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Great Courts 2

Great tennis simulation by Blue Byte, offering nice gameplay, good graphics and sound (although lacking the samples and speech of the Amiga game), a great tournament mode, player profiles and very fun doubles matches. An enjoyable multi-player game but thanks to the RPG-style player development and the overall fun gameplay, there's also enough to keep you motivated in single-player mode. Funny to note that the original game came with a pair of sun glasses! Sure, the quality of these was very low: the glasses were pitch black so that you couldn't really see through them and the neon-green made them look very freaky. =) But it's a pity that such little gimmicks are hardly seen with any new games these days. You should also check out the predecessor Great Courts, which came out one year earlier. Great Courts 2 is definitely one of the best tennis games ever made.

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Great Courts 2 screenshot
Great Courts 2 screenshot

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