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DOF Invaders

A simple but fun Space Invaders clone, the second game E-Game designed for DOF, Sweden's premier mobile phone company. In DOF Invaders, you shoot keys from the phone's keypad instead of aliens. The numbers ... they are shot (anyone familiar with the mobile's beep-bop-beep sounds when you press the keys knows what I'm talking about). Overall, a fun, mindless shooter that's great to waste a few minutes with.

DOF Messenger

DOF Messenger is a simple Donkey Kong clone sponsored by DOF, Sweden's premier mobile phone company. Navigate the DOF man from the mobile to the computer by riding the electric circuit line, while avoiding ... original gameplay that would later characterize their later titles (e.g. Falcon Beertender). Recommended only if you want to complete your E-Game collection, or collection of Donkey Kong clones ;)

Dog Daze Revolution

Dog Daze Revolution is a great fanmade remake of Dog Daze, a rare game released for Atari 8-bit computers in 1981. This Windows remake is actually based on Dog Daze Deluxe, the 1983 shareware release of ... golden days of yore. It's fun, unique, and like the best of 8-bit era, incredibily addictive despite its simple premise (even if I find computer dogs to be a tad too dumb ;)). Two thumbs up, way up!


Dogma is a Japanese fighting game that suffers a bit for being not completely finished. For some reason, the development stopped, so we have only a single background, a single BG music (though it's quite ... good challenge for a game that, if brought to 100% completion, would rival many commercial productions in quality. If you like fighting games, however, don't miss it in any case. Prepare To Be Hurt!

Doka-Chan no Block Kuzushi 2

Another excellent game from freeware developer Yamada No Ana Project, who is dedicated to producing games based around the same cast of characters, led by Doka-chan, a stubby construction worker and his ... no Block Kuzushi 2 may be worth a try. If you're looking for the next generation of Breakout games, though, this is not it - go play DX-Ball 2 instead ;) It's fun for a few minutes at a time, though.

Doka-Chan no Oni Gokko

Another excellent game from freeware developer Yamada No Ana Project, who is dedicated to producing games based around the same cast of characters, led by Doka-chan, a stubby construction worker and his ... to while away some minutes with (and even play against a friend), Doka-Chan no Oni Gokko is a good bet. I enjoy the game, but the lack of variety in gameplay prevents it from meriting a Top Dog tag.


Doofus is a decent jump'n run by Prestige with colorful graphics, smooth sprites and surprisingly smooth scrolling even under Windows. Also features some nice adlib tracks by Thomas Detert (666). Not too ... game. BTW: This PC conversion of the Amiga game by Sphinx from 1993 has become a different game! Different graphics, different music and different level design... Be sure to use the 55hz video-mode.


Review 1: Doom, the most memorable of all first person shooters has also remained as one of the most played and most downloaded. Regarding the plot, you're a space marine working for the UAC who, along ... came out with various of versions and sequels, even in this time, with the erupt of Doom 3. With no doubt, Doom started more then a decade ago, a genre which is the most popular genre, even today.

Doom 2

Review 1: Probably every good gamer played legendary Doom at least once. This game has gained many players and some of them are playing it even today. Graphics is not bad (for that time) although on ... isn't a plot). Doom II is a dark, disturbing game. And while it may not bring anything new to the genre, it can create obsession-level loyalty if you tend not to look beyond the barrel of a gun.

Doom 2D

Review 1: What is Doom 2D you ask? It`s actually doom, but the unknown creators squeezed the 3d juice out of it... and that`s the result! A Doom 2D game! The game is hard and the controls are really ... download that version below ;) Be warned that it may conflict with Windows, so it's best to run in pure DOS only. A fun and much more enjoyable effort than the original-but-very-weird Textmode Quake.

Double Agent

Double Agent is a fun action/adventure/strategy hybrid from Flair Software that plays like a modern remake of classic Spy vs. Spy. Released only in Europe and pulled from the shelves in a matter of months ... you in real-time, in split-screen mode. The game looks good, plays great, and is full of pleasant surprises that will keep you playing just to see what the next mission has in store. Recommended!

Double Dragon

Review 1: Double Dragon is a disappointing PC version of Technos' classic beat'em up series that were very successful in the arcades and on console systems. The plot, if you haven't heard of this blockbuster ... is good played in a 15 minute time periods. Otherwise the action will become too repetetive to really tolerate for a long amount of time. You probably won't survive much longer than that anyway.

Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone

Review 1: Oh yeah, I remember the Double Dragon series from my Amiga. We played those games for hours. Now I digged up a PC version of one of those games and happily I started it up. Hm... now what's ... much improved over the original, but that can't make up for repetitive gameplay. In short: a faithful PC port of a mediocre arcade game that ends a blockbuster series with a fizzle instead of a bang.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Review 1: After Arcadia did a dismal PC conversion of Technos' arcade blockbuster Double Dragon, Technos USA wisely decided to choose a different company to do a PC conversion of the second game, Double ... sweep the with a whip or baseball bet. This games varies not a bunch with the first one actually. It's nice there is still a two player mode. The first one I really enjoyed together with my brother.

Douglas Circumstance

Douglas Circumstance is an excellent anime-style platformer that will appeal to anyone who misses the days of 8-bit consoles. Darren McLeod's review at Total Klik says it all: "If any of you grew ... side scrolling shooters, classic NES games, or just any game in general, I can't recommend Douglas Circumstance. And at only 613K, it's a quick download and one that you won't regret."

Doukutsu Monogatari (a.k.a. Cave Story)

Doukutsu Monotagari ("Cave Story" in English) is an excellent freeware side-scrolling platformer/adventure game from Pixel, Japanese maker of the also-superb Ikachan game (reviewed elsewhere ... also talking three very different endings, plenty of plot, and quite a cast of charming characters. It really is a superb little gem :)" A must-play for every fan of action/adventure games.

Dr. Who: Dalek Attack

One of a handful of games based on a cult "B" TV-series hit Dr. Who , Dalek Attack is a straightforward platform game that captures much of the show's idiosyncratic charm. Unfortunately, gameplay is not as innovative as the show it's based on due to repetitive levels and enemies and murky graphics. Still, Dr. Who fans will find many enjoyable hours of Dalek-blasting fun on this weird alien planet.


A 3D shooter.

Dracula's Shadow (a.k.a. Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest)

Dracula's Shadow is an excellent and very faithful PC remake of Konami's classic NES game Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest. For those who have never played the original game: Castlevania 2 begins where the ... you can upgrade Simon's whip to increase its power, and buy other useful items. If you like Castlevania or platformers in general, this fanmade game is well worth your time. Highly recommended!

Dragon Force (a.k.a. Day 3, The)

Dragon Force, Icarus, and Assault Dragon are three competent 2D side-scrolling shooters from Korea, based on the same mundane sci-fi plot about defending the Earth from alien invaders. All three games ... but the nice variety of levels and enemy ships make for a few hours of relaxing fun. Well worth a look as some of the best games from Korea, even if they are by no means classics of the genre.

Dragon Spirit

Dragon Spirit is an excellent but little-known PC conversion of a hit arcade game, originally from Bandai but converted by a team of fans. At first glance, Dragon Spirit looks just like any other vertical ... but it is more than adequtae - and almost on par with the official Amiga conversion. All in all, Dragon Spirit is a very well-done conversion that all shooter fans should take a look. Recommended!


Review 1: A small game made just for a Frateran Fair in August of 1993, Dragonball gives you an option to play one of two famous Dragonball characters. As I said, the game is small and simple, there ... with quick snaps of fireballs. Overall, it's unfortunate that the game was never finished, but even in beta stage, Dragonball Z provides a good, clean coffee-break fun for all fans of the show.

Dragonball Z Millennium

A great fanmade fighting game based on Dragonball Z, one of Japan's most famous manga/anime series. The game is based on M.U.G.E.N., a powerful 2D fighting game engine that lets you create your own fighters, ... show, great backdrops, and excellent features that MUGEN provides (e.g. practice, VS, and arcade modes), Dragonball Z Millennium is probably the best Dragonball Z fighting game in town for PC gamers.


Simple shooting game with a chopper.

Dragons of Flame

Heroes of the Lance, Dragons of Flame, and Shadow Sorcerer are three releases in SSI's series of action/RPG games that are based on AD&D's "Dragonlance" fantasy world. Unlike the "Gold ... a drab palette and interesting storyline (based mostly on novels/modules written by Weiss/Hickman) make this series worth a look by AD&D fans, although RPG fans may find the games too repetitive.

Dream Warrior

One of the worst games from Keypunch (and that's saying a lot, considering how 99% of their games are horrible), and one of their last (thank goodness). Dream Warrior seems interesting enough if you just ... look the same) make this a game to avoid. Another real dog from Keypunch, a company that will certainly share the "worst game company in history" award with Capstone if ever there was one.


