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Galactic Gladiators

Galactic Gladiators is a fun galactic sports game from SSI that unfortunately didn't do well in stores. More akin to a wargame than a sports game, Galactic Gladiators has a simple goal: survive in battle. ... battlefields and make up little stories about the fights. Overall, a great game in every respect that is unfortunately starting to show its age... but hey, it was programmed years ago in BASICA :)

Game, Net & Match!

Game, Net & Match! is the long-awaited third game in Blue Byte's excellent Great Courts tennis game series. Unfortunately, GNM is not as good as its predecessors: despite SVGA graphics and more gameplay ... match once in a while, or if you prefer a very easy tennis game you can beat in season/tournament play relatively quickly. Otherwise, Blue Byte's previous Great Courts games are far better choices.

Games 92: Espana, The

Introduction: This game is a sport simulation which will take you to Barcelona, Spain, in year 1992 and put you in shoes of a professional athlete competing for the gold medal in various sport disciplines. ... contrary, this is very interesting game with some of nice features like big number of events and thorough database, but with some serious flaws like graphics, control system and not so good menus.

Games, The: Summer Challenge

Review 1: You compete in what is a mini version of the Summer Olympic games, taking part in 8 different events. You have the option of training in certain events so that you can get better results or ... Games: Winter Challenge is that the sports are different. Well, see for yourself if you get this one or not, but I'm not really impressed by this game, although I seemed to like it when I was young.

Games, The: Winter Challenge

Review 1: You compete in what is a mini version of the Winter Olympic games, taking part in 8 different events. You have the option of training in certain events so that you can get better results or ... There's nothing to tell about this game really. Just try it out, I'd say and you can tell wether you like it or not. By the way, if you're looking for something that's a bit warmer, try Summer Games.

Games: Summer Edition, The

The official game for the 1988 Olympic Games at Soeul, The Games: Summer Edition brings to life 9 exciting Olympic events with the same great gameplay and variety that Epyx's 1986 Summer Games is known ... even more fluid animations. As with Epyx' other games, you can practice in any event for as long as you want before choosing which country to represent in the Olympics tournament. Highly recommended!

Games: Winter Edition, The

The Games: Winter Edition doesn't sport as good a graphics or gameplay as its cousin The Games: Summer Edition which was released in the same year, perhaps due to its being based on an older engine. Nevertheless, fans of Epyx' earlier Winter Games will find much to like here, as Ski Jump and Slalom -- the two best games from that version-- return with a new facelift with many other new events.

Gazza 2

Review 1: OK, there always has to be a worst - and THIS is the worst soccer-game I ever encountered. The graphics are somewhat okay, but the gameplay is a bad joke and the matches - well... unplayable. ... both are executed too poorly to attract attention of either arcade or soccer management fans. Only recommended to soccer game collectors. Note: The colours look very odd on some modern graphic cards.

GBA Championship Basketball

One of the first games by master sports game designer Ed Ringler, GBA Championship Basketball is a fun arcade-style basketball game that is notable for being one of the first sports games of any kind that ... more playable than, say, Epyx' more popular Street Sports Basketball. Definitely a good start for Gamestar/ Ed Ringler, and well worth a look, if for nothing other than pure, 100% nostalgia :)

GBA Championship Football

One of the earliest games by Dynamix programmers, GBA Championship Football is a solid text-based simulation of the gridiron sport. The goal is simple: pick a team from NFL's four geographic divisions ... of a comprehensive simulation. In all, a respectable effort for the time, although falls short of rivalling XOR's NFL Challenge, a much deeper and more sophisticated contemporary football simulation.

Geekwad Games of The Galaxy

Geekwad Games of The Galaxy is a collection of outrageous arcade games that parody well-known computer games. Unfortunately, gameplay doesn't quite live up to the game's parody value, although there are ... who wants something a little different, although it's by no means a classic. Only the truly patient action fans will persevere through the indeterminably long levels to see the ending sequence.

Go Kart Challenge

Go Kart Challenge is a decent go-kart racing game from Data Becker. The game features a good range of options: three levels of difficulty (Hobby, Amateur, and Pro), three types of drivers (essentially ... its longevity. Despite its somewhat bland gameplay, then, Go Kart Challenge is worth a look for go-kart fans - at least anyone who wants to play a less demanding game than, say, Precision Racing.

Goal 94

Goal 94 is probably the only text based football manager game I really like. It features some really unique things like overall team rating, a great way to show each teams strength compared to other teams ... This is another good thing in the game. Goal 94 offers many things which haven't been made in other manager games but it still misses something before it can be considered a very good manager game.


Review 1: Does the name Dino Dini mean anything to you? Of course it does! The creator of legendary Kick Off games left Anco and started his own company. Shortly after he creatd Goal!, one of the best ... of time. Even today many people still enjoy participating in tournaments or a one-match challenge. The bottom line is: if you've never played this soccer classic, don't call yourself a soccer fan :)

Golf Doctor

Golf Doctor is a neat - and highly obscure - program that was essentially the DOS conversion of John Jacobs' best-selling book of the same name. The book has long been recognized as one of the best golf ... than an early "e-book," Golf Doctor includes animations, search option, and crisp black & white graphics. Recommended for any golfer who is perhaps too lazy to read the entire treatise.

