D puzzle game similar to Chip's Challenge. The plot: "You are stuck within the midst of an ancient castle, and you must get out. However, it's not going to be easy. The ... levels with friends via a simple text file. Although the overall game is solid, the secret Jumpman catapults it from solid to excellent in my opinion :) Highly recommended to puzzle buffs everywhere.


Catast is a fun reflex-oriented action/puzzle hybrid that plays like a cross between Breakout, Tetris, and Laser Light. Your job is to move a cute anime creature called Mirmy around the screen, avoiding ... and fun, although the sheer number of blocks may become overwhelming on higher levels when the blocks drop extremely fast. Recommended, especially to Tetris veterans who want a tougher game.

Cat's Eye Chaos

Cat's Eye Chaos is an excellent remake of Logical, Rainbow Arts' unique puzzler that is simple in concept but hard to master. Coded in Blitz Basic, the goal in Cat's Eye Chaos is identical to Logical, ... Logical, it is a lot of fun and as addictive as ever. If you love Tetris-style games where both reflexes and wit are required, this game will provide hours of entertainment. Highly recommended!


Cities is a fun freeware brainteaser for Windows designed by Max Tillberg based on Carcassonne, an inventive board game from Hans im Gluck, a German publisher, published outside Germany by Rio Grande Games. ... to play during your coffee break. If you like abstract puzzle games with no luck involved and no reflexes required, you will have a lot of fun with this underrated freeware gem. Highly recommended!

Classic Basic Games (a.k.a. Best of Creative Computing)

This is a real blast from the past :) Anthony Wood of AW Software has kindly programmed and released, for free of charge, a wonderful Microsoft BASIC interpreter for Windows 95 and above. Included in this ... bring a flood of nostalgia. This interpreter also runs other oldie BASIC games (with *.bas extension) very well too, so feel free to use it for any other BASIC games you have. Highly recommended.

Classic Concentration

Review 1: As the name says it, this is a game based on a TV show - Concentration. Your goal is to flip the cards with the same word on it then guess the puzzle. The first part of the game is very easy, ... are a fan of the show, these two games are must-haves. If you've never seen the show, here's your chance to experience one of the most original game shows ever made that are no longer in production.

Classic Concentration 2

Review 1: One year younger than the first game, CC2 introduces some new words and puzzles. The rest is the same including the graphics and sound. As the name says it, this is a game based on a TV show ... the most original game shows ever made that are no longer in production. Review 3: Looks like a puzzle game where you take part in some sort of memory game and you compete against another player.

Classic Puzzles

Yet another excellent coffee-break game for Windows from NZP of Canada. From the official site: "A collection of 4 classic puzzles. Each puzzle consists of a number of counters placed on a board. ... There are few better ways to take 5-minute break with your computer on than playing these very nice freeware titles - especially if you are a big fan of card and puzzle games, like yours truly.


Clockwerx is a delightful action puzzle game of split-second thought and timing. The plot: someone must journey into the inner workings of the great Clock of the Universe to repair it. The player must ... fields include such obstacles as enemy clock hands, oil globs and spikes. Overall, it's an addictive game that's not for the easily frustrated or for those who hate arcade elements in puzzle games.


Clockwiser is a good PC conversion of an interesting match-the-picture game by Team Hoi, one of Amiga's most underrated publishers. Your objective is to move various elements (these include bricks, bombs, ... in concept as many, but well worth a look for expert gamers. Expert gamers who are willing to squint at tiny blocks for hours on end, to be precise. Recommended, but definitely not for everyone.


Clone is a fun but very little known shareware puzzle game from Antares, published by LaserPoint Software in 1997. Since LaserPoint no longer existed, the full registered version is being distributed as ... puzzle games that never seem to run out of surprises, Clone is a game for you. With 6 huge worlds and a near endless variety of levels, it is definitely one of the best shareware puzzlers ever made.


Similar to an old Milton Bradley board game, Cogito is a nice little puzzle game for Windows in which you must use the vertical and horizontal levers to arrange the pieces to match the given pattern. The number of moves you can make is limited, and levels get difficult very quickly. A fun and potentially addictive diversion for the puzzler in all of us.

Collex Plus!

Collex Plus! is the "definitive" version of A1 Collex, a fun and unique brainteaser. Your goal is to move your box around the board to collect all the numbered boxes in ascending order, as well ... for your puzzle-solving enjoyment. If you like Kye or similar devious puzzlers, this one will challenge and captivate you for hours on end. Highly recommended to puzzle fans everywhere.

Color Buster

Color Buster is a fun and addictive puzzle game that, like all classic puzzle games, is easy to learn but difficult to master. Your goal in each level is to merge color boxes into one but pushing them ... The easy levels soon give way to devious layouts that force you to plan every move-- within frustrating time limits. In all, a great puzzle game for Sokoban fans and puzzle enthusiasts in general.

