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Duke Nukem 3D

Review 1:

Duke Nukem 3D: just an average PC first person shooter, or is it something better? It may look rather simplistic and typical at first, but upon playing the game, it turns out to be much, much more than your average shooter.

Despite the first impression of just being a 3D version of its predecessors and not really bringing anything new to the genre, it really is a unique game, and the little things make all the difference. Duke Nukem 3D truly brings its own unique sense of style, overall making it a very enjoyable experience. To put it more simply, the game is just plain fun.

Not once does this game ever get to be an annoyance to play. Level design, enemies, weapons, you name it. The gameplay is always fresh and does not get old. Again, it's the small touches that make all the difference. Simple things, like pushing pool balls around on a pool table, or blowing up a blimp in the last boss fight, or flicking on and off light switches. It's not a HUGE deal, but it makes the game just a blast to play.

These things may seem small in describing the worth of a game, but these by no means are the deciding factors in making the game worth the time to play. A nice element of gameplay is that the game is not entirely linear. There are often times multiple ways to reach the destination of a level. Don't want to encounter a bunch of enemies? Crawl through an air duct and avoid them. Just can't find the way out of the level? Blow holes through the walls until you find the way out. How cool is that?

Another cool part of Duke Nukem 3D is the fun assortment of weapons at your disposal. As can be expected, there are, of course, things like the pistol, the shotgun, and the machine gun, but how about more nifty weapons, like the shrink ray and freeze gun? And the developers even managed to make the arsenal well-rounded: no weapons are ridiculously overpowered, and you'll even be coming back to your more basic weapons later in the game.

Another part to mention is the multiplayer of this game. The multiplayer is still popular even after how long the game has been around. Really, the most important thing to say about this is just play it and see what I mean.

Despite some few minor gripes (sometimes too much ammo available, sometimes boring boss fights, and puzzles not being entirely innovative), this is one solid piece of gaming history. Duke Nukem 3D is still a classic to this day, and is really a definition of a great PC gaming period.

Review 2:

Following the events of Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem 2, Duke finds himself back on Earth and thinks his troubles are over. However, during his time in space, aliens have taken over the city he crash in and finds himself doing what he does best: saving the world in style.

Duke Nukem 3D is one of the many 3D shooters that defined the genre in that it took 3D environments to a new level and introduced the gaming world to a hero that could be defined as non-traditional in the sense that he did things a normal, moral hero wouldn't normally do.

The world of Duke Nukem is still pretty immense, large and quite astonishing when you think about how this world was a real breakthrough in graphics for its time. Try comparing the worlds to Doom and Wolfenstein 3D and you'll agree that Duke Nukem 3D was one of the reasons, how graphics in first person shooters began to evolve to the point that you can't help but notice how they finally began to transform into almost lifelike environments.

The gameplay features some pretty intense shooting against alien invaders, who range from weak grunt troopers all the way to bosses that are sure to test your mettle. However, you'll find that the task of eradicating these villains gets a little easier with the help of some pretty outrageous weapons and weapons, most first person shooting fans have gotten used to over the years, such as a generic pistol, a shotgun, a machine gun, grenades. Generic weapons which tend to get the job done.

Although, it can be said that this game is outdated in terms of graphics and gameplay, let it be known that Duke Nukem 3D was a defining moment in the world of first person shooters.

Review 3:

Games like Duke Nukem 3D laid the foundations for the 3D shooter genre, eventually spawning incredible gaming experiences like the outstanding Tomb Raider, which has become so popular it's been used to promote everything from cereal to gambling in the form of online pokies - a kind of Australian slot machine based on poker. Check it out, I'm not joking! It's actually pretty good... Even though implied by it's name, Duke Nukem 3D is not really a 3D game. It's actually a 2D game, first FPS in the Duke Nukem series.

The story line implies that aliens have taken over futuristic Los Angeles, and there's only one man who can take care of them - Duke!

One of the best things about this game, which contributed to the mass success of this title, besides the variety and originality of weapons (such as the Shrinker, a piece which shrunk your enemies, and you could then step on them like they were small bugs), is the humoristic details throughout the game. Some of them are remarks made by Duke himslef (such as 'Damn, I'm looking GOOD!' when looking at a mirror), or even with monster behaviour. For example, in the first episode, when you enter the bathroom and open the door, you will encounter a monster in the middle of... taking.. hmm.. A CRAP.

Indeed an amusing contribution to the FPS genre.

Graphics and sounds are excellent, making the Duke theme a classic!

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