Gone Fishin'

Arguably the best fishing simulation ever made, Gone Fishin' is a fresh-water fishing sim, and lets you try your luck on Lake Ontario's Bay of Quinte. You can catch everything from sunfish to walleye, ... shop has many baits to try, and the old-timer has many tips to offer.The game is as good as it gets, with weather effects, very accurate feel, and relaxing gameplay-- just like real fishing. Go fish!

Gooch Grundy's X-Decathlon

Adrenaline Vault's critical review says it all about this missed opportunity that could have been so much more: "Gooch Grundy's X-Decathlon takes the whole olympic theme and turns it on its ear. ... wasn't done with enough gameplay to make a good game. While the other parts are decent, you just can't make up for the lack of gameplay, no matter how good the graphics, sound FX, or music are."

Grand Prix Circuit

Review 1: I'm not that much of an Action- or Sports-Game-Fan. But I like those old simple Formula One-Games. Don't come up with the new ones - far too complicated for me (I actually own a drivers-license, ... sharp corners. As in real-life Grand Prix, accumulate points on the circuit to become the world's best driver. Overall, a solid arcade-style racing game that's short on realism but long on sheer fun.

Grand Prix Manager

Grand Prix Manager (GPM) is an excellent Formula One management simulation for Windows, one of the first commercial ones of its kind. GPM is not an F-1 driving game. Rather, it's an F-1 *management* game. ... music. You will also need Microsoft's WinG graphics library, which can be found at Microsoft's website. The game works only in 256 color mode, so be sure to change screen resolution before playing.

Grand Prix Manager 2

Review 1: The superior sequel to Edward Grabowski's classic and highly underrated Grand Prix Manager (published by MicroProse), Grand Prix Manager 2 is more of the same - which can only be a good thing ... beauty is installed on my computer. So to conclude the review… you have to get and play this game, it is amazing, I don't even like formula one, but I absolutely love this game… And you will too!

Grand Prix Unlimited

Fairly good formula one racing simulator that comes with a handy track designer. Unfortunately, it was released around the same time Geoff Grammond released his racer Formula One Grand Prix, which made ... the game nearly unplayable on today's computers (same problem as with Test Drive III). A slow-down util can help. Doesn't the (annoying) music in this one sound very similar to the on heard in TD3?

Grand Slam (a.k.a. Show, The)

Grand Slam is a disappointingly average baseball game that promised much more than it delivers. Baseball guru Tasos Kaiafas of GameSpot says it all in his scathing but fair review: "A couple of years ... early indications many of the problems will be addressed in the 1998 version. We'll have to hope that Grand Slam likewise gets the chance to mature by next season." A novelty, but little else.

Great Courts

Released in 1989 by Blue Byte, Great Courts is one of the first really enjoyable tennis games on home computers. Sure, it doesn't have the VGA graphics and the great variety of options you'll find in Great ... EGA colour-palette makes it look a bit odd. Still, at the end of the day it's the gameplay that matters, and Great Courts delivers much more than other tennis games at the time. Highly recommended!

Great Courts 2

Great tennis simulation by Blue Byte, offering nice gameplay, good graphics and sound (although lacking the samples and speech of the Amiga game), a great tournament mode, player profiles and very fun ... seen with any new games these days. You should also check out the predecessor Great Courts, which came out one year earlier. Great Courts 2 is definitely one of the best tennis games ever made.

Greg Norman's Shark Attack! (Greg Norman's Ultimate Golf)

Greg Norman's Shark Attack! is a good golf game that is surprisingly in-depth for its age (1989). Up to four human or computer players can participate in Strokeplay or Matchplay, with the option of playing ... has low long-term play value due to only 2 default courses and no design tools, serious golf fans will at least appreciate the game's in-depth design that is years ahead of time. Highly recommended!

Grid Runner (a.k.a. Grid Run)

Grid Runner (released as Grid Run in Europe) is a fun futuristic sport game that was much more successful on console systems. You play Axxel, a space investigator sent on a mission with your partner Tara ... are looking for a challenging sports game, Grid Runner is not a good choice. However, if you are looking for an original and fun futuristic game to play against a friend, Grid Runner is recommended.


One of the best freeware action games ever made, G-Sector is a sharp-looking, knuckle-blistering, action-filled futuristic sports game that plays like a cross between rollerblading and gladiator combat. ... that Freeform Interactive as well as its parent site is no more-- G-Sector and its brethren Outbound belong to the first new-generation freeware gems that rival commercial titles.

GT Racing '97

GT Racing '97 is a very quick car racing game similar to Screamer and Need for Speed. Although the game doesn't boast any innovative features to make it stand out from the crowd, it is nonetheless a fun ... isn't quite Top Dog material, but it's not so bad either. Worth a look if you like cross-country car racing games, but your computer doesn't have the horsepower required to run the latest hits.

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