Color Harmony
Color Lines

One of the most addictive time wasters I've ever come across, GAMOS' Color Lines is a wonderful puzzle game that, similar to Tetris, is very easy to learn but hard to master. The idea, as described on ... master it, unlike "pseud action" games like Tetris. Try it out—you will be pleasantly surprised by one of the best puzzle games ever made, and a wonderful way to waste time at the office ;)

Color Tails
Colorful Notes

Colorful Notes is a clever swap-the-tile puzzle game from Japan. Your goal: join same-colored tiles together by swapping them. There is a catch, though: some tiles cannot be moved, and some others can ... to solve them all, you can create your own by using the built-in level designer. Highly recommended for fans of difficult brainteasers, although be ready to get frustrated at around level 20 or so ;)


Tetris like game. Original.

Columns III: Revenge of the Columns

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Columns III: Revenge of the Columns are two excellent Windows version of SEGA's popular SEGA Genesis puzzle games. The games are both Tetris-style "falling blocks" ... if you have enough gamepads), making the game even more fun. Both games are worthy additions if you are a Tetris or falling-block fan. They are especially fun if you have a friend to play against.

Combination Lock

Combination Lock is an interesting game based on a never-aired gameshow concept devised by John Ricci. The object of the game is to earn the most money in two matches, rob the Vault, and make a safe getaway. ... in 1992, the game has been released into the public domain by its designer and copyright holder John Ricci. So here is your chance to try one of the rarest games and a fun gameshow game. Recommended.

Computer Quiz

Another excellent ASCII game by Scott Miller of Apogee game, Computer Quiz was included on Softdisk's "Big Blue Disk" number 21. Here's a summary of plot and gameplay from the game's instructions: ... with 100 questions, it will take at least a few hours to finish the game. Try all three games in his trivia series (Computer Quiz, IBM Basic Quiz, and Astronomy Quiz) -- they come highly recommended.

Contraption Zack

Review 1: Before Twinsen's Odyssey and long before Alone in the Dark, Contraption Zack is among the first games that successfully combined physical puzzles, action, and adventure elements into a fine ... 2: Puzzle game for the worker :). Zack's tools are taken and you have to find them in the factory. Navigate your way through the levels by walking over big buttons or get thrown by large springs.

Cool Slider
Crack Attack

Crack Attack is a good remake of Nintendo's popular Tetris Attack game, offering both faithful gameplay to the original and LAN capability. If you have never played Tetris Attack, here is the summary of ... be considered the best multi-player Tetris after the advent of TetriNET, but it is still an outstanding and addictve game - especially when played against another human player. Highly recommended!


Review 1: At first glance it would be easy to mistake Creepers for a Lemmings clone. Chunky, colourful graphics, toe-tapping music, levels dotted with pistons, flaming torches and obstacles for a six-pixel ... bugs, Creepers will provide you with hours of entertainment. Review 2: It looks alot like Lemmings. Try to get the creepers 'somewhere' in the field, by using some tools you can use in the level.


CrossCheck is an excellent and very rare PC version of TSR's board game of the same name, designed for 1-4 players. The game is a unique cross between a typical crossword puzzle and Scrabble. Four players ... are quite challenging. If you enjoy crossword puzzles or word games in general, CrossCheck is well worth your time, especially since TSR has long discontinued the board game. Highly recommended!

CrossWorld 2

CrossWorld 2 is a superior sequel to GameTek's little-known CrossWorld, a great crossword puzzle program for DOS. This time, the game engine has been improved for Windows 95, with a clean user interface ... of options, and even a hint feature in case you are stumped, this edition of a little-known gem will delight fans of word games for hours on end - and it works very well on Windows 98 and higher.

CrossWorld: LA Times Edition

CrossWorld: LA Times Edition is a fun and comprehensive crossword puzzle game for DOS. Featuring a whole year's worth of crossword puzzles from LA Times, the game also includes a full-featured crossword ... definitely one of the better crossword puzzle games I've ever come across. If you're a fan of this fun time waster, check out this highly underrated and little-known PC version. Highly recommended!

Crystal Maze

A good multiplayer puzzle contest game based on an underrated British game show in the early '90s, up to 16 players compete in Crystal Maze to be the first to get out of the maze, which comprises various ... which range from wordplay to logic problems to mysteries. Hot-seating is the only way to play the game. Overall, it's a fun and captivating puzzle game, if a bit repetitive and obscure at times.


A nice PC clone of Daleks, classic Macintosh puzzle game. For an explanation of what Daleks is, here's excerpt from my review of DRroboWHOids, an older clone for DOS: "In this game, you must help ... classic Daleks make Cubots among the best conversions of the Mac classic. While the robots are predictable, their sheer number and limited screwdrivers make the game challenging to every puzzle fan.


