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Wolfenstein 3D

Review 1:

If you were to make a list of truly legendary games, Wolfenstein 3D would surely have to be in it! It is the father of all present-day FPS games. You are in control of an American agent trapped inside a Nazi prison. Your task is simple - shoot the guards, get keys and find your way to the elevator. As you progress through the levels you will acquire some new weapons and encounter new enemies. Not spectacular, but it keeps the game remotely interesting. The scenery is pretty authentic: pictures of Hitler, swastikas and German WW2 symbols will follow you throughout the game. As for the graphics, considering that this was probably one of the first 3D engines with textured surfaces, I'd say they are almost revolutionary for the time. The game is not truly 3D, but it gives you an impression that you are moving in real space. Bear in mind that this game runs smoothly on a 386. The sounds are also great: Background music creates a wonderful mood, and the Nazi guards' shouts will certainly startle you from time to time. Strafing wildly around a room and knocking down guards with a Schmeisser will probably provide you with some fun.

Review 2:

Wolfenstein 3D is the first real first person shooter. You can calmly say, that this is the game who started it all.

You play the role of William Blazkowicz, a real action fan who has the mission of discovering the Nazi plans of creating the perfect army. Ohh yeah, while at it, you will have to kill as many Nazis as possible. Even the thought of that is enjoyable.

You will have to find your way through secret passageways, laboratories, mazes and overcome the Nazis ability to revive dead soldiers.

This classical title enhanced the FPS genre, prequel to great classics like Doom, Quake, Duke 3D and many more.

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