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Cadaver is a fun isometric puzzle/adventure game from Bitmap Brothers. The first non-action Bitmap Bros. game, Cadaver lives up to the company's reputation of producing games with detailed graphics, addictive ... than games that 'force' you to only interact with objects in a certain way. That said, it's one of my favourite games ever, on any platform and if you haven't had a look, you really should!"

Cadaver: The Payoff

The Payoff was released in 1991 as an "expansion disk" to Cadaver, a fun puzzle/adventure/action hybrid from Bitmap Brothers. The game picks up right where Cadaver left off, offering additional ... ever games and apparently it's all written using a special game language. Just to make it clear - you need the original Cadaver 'Game' disk. Cadaver: The Payoff just replaces the 'Levels' disk."

Calixto Island

In mid-1980s, a small company called Mark Data Products released 6 parser-based graphic adventure games similar to early Polarware and Scott Adams titles. While the games are reasonably successful on Tandy's ... experience a forgotten past of the early days of adventure gaming. All are recommended, but if you want the best of the bunch, I highly recommend my personal favorites: Trekboer and Calixto Island.

Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

A wonderful adventure on all counts and one of the most humorous games I've ever played, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, like Spider Robinson's gentle sci-fi novels it was based on, is chock full of devilish ... inventive puzzles, and very well-written plot, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon is simply a must-have for every adventure game fan, and a sheer delight for fans of wordplay and other linguistic pastimes.


Calsoon is a short but sweet freeware adventure game from GASPOP Software. The story goes as follows: "Tork is a perfectly normal guy, well, almost normal at least. He loves to collect underwear. ... Ultimerr, it's got plenty of charm and fun puzzles to keep you entertained. Don't expect an epic by any means, but for a relax evening with traditional adventures, Calsoon fits the bill. Recommended.

Calsoon 2

Calsoon 2 is a funnier, bigger, and better sequel to Calsoon, GASPOP's entertaining but very short fanmade point-and-click adventure. As in the first game, poor Tork (a man with an unconventional hobby ... appear. Overall, Calsoon 2 is a fun freeware game that's well above average, even if it doesn't have the same caliber as Pleurghburg. Well worth a look if you enjoy point-and-click games.

Cap'n Magneto

Definitely among the best black and white shareware game ever made for the Macintosh, Cap'n Magneto is a fun adventure/RPG hybrid by Al Evans. You play Lance Magneto, an intergalactic ranger who is tasked ... Cap'n Magneto remains as much fun today as it was over a decade ago. Highly recommended, especially to Infocom fans who are disappointed with their lackluster RPG/adventure hybrid called Quaterstaff.

Captain Blood

Don't let the dismal 1995 CD-ROM remake of this game fool you-- Captain Blood became an instant classic when it was first released for the Atari ST. Similar to many other sci-fi classics such as Elite ... and setting. The adventure portion is non-linear, as there are many randomly-generated planets to explore. The interface takes a while getting used to, so make sure you read *the manual* carefully.

Castle Adventure

Review 1: A nice little Roguelike game. Unlike most games of that type it doesn't go into the RPG direction, but more towards a classical text adventure. Calling the parser anything but poor would simply ... game, and the subsequent Keypunch re-release (with name changed to Golden Wombat) that was illegally included in Keypunch's Swords and Sorcery commercial release without the author's consent.

Castle Elsinore

The Phantom's Revenge and Castle Elsinore are two early piece of IF that are of very little value except for its age . The Phantom's Revenge is riddled with below-average writing, inane puzzles, and inflexible ... wannabe that falls far off the mark. Castle Elsinore is slightly better than its cousin due to a more coherent plot, but still bogged down with obscure puzzles. Underrated, yes, but not by much :)

Castle Ralf

One of the early shareware text adventures, Castle Ralf is a fun dungeon romp first released in 1987. The official blurb of this funny but very difficult game: "...When the drawbridge crashes into ... is displayed in the bottom right corner, and constantly updates as you explore. If you are looking for a harder and funnier fantasy text adventure than Zork, Castle Ralf is well worth your time.


