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101 Airborne: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy

101 Airborne: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy is a much-overlooked and now out-of-print squad-level wargame from Empire Interactive. Alan Dunkin's thorough review at GameSpot says it all: "Over ... random during a campaign that this won't be too much of a hindrance. While the scope is limited and the level of detail can intimidate some, 101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy is a winner."

1830: Railroads & Robber Barons

Undeniably SimTex' most underrated game, 1830 is a complex and faithful PC conversion of Avalon Hill's popular boardgame. As with SimTex' other games, strong computer AI keeps the gameplay fresh and interesting ... a game for you. On the other hand, if you are a business sim buff like me who loves managing the company and keeping an eye on the Treasury Stock as much as doing the job, 1830 is simply a must-have.


1995card is a cool PC version of Minhato, one of the two Korean card games that use cards from Hanafuda, the popular Japanese "flower card" game. The game is easy to learn, offers tough computer ... comprehensive on-line help round off one of the best PC versions of this popular card game that is played by over 150 million people worldwide, but is hardly known outside North Asia. Recommended!

21 for 1 to 4

21 for 1 to 4 is a very simple blackjack card game for 1 to 4 players (as the name implies). Nothing much to say about this one, except that it's worth mention as one of the earliest games included on ... as a viable business model. The graphics are CGA only, but more than adequate to tell the different cards apart. If you have a few minutes to waste with a decade-old card game, check this oldie out.

35 Card Solitaire

One of the best solitaire games I've ever come across, 35 Card Solitaire is an excellent PC version of a challenging solitaire game that requires more skill than it may at first appear. The object of the ... fun solitaire game that I keep coming back to during coffee breaks. If you think all solitaire games are boring and completely contingent on luck, this is the one game that will change your mind.

7 Cities of Gold

Review 1: 7 Cities of Gold is one of the most overlooked computer games of all times. That's probably because it was originally made for Commodore 64 and Amiga computers and PC players had no real chance ... that it was designed for only a single player." Review 3: You are Columbus and have to find America. After that you must find the 7 Cities of Gold. It's a game with negotiation and action..


Abalone is an excellent unofficial Windows version of an original abstract board game of the same name, which remains largely unknown outside France where it was invented. In this unique board game for ... game length is too long for a quick coffee-break mental exercise, Abalone is perfect as a substitute for complex board games like chess or go. Highly recommended to abstract game lovers everywhere.


Accordion is a fun multi-level solitaire card game on one of SoftDisk's "Big Blue Disk" installment. The game is uniquely challenging yet easy to learn. More description from the game: "In ... ten cards is fairly easy. However, at that point a single card can keep you from winning because it is the only card of that suit remaining, and no card of the same rank exists to play it on."

Aces High

Aces High is one of those solitaire games that are easy to learn, but are insanely addictive. In this game that is similar to, but much tougher than, Klondike, your objective is to get rid of all of the ... difficult to win. As in most solitaire games, planning ahead is crucial. With a clean Windows interface and fun gameplay, Aces High is a good candidate for a coffee break time waster. Recommended!

Air Force Commander

Veteran wargamer M. Evan Brooks said it all in his synopsis of the game: "Multi-scenario options for strategic air supremacy in the Middle East. The scenarios themselves were detailed and somewhat ... that characterize most of Impressions' early efforts make this a marginal old game at best. Anyone who wants to play a truly great air force wargame should try Big Time's Flight Commander 2 instead.

Alex the Allegator 2

Alex the Allegator 2 is a neat little board game for one or two players from Free Lunch Design. From the official site, your objective is simple: "...Place your tokens in turn on the board or slide ... to finish a game in 15 minutes or less. If you enjoy coffee-break board games that are more challenging than a game of Solitaire, take a look at this small but fun freeware gem. Highly recommended!

Alien Legacy

Designed by Joe Ybarra, designer of the classic Starflight games, Alien Legacy is an excellent space strategy game with a good dose of adventure and action elements thrown in. In the tradition of Starflight, ... and intergalactic conflicts. A solid game (although not a classic that Starflight is) that was severely underrated and underhyped, and light-years better than the its overhyped cousin Outpost.

AllFive 2000

Possibly the best Yahtzee game ever made for the PC, AllFive 2000 is an excellent—and free! - game from UK developer Bongosoft. If you have never played Yahtzee before, the rules of this luck-and-skill ... can even get advice on what to do next simply by pointing at the dice for a few seconds. Overall, AllFive 2000 is simply a must-have for dice fans and anyone interested in parlor games in general.

Allied General

Review 1: First sequel to SSI's breakthrough wargame Panzer General, Allied General is essentially the same game set in a different theatre in World War II, with some slight improvements and Windows ... a little gaming excitement. This well laid out game strategically and graphically allows the player to enjoy the various maps and different scenarios making them want to play for hours upon hours.

