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Dizzy: Fastfood Dizzy

Review 1:

A sort of pacman with Dizzy. You have to eat food instead of dots. The enemies are some ghost wich have each their own personality. The graphics are quite good in game. So download it now!

Review 2:

Fast food dizzy was another of codemasters attempts at milking the dizzy franchise, and man was this one sooo see through or what! It's basically a Dizzy version of Pac-Man with cool cut scenes in the middle of every few stages. There's not any kind of plot to describe as well cos ummm yea dizzy now works in a fast food joint that's inhabited by ghosts... i guess. anyway the graphics aren't anything to boast about. its a refreshing change from the dreary pac-man series that never seems to end (how they have made so many games that are exactly the same apart from a bow or something apples and got away with it is a mystery to me).

If you're into pac-man type games then you will prolly like this, and if you're just looking for some time to waste for 15 mins while you wait for your TV program to start then this is prolly the game for you :)

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Dizzy: Fastfood Dizzy screenshot
Dizzy: Fastfood Dizzy screenshot

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