CIA is a below-average BASICA game distributed only among IPCO members. Due to limitations of the BASIC language and early 1980 hardware, the game amounts to little more than a quirky piece of PC nostalgia. ... a partner (the computer). By entering two word commands, you can tell the computer what to do in order to explore your surroundings and find clues. Good luck, and don't let Chaos catch you!"

Circuit's Edge

Circuit's Edge is an atmospheric, well-written game based on "When Gravity Fails," an excellent sci-fi series by George Effinger about the Budayeen-- a small corner of Morocco notorious for violence, ... are also fighting sequences in the game, most of which doesn't further the plotline but add action and atmosphere. Overall, Circuit's Edge is a must-play for all cyberpunk fans- highly recommended.

Cirque de Zale

Cirque de Zale is a fun snack-size adventure game from Rebecca Clements that is reminiscent of Monkey Island in all respects: wacky sense of humor, polished graphics, and fun puzzles. Created with Adventure ... you will have so much fun you won't notice :) For anyone who misses early Monkey Island games, Cirque de Zale is a delightful "old school" adventure game that pays homage to that classic.

City of Lost Children, The

One of the worst games I have ever played, City of Lost Children is a completely uninspired and incrediblye bad computer adaptation of a cult classic movie of the same name. How bad is the game? Games ... look at.... run, very fast, in the other direction and spend your gaming dollars elsewhere. This game is best left "lost"." You have been warned - play this Real Dog at your own risk.

Clue!, The (a.k.a. Der Clou!)

Review 1: The Clue! is an original mix of adventure and strategy. You are Matt Stuvysant, a young criminal wannabe trying to strike it rich in London... through robbery. Adventure elements include talking ... and make money!!! All by all a good and a very amusing story. The graphics are good, sounds are ok, gameplay is good and the game is VERY addicting (trust me). A good game, really worth the download.

Complete Kroz Series, The (a.k.a. Kingdom of Kroz)

First published by Softdisk in 1987, Kingdom of Kroz is the game that launched Scott Miller's career as famous founder of shareware giant Apogee. The game's claim to fame is well chronicled in Apogee FAQ: ... Kroz 2, Castle of Kroz, Caverns of Kroz, Caverns of Kroz 2, Dungeons of Kroz, Dungeons of Kroz 2, Return to Kroz, Temple of Kroz, The Final Crusade of Kroz, and the rare The Lost Adventures of Kroz.

Computer Novel Construction Set

Arguably the world's first commercial text adventure authoring program for IBM PC, Hayden's Computer Novel Construction Set is a surprisingly versatile program that lets non-programmers create stand-alone ... than later freeware program Adventure Game Toolkit (AGT), although it is still largely limited by verb-noun construct. Here's hoping that we may soon see some new IF written using this early tool :)

Conquests of Camelot

Peel off ye olde shrink wrap. Open up ye olde box and prepare for ye olde adventure! Conquests of Camelot gives you the chance to live out the artherian legend and save camelot from certain destruction. ... the religious babble in the game made it difficult to understand exactly what the puzzles required. If you're a collector or love the era grab this game, otherwise you may be a little dissapointed.


One of my most favorite Magnetic Scrolls games (alongside The Pawn) and one of the best games ever made, Magnetic Scrolls' Corruption marks a departure for the company in many ways, all for the better. ... includes a cassette tape (included as sound files in the manual download below), are also some of the best ever made. Definitely a must-have for all die-hard IF fans, and remember: trust no one.

Cosmic Spacehead

Cosmic Spacehead is a decent arcade adventure drawn in the illustration style of the 1950s (TV's The Jetsons comes to mind). Bright graphics, a simple point-and-click interface for the adventure elements, ... to action fans who are interested to try out the adventure genre, or adventure fans who like a lot of action in their games. Die-hard action and adventure fans should look elsewhere for their fill.

Cosmology of Kyoto

One of the most unique and thought-provoking games ever made, Cosmology of Kyoto is a fascinating tale of religion, history, and superstition that ranks among the least-known old games of all time. The ... CD-ROM games on the site (yes, that big zip file contains the whole CD). A must-have, especially for anyone looking for a mature, meditative game that is a far cry from today's superficial releases.