Amarillo Slim Dealer's Choice

One of the best - if not THE best - PC poker games ever made, Amarillo Slim Dealer's Choice is a highly underrated and rare gem from Villa Crespo, best known for their long-running series of casino games. ... are interested in how professional gamblers play) over a decade later. If you are looking for a realistic casino-style poker game, look no further than this game from the best developer in the genre.

Ambush at Sorinor

Ambush at Sorinor is an improved sequel to Siege with a lot of needed improvements such as campaign mode and better unit variety. Athough it's just a string of all missions played in consecutive order, ... best game in Mindcraft's tactical combat series, and well worth a try for all budding fantasy generals and anyone who likes this genre but doesn't have a lot of free time to invest in complex games.

Anacreon: Reconstruction 4021

Anacreon: Reconstruction is, without a doubt, one of --if not THE-- best strategy games ever made. It was released in the 1988 and bombed, mostly due to its high price and ASCII graphics. It is a 1 to ... for all armchair commanders. Best of all, the author George Morimisato has released the latest and best version (1.3) as freeware, and even converted the entire manual to HTML format. Thanks, George!

Ancient Art of War at Sea, The

Barry and Dave Murry follows up on the ground-breaking Ancient Art of War (AAOW) with Ancient Art of War in The Sea, a logical offshoot. Although the game engine remains virtually unchanged, much more ... pirate-infested Caribbean, straits of Juan de Fuca, Old Finly (fictional), 1588 Spanish Armada invasion of England, Quiberon Bay, Trafalgar, and even includes finding the Bismarck in the Atlantic.

Ancient Art of War in The Skies, The

In 1992 MicroProse published the brothers' last game in the series, The Ancient Art of War in the Skies, which disappointed fans because it introduces arcade elements into the game, isn't as deep as its ... they do help you out in tough times. Overall, not a stellar finish to a classic series, but is still worth a look especially for casual strategy gamers who don't mind arcade elements in their games.

Ancient Art of War, The

Before Dave Murry and Barry Murry designed the seminal The Ancient Art of War in 1984, best-selling wargames like SSI's Kampfgruppe bear no resemblance to best-selling strategy games like M.U.L.E. As a ... mode is just about the only criticism I can think of. Suffice it to say that anyone who's never played this game is missing out an important chapter in the history of war and strategy gaming.

Andromeda Conquest

Andromeda Conquest is one of the first galactic conquest games ever made for the PC. Not surprisingly for a game this old, the gameplay is quite simplistic - the entire game was coded in BASIC, and takes ... the test of time very well, it deserves recognition as one of the first games of economic management and planetary conquest— and represents a solid start in PC gaming for boardgame giant Avalon Hill.

Annals of Rome

This early precursor to Impression's superb Caesar series is a complex strategy/war game that, unlike its contemporaries, emphasizes economic and personnel aspects as much as military ones. Contend with ... while you wage wars with neighboring empires. Scripted events based on real historical trends also add to the fun. Definitely a forgotten classic that was well ahead of its time. Highly recommended!

ANNO 1602: Creation of a new world
Ante-Up at the Friday Night Poker Club

Ante-Up at the Friday Night Poker Club is an above-average poker game by ComputerEasy. The game lets you play 4 variants of poker against 4 computer-controlled players. The variants you can play are 5 ... the basics of poker. You can also turn the Captain's advice on during the game if you are new to poker. A decent poker game... too bad there is no extensive record keeping like QQP's Lucky's Casino.

Anti Ballistic Missile

Defend some city (funny game).

Anyone for Cards?

Anyone for Cards? is a good collection of card games for Windows 3.1 from Capstone, and provides yet another proof to a curious fact that the only decent releases from Capstone are either card or casino ... been better and more varied, but like Sierra's Hoyle games, it combines nice window-dressing touches with a solid underlying gameplay into an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Well worth a look.


Arcomage is a fun single or two-player fantasy card game, first appearing as a mini-game in Might & Magic VII that you can only play inns. Best described as a simplified rip-off of Magic the Gathering, ... or another human player via IPX or the Internet using TCP/IP or the Mplayer service. For those looking for a nice 'beer & pretzel' fantasy card game, this game fits the bill. Recommended.

Archon Ultra

Review 1: Archon Ultra is a significantly enhanced version of the original classic Archon by Electronic Arts. In it, two-players battle each other in a game that resembles chess in visual appearance, ... and pawn) the battle is somewhat dull, and sometimes becomes ridiculously long. Ideally some form of variation would have been good here, but a timer on the battles would have achieved the same end.


Armada is the first naval wargame in an unrelated series of real-time wargames with isometric perspective by Peter Turcan. Unfortunately, it is also the most obscure due to much more limited distribution ... and clumsy for an average wargamer. Still, the second Turcan game based on this system, Dreadnoughts, improves over this spiritual predecessor in many ways, so you might want to check that one out.