A fun variation of popular Rubik's Cube, Cubulus features attractive graphics and simple yet potentially addictive gameplay. The goal is simple: use the up and down arrow keys next to each row of colored ... just take turns instead of competing against each other in a split-screen mode. Overall, a fun game that's perfect for fans of Rubik's Cube, but is too derivative to hold anyone's interest for long.

Daily Crossword Puzzles from The New York Times

Daily Crossword Puzzles is a decent but small collection of daily crossword puzzles from the NY Times. The game includes only 15 puzzles, although they are all quite interesting. The interface is clean ... fun diversion, but little else. After you finish this small collection, check out the New York Times website where you can now play daily crosswords for free, as well as subscribe to premium content.

Darwin's Dilemma

One of the most unique and addictive puzzle game I've ever come across but also sadly one of the most obscure, Darwin's Dilemma is slightly derivative of the old Evolution game, but is much more complex ... below - it's the freeware prototype for Darwin's Dilemma, and plays very similar except that instead of evolving critters, you are faced with a variety of icons to push around and transform.


Walk through a maze. Nothing special.


Deflektor is an excellent PC remake of the original (well, back then it was) and difficult puzzle game designed by Costa Panayi first for the Spectrum computers. The idea is to rotate various mirrors scattered ... designs, although the early ones are easy enough to whet your appetite and teach you the basic concepts. Definitely a must-have for every puzzle fan, especially fans of challenging brainteasers.

Diabolika 2

Diabolika 2 is a great sequel to Diabolika, a unique strategy/puzzle hybrid from freeware developer Blackeye Software. More of an update than a true sequel, Diabolika 2 nonetheless remains as fun as the ... like the original, or inventive action/puzzle games in general, Diabolika 2 will get you hooked. With improved graphics and enhanced AI, this is another winning freeware gem from Blackeye Software.

Diamond Balls 3

A nice game where you have to think a lot.


Diceies is a good remake of a little-known puzzler called Palamedes, release only for the NES console. Your objective in this Tetris variant: keep the falling row of dice from reaching the bottom of the ... the spirit of original NES release. If you like falling block games, you will enjoy this fun and relaxing variant that is almost as fun as Bust-A-Move. Recommended, especially as a coffee break game.


One of the better Lemmings-inspired games, Diggers is an interesting cross between Lemmings and The Humans, with a dash of Populous thrown in for good measure. The result is a fun strategy game with a ... and does require tremendous patience to learn the ropes. If you like the game, check out the better sequel called Diggers 2: Extractors, also on this site. Recommended, but with some reservations.

Diggers 2: Extractors

A fun sequel to Diggers, an underrated Lemmings clone, Diggers 2: Extractors is to the original what Lemmings: Chronicles is to Lemmings: it adds more levels, more tools, and more challenge. The overall ... want to try a challenging and time-consuming game, and don't mind an awkward user interface, Extractors is one of the most complex Lemmings games there is. Recommended, but with some reservations.

Dimo's Quest

A fun Chip's Challenge clone with some nice twists, Dimo's Quest continues Boeder's knack at replicating classic games and enhance their play value (their first release was Subtrade: Return to Irata, a ... use) and becomes deadly. These fun elements help make Dimo's Quest a catchy and addictive game. If you like Lemmings games, and especially if you like Chip's Challenge, you'll love Dimo's quest.

Dizzy: Fastfood Dizzy

Review 1: A sort of pacman with Dizzy. You have to eat food instead of dots. The enemies are some ghost wich have each their own personality. The graphics are quite good in game. So download it now! ... pac-man type games then you will prolly like this, and if you're just looking for some time to waste for 15 mins while you wait for your TV program to start then this is prolly the game for you :)

Dizzy: Kwiksnax Dizzy

Spot, Boulder dash, Kwiksnax - pretty much the same. Push boulders and pick up items (bananas, apples, oranges...). Oh, try to avoid those fireballs. They can be very deadly...


Dots for the PC. You can choose the size of the field and then play against the computer. You have different skills possible. The game is fun!

Double Dare

Double Dare is a solid computer version of the not-so-well-known TV gameshow hosted by Alex Trebek. TV trivia buffs might be interested to know that this was Trebek's *first* gameshow, long before rising ... the show, or anyone who's interested in the roots of Jeopardy!. The game, by the way, is much more playable than GameTek's Win, Lose, or Draw which was released in the same year. Highly recommended!

Dr. Horst

Dr. Horst is a polished remake of Dr. Mario, a fun Connect 4 clone for console systems that was never released on the PC. Your objective is to connect four pills of the same color to make them disappear, ... offers 20 levels of fun, any of which you can choose from the beginning. If you enjoy Nintendo's classic puzzler of Tetris games in general, you will like this sparsely designed but effective remake.

