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Chuckie Egg: The Next Batch

Review 1:

First released in 1985 by A&F Software, Chuckie Egg is one of the most revered Spectrum games ever made, although it was unfortunately never made for the PC. The goal, which is reminiscent of Lode Runner, is simple: move the farmer as he collects eggs, while avoiding the birds. But it's the combination of simplicity and eggcellent game play makes Chuckie Egg an epitome of classic arcade games.

Chuckie Egg: The Next Batch is by far one of the best Chuckie Egg remakes for the PC (several other versions exist, including the designer's own DirectX port, as well as Java version). In addtion to 8 levels from the original game, The Next Batch adds 7 more devious new levels, as well as extra levels you will get only after beating all 15. Fans of the original Chuckie Egg and Lode Runner series will find much to like in this polished, highly playable fanmade tribute. Highly recommended!

Review 2:

Most of you weren't even born when original Chuckie Egg was made. It was 1983, the dawn of computer gaming. ZX Spectrum was just born, almost no games were made for it at all... then the legend arrived. Chuckie Egg, probably the best known Spectrum game of all time! And this is a fan-made PC version.

The game is quite simple, but it is incredibly addictive! You have to go through dozens of levels by simply collecting eggs scattered throughout the one screen platform level. In your "important" mission, you will be disturbed by some huge birds who are, apparently, defending their eggs.

No matter if you never had a Spectrum or if you never played the original. You should get this version and see the legend once again. Wonderful!

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