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Cat's Eye Chaos

Cat's Eye Chaos is an excellent remake of Logical, Rainbow Arts' unique puzzler that is simple in concept but hard to master. Coded in Blitz Basic, the goal in Cat's Eye Chaos is identical to Logical, which in turn plays like one of Rubik's creations: arrange the order of colored balls to match the required pattern of quartets. You do this by spinning the balls, sending them through rails. Although it looks like a brainteaser, quick reflexes are necessary as the top rail quickly fills with colored balls, which come faster with each new level. This modern remake features 40 levels from the original game, with much-improved graphics and an excellent game menu. Although the game unfortunately does not have the level editor from the original Logical, it is a lot of fun and as addictive as ever. If you love Tetris-style games where both reflexes and wit are required, this game will provide hours of entertainment. Highly recommended!

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Cat's Eye Chaos screenshot
Cat's Eye Chaos screenshot

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