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Columns III: Revenge of the Columns are two excellent Windows version of SEGA's popular SEGA Genesis puzzle games. The games are both Tetris-style "falling blocks" ... if you have enough gamepads), making the game even more fun. Both games are worthy additions if you are a Tetris or falling-block fan. They are especially fun if you have a friend to play against.

Dr. Rudy

Dr. Mario clone. Instead of blocks you play with pills and bugs. You have to get at least 4 colours in a row in order to remove the row.

Drain Storm

Drain Storm is a fun puzzle game, except its puzzle structure is much less rigid, meaning it won't make you pull out your hair as often as you did in DROD :) You control the "Effer-vessel," a ... a bit too daunting and frustrating, Drain Storm's more fluid, action-style gameplay will be a refreshing change. Highly recommended to both fans of brainteasers and innovative action games alike.

Drops of Light

Drops of Light is an excellent puzzle game that plays like a blend of classic 15-peg puzzle game, some inspirations from Chinese checkers, and a twist of color physics. The goal: rearrange the photons ... expansion levels from the Internet. Definitely a nice freeware puzzler that deserves a look by all puzzle fans, especially anyone who is tired of Tetris and other reflex-intensive puzzle games.


DRroboWHOids (a name that makes you want to scream at the designer) is a great PC remake of Daleks, a classic UNIX puzzle game that got a new life on the Macintosh as Classic Daleks. In this game, you ... the Daleks to keep moving until either you or all the Daleks have been killed. DRroboWHOids is without a doubt one of the best DOS conversions of a classic Macintosh game. Highly recommended.


DUOtris is a fun Tetris variant that merits attention of fans of falling-block games, even though the interface takes some getting used to. Shockedfrog's thorough review at his site summarizes the pros ... on any puzzle game fan's hard drive, and should also appeal to freeware gamers in general. This update reduces the file size a little bit too, giving you another reason to try out this game."


One of the less exciting shareware games from Webfoot, Dynamite is a decent, if uninspired, clone of Bomberman. Up to 4 players battle each other to the death by strategically laying and detonating bombs ... tiles, for example, and get "stuck" in mud. But these new features can't save Dynamite from being a bland-looking, average Bomberman clone that you will promptly forget after trying it out.


Paganitzu and Chagunitzu is a pair of fun action/puzzle games programmed by Keith Schuler. In both games, your goal is to help a hapless hero go through rooms of puzzles and traps to find treasure and ... successor to Castle Zhagwhar. Scott Miller liked it and had me create the sequel, Paganitzu, for Apogee." Download includes add-on levels and a level editor made by fangroup S&F Productions.

Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is a popular puzzle game that was invented in mid-1980s for the Commodore 64 and other computers, and new versions are continually being made for new systems, including Windows and handheld ... of the other players, so that yours are the only bombs left on the board. This download is one of the first PC versions of this wonderful game. It is freeware, and the computer AI is quite good.

Chain Reaction (Webfoot)

Chain Reaction is a fun Tetris clone from Webfoot Technologies, one of the best shareware developers most famous for fun clones of well-known games such as Breakout!. Interestingly enough, the game is ... infinite. Great 'plasma' animations and incredible soundtrack by Webfoot musician Ariel Gross round off this fun old game you'll spend a lot more time than you'd care to admit ;) Highly recommended!

Challenge of the Ancient Empires

Prologue: Centuries ago, a band of pirates hid important treasures of the ancient world in caverns beneath a desert. Find your way through an intricate maze rigged with booby traps, moving platforms, and ... made this game look very mysterious! They are nice and pleasant to eyes. I also liked music and sounds in this game (ok, maybe the music in ending animation wasn't that good, but the rest...).


Chesshousers is a unique puzzler that unfortunately does not live up to its innovative premise. Although it has a chess theme, the game has little to do with chess: it is, instead, a brainteaser that consists ... or surprise to cheer you up after you play the first dozen levels or so. All in all, a neat idea that could have been realized much better by a far better level designer. A wasted opportunity.

Chip's Challenge

Review 1: More commonly known as the best game in Microsoft's Windows Entertainment Pack series and one of the most innovative games ever made for any system, Chip's Challenge was actually first released ... not have to worry about that aspect of the game. Also, if you fail to complete some level in many tries, you will be offered to skip it. Neat, eh? Highly addictive and fun game. Strongly recommended!

Chuckie Egg: The Next Batch

Review 1: First released in 1985 by A&F Software, Chuckie Egg is one of the most revered Spectrum games ever made, although it was unfortunately never made for the PC. The goal, which is reminiscent ... huge birds who are, apparently, defending their eggs. No matter if you never had a Spectrum or if you never played the original. You should get this version and see the legend once again. Wonderful!

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