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Wacky Funsters

Wacky Funsters is a fun tongue-in-cheek game from Tsunami that is entertaining, although lacking in long-term play value. There is even a semblance of a plot: King Wacky of the Funsters gaming realm has ... after a while, you'd wonder whether this empire is worth saving after all. Fun for a few minutes, until you discover the much better sequel Geekwad Games of the Galaxy or Bloodlust's action games.

Wandering Fighter

Wandering Fighter is a cool Japanese-style platformer from Miguel "MIG2" Perez, maker of Castlevania-inspired gems including Lost Valley. Although Wandering Fighter is neither as long nor as ... Wandering Fighter will be like a fun trip down memory lane. Recommended, although beginners to the genre should be prepared to replay it many times: it is much harder than your average platformer.

War Encounter

War Encounter and Starship Tactical Combat Simulator are two excellent fanmade space combat games set in the Star Trek universe. STCS is more of a tactical simulation while War Encounter an action game ... sport crisp, clear graphics that make it easy to tell different races' ships apart from each other. Whether you are an action gamer or space commander, take your pick from this pair of fun old games.

War Gods

War Gods is a shoddy 3D fighting game that is similar to Mortal Kombat -- but unfortunately only in the gore department. With a lot of violence, blood, and gross "fatalities" attacks, War Gods ... caliber of Virtua Fighter games. Stay away unless you are a masochist fighting fan or really want to see what Mortal Kombat done in 3D (minus the fun) would look like. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Wargasm is a fun but a bit too short 3D action game in the same vein as Incoming, except with authentic military trappings that fans of DID's hard-core flight sims can expect. Peter Smith of CD Magazine ... of a game, delightful in small doses but it gets a bit monotonous with time. But until then, it's great fun and recommended to gamers who don't need six months playing time out of every title."


Well, this is the simple, shareware (but full) version of Warhead, made by Brian C. Lowe and Eric Lee Steadle. The game is a bit like paratrooper, except this one has more color and seems more fun to play. ... 4 seconds before the bomb actually gets to that spot. It's a simple, fun game. Actually, not really one you could play for hours, not even 15 minutes, but it's nice for a wingame from around '91!

Warhead (from Activision)

One of the most underrated Elite-inspired space combat games ever made, Warhead is a cult classic Atari ST game published by Activision in 1989. The plot: Earth is being attacked by Sirius-5, and your ... the excellent Independent War (a.k.a. I-War) series. I-War's realistic space combat and Newtonian flight model have roots in this wonderful classic that unfortunately was never ported to the PC.


Watman is a great remake of Batman, a classic 1986 action/adventure hybrid released only for the Spectrum computer, designed by Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond and published by OCEAN. The original Batman ... remains intact. Definitely one of the most faithful and best remakes I have ever seen, and like the original, Watman is well worth a look by Batman fans and fans of unique action/adventure hybrids.

Weird Dreams

Review 1: Weird Dreams is a very original surrealistic action/puzzle hybrid that is frustratingly difficult. The premise is strange but simple: you are a hospital patient, being put to sleep during a ... Some kind of strange puzzle game which has a variety of strange looking levels. As a matter of fact you play the games in your subconscious, which explaines a bit the strange kind of levels you play.

We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story

We're Back: A Dinosaur?s Story is among a handful of games based on movie licenses that break the trend: the game is actually better than the movie. While it doesn't rival the best of Disney's platform ... 3D sprite scaling in games of this kind. In short, this is one of Hi-Tech's better efforts, and well worth a look for everyone interested in the movie or fun, not-too-difficult cartoon platformers.

West Adventure

Released between Panda's Sango Fighter 1and 2, West Adventure is a fun fighting game based on Xi You Ji ("Pilgrim to the West" in English)-- one of China's most popular literary epics that tells ... entourage that comprises a monkey, a pig and a tortoise, each with unique powers. As one of these disciples, you must fight evil minions along the way to India. A lot of fun in 2-player VS mode :)


Westphaser is a very nice Operation Wolf-style shoot'em up by Loriciel set in a Wild West scenario. Gameplay is simple: shoot targets as they appear on screen. Shooting innocents will penalize you, while ... various targets, smooth animations, and many surprises throughout the level. Great fun, especially if you enjoy mindless shooting games. Too bad the great Amiga music is missing in this PC version.


Whizz is a colorful isometric platform game that lives up to Flair's usual graphics standards, although unfortunately lacking in playability. You are Whizz, a cartoon rabbit who must quickly negotiate ... Once the "wow" effect of bright graphics wears off, we are left with a mediocre action/puzzle game that might appeal to the action crowd, but without any ingenuity or long-term play value.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

An average game based on the equally average Disney movie, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a 3-part action game that follows the movie's plot: cartoon rabbit Roger is framed for murdering Marvin, the gag king, and is now on the lam. Overall, the game is a fun diversion, but for a short while only. Awkward controls and sub-par graphics add insult to the injury.