DriftZone is an outstanding Asteroids-style game that adds a lot of gameplay options and bells & whistles to the addictive shoot-the-asteroids gameplay of the arcade original. There are two different ... out when you fly into wormholes!). Multiplayer options round off this excellent old game. If you are looking for a challenging and modernized version of Asteroids, look no further than DriftZone.

Driller (a.k.a. Space Station Oblivion)

After releasing many solid 3D action/adventure games, Incentive broke new ground with this, the first game developed using its revolutionary Freescape™ engine that may well be the very first *patented* ... location. There are 2 different vehicles you can drive in, and a plethora of switches to push, lifts to activate, and other vehicles to dock with. Overall, a fun and imaginative arcade adventure.


This game is one of the many games from the "bomberman" genre. The concept of the game is very simple: You are a creature called boody and you run around in a maze of blocks placing bombs and ... a lot to it. Another annoying point is the lack of a save option in the adventure mode. It's really annoying to start all over from the start each time you want to play since the game is quite long.

Duck City

Duck City is a wacky and fun collection of 6 action and puzzle games designed for kids of all ages. Designed by Alan Snow, creator of P.A.W.S, Duck City stars a talking cartoon duck who wanders around ... for everyone in the family. None of the game has lasting play value, but they are ideal for a 5-10 minute coffee break at the office... or a fun evening for the kids in your house. Recommended!

Duck Tales: The Quest for Gold

Another fine Disney game for children. The idea is very simple, try to get as much money as you can in about 30 days. Fly to a point on the map and do a few kinds of tasks. The game is ok, it's a lot of fun for children and that's the whole idea, isn't it? It's a bit hard to tell the genre of this game, but I called it an adventure game and that makes some sense.

Duke Nukem
Duke Nukem 3D

Review 1: Duke Nukem 3D: just an average PC first person shooter, or is it something better? It may look rather simplistic and typical at first, but upon playing the game, it turns out to be much, much ... the door, you will encounter a monster in the middle of... taking.. hmm.. A CRAP. Indeed an amusing contribution to the FPS genre. Graphics and sounds are excellent, making the Duke theme a classic!

Duke Nukem: Waiting For Forever

Duke Nukem: Waiting for Forever is a fun and varied Duke Nukem fangame starring the lovable smart-ass hero from 3D Realms' series. Fellow Game Maker coder darthlupi says it all about this fun game in his ... weapons all worked great, and they were varied enough to keep me interested. I loved the shield/laser gun. All in all I love this game and can't wait for a sequel. There will be more. RIGHT?"


DUO is a fun "retro" 2D vertical shooter that features frenetic gameplay with minimalist/abstract graphics that seems to be all the rage lately. In a twist to normal shooters, your 'ship' in ... a very polished freeware game in every respect. I couldn't find fault with it, other than a few minor, and very rare, bugs that crash the game once in a blue moon. Highly recommended to SHMUP fans.

Duracell: Run the Bunny

Duracell: Run the Bunny is a pretty awful first-person shooter starring -- yes, it's true -- Duracell's Energizer bunny, one of the most recognizable corporate mascots in the world. The goal in each level ... of the worst promotional games ever made. If you can manage to tolerate it long enough to finish all 6 terrible levels, you can probably play any FPS game in existence without feeling nauseated :P

Dylan Dog

Review 1: Dylan Dog is my favorite comic book character, but this game is not as good as I could have expected. Italian based company Simulmondo made this arcade based on one of the episodes published ... of visual violence that rivals Soldier of Fortune. Overall, this is a disappointing use of the valuable license (popular Italian comic book character of the same name). Stay away if you can help it.


Review 1: This is a very nice little one to four-player battle game. In the one-player mode, the mission is to rescue your sister from a nasty bad guy, and his horde of monsters. You run around in maze-like ... great. Compete against friends trying to blow eachother up (tricking them into walking into an explosion is always the most fun. All in all a very simple, but very addictive way to waste a few hours.

Dynamite Headdy

Dynamite Headdy is an excellent and unique platformer for the SEGA Genesis console that has the same trademark zany sense of humor and creativity that characterize all Treasure games. In this one, you ... the zaniest boss monsters ever designed, and nonstop action, Dynamite Headdy is a must-play for fans of platformers. It's not as timeless as Gunstar Heroes, but it's a very, very good game.

D-Zone (a.k.a. Destruction Zone)

Destruction Zone, or D-Zone for short, is a fun tank battle game that allows up to three players and up to six robots to fight through rounds and accumulate money and points. The players each shop for ... testament to the time-tested truth that good gameplay never dies. If you can overlook primitive, minimalistic graphics, D-Zone will provide hours of enjoyment especially against other human players.

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