Review 1: Countdown is one of those games that could have been great, but turned out not-so-great and is now largely forgotten because of it. You play a secret agent who has lost his memory and find ... amnesiac trying to escape the asylum and find your true identity. Overall, a fun game that's been overlooked by many people, despite frustrating puzzles, time limit, and some downright bad dialogues.

Crack of Doom

Review 1: The third and final game in the Lord of the Rings trilogy game series from Melbourne House. Crack of Doom is a bit different than the other games because you can only control one character ... at the memorable Ring forging scene. A great game in all respects, except for the fact that unlike earlier games you are restricted to playing one character (Sam the Hobbit) this time around.

Crash Garret
Crime City

Review 1: Your father, a private investigator, has been arrested and charged with the murder of his freind. Althought the police have closed the case, you are adamant your father is innocent, and set ... must manage your time and money very carefully-- each action takes time, and travel costs money). Lots of text in this game provide for hours of fun sleuthing despite amateurish graphics and sound.

Crime Time

Yet another casualty of the "good idea, bad execution" syndrome, Crime Time has an interesting (if overused) plot: framed for a murder and trapped in a hotel with a friend, you must find the ... (in which you cannot click on anything on the graphics screen and must select words from the menus), sub-par writing, and average puzzles make this a game that's not underrated by a wide margin .

Cruise for a Corpse

Review 1: Agatha Christie - type murder mystery set on a cruise ship in the 1920's that has people dropping dead all over the place while the player has to be at the right place at the right time to ... mostly due to its great atmosphere and interesting plot. If it weren't for extreme pixel-hunting, some bugs, and absurd writing (it was translated from French), it would be a truly great game.

Cubert Badbone, P.I.

Cubert Badbone, P.I. is a fun freeware point-and-click adventure game that more than makes up for its short length with spot-on Noir-ish humor and style. The charming plot goes as follows: you play Cubert ... is well worth your time. I had fun for the 4-5 hours it took me to complete it (including some minor pixel-hunting headaches), and I'm looking forward to the hopefully longer sequel. Recommended!

Curse of Enchantia

Review 1: Curse of Enchantia is a graphic adventure game with an icon-based interface. Lil' Brad didn't believe in witches until he met one. The evil hag torments the fantasy land of Enchantia, and has ... more than ensure that the game would remain unseen from the eyes of most players. If you want to play a decent adventure from the house that Lara made, try Universe instead. Proceed at your own risk.


Matthew Murray's short review of this underrated Infocom game: "An adventure game with an objective much different than that of typical adventure games, Cutthroats was a treasure hunt of a unique ... day than Infidel (though it is not as hard), Cutthroats is worth playing." Not one of Infocom's best games, but still a much better release than most other commercial IF games of that era.

Chamber of the Sci-Mutant Priestess

A true cult classic, this is an original, weird adventure in the best tradition of Exxos (maker of the equally weird Captain Blood and Purple Saturn Day). I gave up trying to summarize the wacky plot-- ... use items in your inventory. Still, the original plot, great atmosphere, and fun sci powers make up for the game's extremely short length. Recommended, but only to novice adventurers or Exxos fans.

Chewy: ESC from F5

Chewy is a fun but sadly unknown cartoon adventure in the style of LucasArts' classic Day of the Tentacle but with plenty of charms on its own. You play Chewy, a cute little alien (and very pink) who is ... puzzles, while not as creative as in DOTT, are quite zany (along the way you must capture a ghost, and write a best-selling novel) and fun to solve. Overall, a fun adventure that shouldn't be missed.


Chimaera is a fun text adventure that accomplishes a feat that very few - if any - adventure games can claim: offers a coherent and complete adventure with infinite replayability. Think of treasure-hunting ... Colossal Cave as a dungeon romp. A fun, interesting, and very unique release in the short history of text adventures - even if you may not be compelled to play it more than once. Highly recommended!


Before the phenomenal Sanitarium, Dreamforge designed this sci-fi adventure that's sadly not better known despite getting good reviews. Based on the works of seminal sci-fi master Roger Zelazny, you are ... a "die-hard" adventure game fan who loves challenging puzzles and innovative plots, you owe it to yourself to try one of the best - and most underrated - adventure games ever created.

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