Wild Streets

Wild Streets is an average side-scrolling arcade game-- no more, no less. Characters are cardboard cutouts, graphics is below average, and fight animations are unconvincing. The hero (a cop in this case) ... your panther take care of them. Titus is never known for excellent games, but with uninspired graphics, lack of variety, and hordes of same enemies over and over, Wild Streets is one of their worst.

William's Arcade Classics

This is one of the best compilations ever released. You get 6 of the best arcade games of yore: Defender, Defender 2, Joust, Sinistar, Bubbles, Robotron, plus a very nice front end to the games. The look, sound, and feel of the arcade are captured to perfection, and you can also re-configure controls (joystick or keyboard) to your heart's content. Reminds me of countless quarters I used to spend in the arcade :)

Willi's Pinball

One of the earliest promotional games by ComAd, developed for Germany's software superstore bhv in 1992. Willi's Pinball is an okay pinball game with the same trappings as most other pinball games, except ... other pinball games. Sure, it's free, but a lot of freeware are far better coded than this as you can tell from the site ;) Not recommended, unless you simply must have every pinball game ever made.


Willow is an oldie action game based on LucasFilm's fantasy movie of the same name starring Val Kilmer. Not a classic, but an interesting movie conversion with some nice ideas. The game faithfully follows ... other sections just aren't as much fun. Recommended only if you're a fan of the movie. For a better conversion, though, play the RPG of the same name that CAPCOM released in 1989 for the NES instead.

Willy the Worm

Jump and pick up packages. Looks a bit like Janitor Joe.


WinDepth is an excellent modern fanmade version of Atari's classic Depth Charge submarine-sinking game. The idea is simple: you control a battleship that drops depth charges from the surface to destroy ... charge accurately to trigger an awesome chain of explosions that will destroy them all with one hit. Crisp and colorful graphics round off this excellent fanmade remake that you shouldn't pass up.

Wing Commander: Armada

Wing Commander: Armada is Origin's answer to the wishes of many Wing Commander fans: the blend of multi-player head-to-head action and strategic elements in the race to conquer the galaxy. Beginning with ... Kilrathi. Overall, it's a great addition to the famous series that appeals equally to action gamers who like some planning in their game, and strategy gamers who don't mind some arcade skirmishes.

Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga

One of the best gaming compilations ever made that unfortunately attracted too little attention, Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga is a great package that contains the first 3 games in Chris Roberts' mega-hit ... Commander: The Kilrathi Saga delivers true classics that are watershed in the crowded space combat arena. Don't call yourself a space action fan if you have never played these amazing classics :)

Winged Gear

Winged Gear is a fun top-down 2D "arena shooter" from Japan. Your goal is simple: clear each room of enemies within the allotted time before moving onto the next. The graphics is crisp, the animation ... game is well worth a look. I gave up after room #25 or thereabouts, but that is probably just because I'm terrible at this kind of games - no matter how much I want to see the ending :) Recommended.


Yet another excellent shooter from Japan, Winglancer is a "retro-style" vertical shooter from ZAP, who updated his own game for the MSX computer to work on modern Windows PC. Nothing special ... skool' shooters out there, although enemy patterns are a bit too recognizable after a few waves. Recommended if you enjoy shooters, especially ones that hark back to the golden days of 8-bit gaming.

Wings of Fury

Review 1: World War II. Pacific. The Americans and Japanese are fighting for domination of the seas. You have just been recruited and the days of glory are ahead of You... One of the best flight games ... plane without using slowdown programs for this one). It's still a great game, but only for the few minutes or hours that it will take you to see all five missions. Top dog, with some reservations.


Wingstar is a relatively obscure vertical shooter from InterActive Vision, a small Denmark-based developer of action and flight sims with roots in ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. The plot in this sci-fi ... and outstanding ship and background design, down to little insignia details on enemy ships. With 5 different skill levels, Wingstar should keep every shooter fan glued to the screen for hours on end.

Wire Hang Redux

Wire Hang Redux is a great fanmade remake of a great Java game called Wire Hang. In this amazingly addictive coffee break title, your job is to help anime heroine named Rinrei-chan climb as high as possible ... gameplay, Wire Hang Redux is a wonderful and accurate Windows version of a hit Java game. If you enjoy small, addictive action gems, this game will likely remain on your hard drive for years to come.

Wire Robo

Wire Robo is a fun and unique shooter that plays like a cross between a regular vertical SHMUP and Wire Hang Redux, reviewed elsewhere on this site. Instead of piloting a ship, in this game you control ... Superb background art and excellent music and sounds round off this neat game from Japan. Recommended, especially to anyone who likes difficult shooters that are a departure from the norm.

