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Wunda Flossy

Wunda Flossy and Ork Attack are two quality entries in One Switch Competition. (Actually, Ork Attack was not finished in time for the competition, but it was the author's intent to enter). Wunda Flossy finished second, and I'm sure had Ork Attack been finished in time, it would have placed in the top 5 as well.

As one-key games, both games are extremely easy to learn: you need to press only one key in the whole game. In Wunda Flossy, your job is to guide a cow named Flossy across the landscape, avoiding obstacles and collecting enough coins to clear the each level. There are multiple difficulty levels to choose from, and the game has plenty of humorous elements reminiscent of Llamasoft's classics like Yak Attack.

Ork Attack is not an original game but a superb remake of an oldie Amiga freeware game of the same name, which seems to have been inspired, in turn, by Activision's classic Kaboom!. Your goal here is to drop rocks from the rampart to kill the climbing orcs before they get to you. The game features 7 stages spanning 4 levels, a bonus minigame between levels, 2 bosses, and a lot of blood. Both games are well-designed coffee-sized games that are perfect diversions between more serious gaming sessions.

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Wunda Flossy screenshot
Wunda Flossy screenshot

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