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Wire Hang Redux

Wire Hang Redux is a great fanmade remake of a great Java game called Wire Hang. In this amazingly addictive coffee break title, your job is to help anime heroine named Rinrei-chan climb as high as possible in the sky - to get high scores, in other words. You do this by clicking the mouse button at the right time to make Rinrei-chan throw an expanding "electromagnetic wire" that attaches to the platform above her, and swings her over. Your only goal is to get as high as possible before Rinrei-chan falls off the bottom of the screen (because you don't shoot the wire in time, or it misses the platform) in which case it's game over.

Like all great coffee break games (UrthWurm and Kick-Ups come to mind), Wire Hang Redux takes only a few seconds to learn, but hours to master. The trick is to wait at just the right moment to shoot the wire, because that's when you can get the most "push" (think of a taut rubber band that's been stretched as far as possible) that propels Rinrei-chan upward. Since the platforms come in different shapes and you never know where the next one will appear, you also need to aim the wire precisely. Rinrei-chan can collide with either side of the window, in which case she bounces off - this makes the game somewhat easier because you only need to worry about her falling down the window, not to the sides. As you climb higher, the width of platforms begins to shrink, therefore making the game more difficult.

With attractive graphics, solid underlying physics engine, and addictive gameplay, Wire Hang Redux is a wonderful and accurate Windows version of a hit Java game. If you enjoy small, addictive action gems, this game will likely remain on your hard drive for years to come.

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Wire Hang Redux screenshot
Wire Hang Redux screenshot

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