Wizard of Wor

Wizard of Wor is an excellent remake of Midway's hit arcade game of the same name. The idea: one or two players move around a variety of line-drawn mazes shooting the creatures that wander within. Eliminating ... are new graphics that aren't present in the original, as well as a neat doorway system and many more devious mazes. If you enjoy a good arcade game, you definitely must play this faithful remake.


Review 1: One of the most original games ever. The C64 version of Wizball is definitely an all-time classic. Sadly the PC version is nearly unplayable on modern computers, even with a slowdown utility. ... but to achieve that he has to go through 8 levels, fighting whoever he encounters. A pretty original and interesting concept of controlling a huge ball as it bounces and fires at enemies it sees.


A much-improved sequel to Commodore 64 platform classic Wizball, Wizkid deviates from the original in many ways. The screen no longer scrolls around a level, and Wizkid cannot bounce around like his predecessor. ... is still a very special, unique game that would appeal to anyone looking for a unique action/puzzle/adventure blend. Beware of extreme difficulty in the later stages, though. Highly recommended!


Wkobo is a superb fanmade remake of Xkobo, one of the best freeware games for Linux systems. Like Xkobo, Wkobo is a fast-paced multiway scrolling space shooter similar to a cross between Raiden and Asteroid. ... I have seen for action fans. There is even a neat little radar screen you can use to track where enemy ships are coming from. Highly recommended, especially if you enjoy simple-but-fun shooters.

Wolfenstein 3D

Review 1: If you were to make a list of truly legendary games, Wolfenstein 3D would surely have to be in it! It is the father of all present-day FPS games. You are in control of an American agent trapped ... laboratories, mazes and overcome the Nazis ability to revive dead soldiers. This classical title enhanced the FPS genre, prequel to great classics like Doom, Quake, Duke 3D and many more.

Wolfenstein 3D: Mortal Kombat Edition

Aside from creating a whole new genre all to its own, id's frag-fest classic Wolfenstein 3D inspired many "unofficial" versions made by dedicated fans. This Mortal Kombat Edition is among the best of these fan-made versions, featuring opponents from fighting classic Mortal Kombat, each with his or her patented moves.

World War II (a.k.a. Who Dares Win 2)

Aaah, those were these days.... Here is a true gem for all you oldtimers who, like myself, have started gaming back when ZX Spectrum or Commodore's C=64 were state of the art. World War II is an amateur ... than ~PII 233 Mhz - so make sure to have a slowdown utility at hand. The good news is that it will most likely run from within Windows. Here you go Marine: Save your country and rescue the hostages!

Wrath of Earth

One of the most unknown, underrated games ever made, Wrath of Earth is a fun futuristic FPS with quite a few innovations that are rarely seen in today's 3D-accelerated games. You play either a male or ... is a solid FPS that is highly recommended to anyone who likes action games. It unfortunately got very little attention when first released, owing largely to lack of marketing and shareware status.

Wrath of The Demon

In early 1990s, Readysoft released a number of animated action games that became instant hits on the Laserdisc platform, although their PC counterparts suffered poor sales in comparison. This is by no ... that wasn't based on Laserdisc arcade game. Well worth a look, especially since it's much more interactive than later bloated "animation extravaganza" that are masqueraded as games.

Wrath of The Sea King

The latest Bloodlust game is an excellent mix of shooting, puzzle and reflexes. The new hero is an adventurer called Dust, who in 1899 started to search for a cure to what he considered his worst curse: ... you will be rewarded, being able to see the entire ending - and, believe me, it's worth the effort. The real challenge is finding the way of dying the less possible times. So, very good replay value.


Wreckers is a fun isometric action/adventure game that features innovative multiple-level map, the ability to choose multiple characters to control, and fun gadgets to find and use. The game starts on ... you glued to the screen. It's not Top Dog material, but it comes very, very close. Note: The manual link below is the PDF version of the excellent novella by Rupert Goodwins that came with the game.

Wunda Flossy

Wunda Flossy and Ork Attack are two quality entries in One Switch Competition. (Actually, Ork Attack was not finished in time for the competition, but it was the author's intent to enter). Wunda Flossy ... spanning 4 levels, a bonus minigame between levels, 2 bosses, and a lot of blood. Both games are well-designed coffee-sized games that are perfect diversions between more serious gaming sessions.

WWF: European Rampage Tour

Review 1: I never liked WWF much so the rating might be too harsh for some of you. Anyway, the usual wrestling-fighting game with a rather hard controls and not so good graphics. Control one or two fighters ... Wrestlemania, which surprisingly sold quite well (perhaps proving my theory about how fanatical WWF fans can be). If you want a good wrestling game, Micro League Wrestling 2 is a much better choice.

WWI Medic

WWI Medic is a fast-paced, unique, and violent action game. In contrast to most other games set in world wars, your objective in WWIM is not to take lives but to save them: as a field medic, your goal ... it lacks the quality that makes simple arcade games like Robotron: 2084 so replayable. A good and unique coffee break game overall, but don't expect to be able to enjoy it many times in a row.

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