Armada 2525

Interstel ended its troubled career on a strong note that unfortunately went unnoticed: Armada 2525 is a space strategy game that looks and feels like a solid update of the venerable Starfleet, although ... from the SSI offices. Apparently people playing it were failing to go home, and this was affecting schedules." And who said game programmers don't get addicted to games by other companies? ;)

Armada 2525: Deluxe Edition

In this updated version of his solid space strategy game, released after Interstel's demise, R.T. Smith adds a lot of gameplay options (including multiplayer mode) and vastly improved graphics that makes ... This edition is definitely what Armada 2525 should have been, but not. Highly recommended for all strategy enthusiasts especially those looking for challenging AI that can hold its own pretty well


Review 1: R.T. Smith, the creator and programmer for the fabulous game Encyclopedia of War: Ancient Battles, created a trio of World War Two games a few year earlier for the Spectrum computer that were ... Desert Rats today! Review 2: The famous battle in the Netherlands, where allied forces had to conquer a bridge near Arnhem. In this game you can play 5 different scenarios in the Netherlands.


Arrakis is a laudable effort by fans of Westwood's revotionary Dune 2 to create another real-time strategy game in the Dune mythos, based largely on game concepts from Westwood's classic. Dune 2 veterans ... Westwood's classic that manages to be faithful to the original while making the game more challenging. Well worth a look for all Dune 2 fans, although Super Dune 2 is by far a superior fanmade title.


Ascendancy is an ambitious space strategy game that is full of innovative ideas. Unfortunately, it also has one of the worst computer AIs of all time. The AI was so bad that most gamers didn't even pay ... it just makes less stupid mistakes. Recommended, but only to beginners to the genre, or anyone who wants to try a unique space strategy game with a lot of individuality and not much of a challenge.

Ashes of Empire

Ashes of Empire is an intriguing espionage action/strategy fusion inspired by the tumultous events in Eastern Europe in the early '90s. As Mike Singleton's last and biggest game, Ashes of Empire features ... an embittered people; both strategic prowess and psychological insights are key to winning the game. Despite cumbersome interface and a steep learning curve, Ashes of Empire is Singleton at his best.

Assault Trooper

Assault Trooper is a fun isometric real-time game that's like Cannon Fodder meets X-COM : command your troops through top secret missions all over the globe. The game is fun and the action furious, with ... and destruction of missile bases. The game also has a superb mission builder. Overall, the game's well-balanced mix of strategy/action make a truly addictive experience despite amateurish graphics.

Ata: Extracts from the American Civil War

Ata: Extracts from the American Civil War is an excellent freeware remake of Infogrames' classic North & South humorous wargame. Like North & South, Ata is a two-player turn-based strategy game ... each other never seems to get boring :) If you like beer-and-pretzel wargames, action games with a strategic overlay, or just humorous strategy/war games in general, check out this excellent remake!


Atlas is a historical business/discovery game by Japanese developer ArtDink, famous for A-Train railroad simulation series. The German version was published by Sunflowers. The game is set in the 15th century: ... too "dry" for most people to enjoy. Anyone who is interested in the simulation of this era would do well to play Sid Meier's Colonization or the good ol' Seven Cities of Gold instead.


Review 1: Ah... just another Railroad-Tycoon-clone - seen that a hundred times before. Ha! So you might think at first sight. Then you start playing it like Railroad Tycoon and the game laughs into your ... tycoon game with only trains, in which you can lay tracks across a terrain. Along the track you can build hotels, amusement parks, etc. Goal of the game is to get lots of money to expand your empire.


The Napoleonic Battle of Three Emperors, Austerlitz was a logical successor to Datasoft's earlier Napoleonic wargames Waterloo and Borodino: 1812. Although the game sports some incremental improvements ... to say the least. Fans of Napoleonic warfare would do well to skip this old game and play SSI's classic Battles of Napoleon instead. A good example of a game that was released far behind its time.

Automotive Conservation

Automotive Conservation is an interesting but far too simplistic computer board game designed to promote auto maintenance. Up to 4 players take turns rolling die and move their cars around the gameboard, ... have a teenager in your house who is starting to drive, introducing this little game to him or her is not a bad idea. File under "good inspiration, superficial execution" for this old game.

Automotive Construction

This is a very simple freeware promotional game. What does it promote? Is it just to promote car maintainance or is it to promote the car company that ordered the production of this game? I think it's ... I'm not at all overwhelmed by this game, and would be surprised if you would. Anyhow, if you don't feel impressed by the negativity of this game, maybe you should download it to convince yourself.


Aya is an excellent freeware Go program coded by Hiroshi Yamashita. The game's AI ranks approximately around 12 Kyu in Japanese system, which means it should prove very challenging to a casual Go player. ... Overall, this is a solid freeware title that is perfect for anyone who is learning Go, or considers him/herself an average player. For a stronger game, check out Ishi Press' Many Faces of Go instead.

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