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Clue!, The (a.k.a. Der Clou!)

Review 1:

The Clue! is an original mix of adventure and strategy. You are Matt Stuvysant, a young criminal wannabe trying to strike it rich in London... through robbery. Adventure elements include talking to other people for clues on potential targets and recruiting accomplices and getaway car drivers, while strategy involves planning every detail of the burglary, including escape route and more. Great game overall, but difficult due to the wealth of information and names you must keep track of. Still, if you like adventure games that successfully combine elements from other genres, or just unique games in general, The Clue! is a must-play that will keep you entertained for dozens of hours.

Review 2:

You're dropped in a town with few money on you. You get out of the railroad station and call for a cab. TAXI!!! The cab driver opens the door for you and is happy to tell you that you're his 10,000 customer, so you get one year of free driving. Well, that's cool, that way you don't have to spend any money on driving through this god-damned town. Then, it becomes clear what you're doing here. You sign in in a hotel and after that, you will get your first assignment. You have to rob some kiosk a few miles out of town. You're going to take a look at it and especially: you watch how many police patrouilles pass at what time. Then, you make your plan, someone gave you a get-away vehicle (wow...) and the next thing you have to do is look for a driver... After you have found one, you can buy some stuff that could help you with breaking into that building. Then you're ready to draw your plan, just tell who goes where and does what at what time and when your plan is finished, go and make money!!!

All by all a good and a very amusing story. The graphics are good, sounds are ok, gameplay is good and the game is VERY addicting (trust me). A good game, really worth the download.

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Clue!, The (a.k.a. Der Clou!) screenshot
Clue!, The (a.k.a. Der Clou!) screenshot

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