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Review 1:

Doom, the most memorable of all first person shooters has also remained as one of the most played and most downloaded. Regarding the plot, you're a space marine working for the UAC who, along with his squad, had gone to Mars to investigate a facility only to get completely wiped out with YOU being the only one left alive. The way the introduction tells it, you weren't even in the base while your team was being blown apart, instead you were outside managing communications when you start to hear the death screams of your squad, the roaring of demons--basically you're going to have to go in and check it out. And of course, kick some Hell-butt!!

The main character (You) will be provided with a nice array of weapons as you progress through the many levels (the whole game is separated into three chapters.

You'll start off with the pistol and naturally your fists--they're ok weapons for the beginning, but you may want something better if you want to survive hell spawn bigger than a grunt or an imp. (Ultimate Doom includes the Chainsaw as weapon, I'm sure you all know how well chainsaws get along with demons right? Rrrarrwck!!! Demon mush!! And it has no ammo count like some games now do, so knock yourself out with hacking up demons!!)

You'll eventually come across the shotgun, which as we all know fires in a spread shot. Then there's the chain gun--the good ol' bullet hose that's great for mowing down lines of demons.

Then comes the lovely rocket launcher! I'm sure every FPS player knows how great it is to have one of these things in any shooter. It does just one thing---blow stuff up!! And it does a great job of it too!

Later you'll pickup the plasma rifle. Powerful, really fast rate of fire, and cooks demons just right. Just watch your ammo count with this weapon because plasma ammo can sometimes be scarce on some levels.

Then comes the GREATEST weapon of ALL FPS HISTORY!!! The BFG-9000!!! (Not sure if I'm allowed to mention what BFG stands for so I'll refrain from doing so, but I'm sure most of you FPS players know what it means.) What does this ungodly weapon of mass-demon-destruction do? Kill lots and lots and lots of demons. But how it exactly does it--I'll leave for you gamers to find out! It's something you would want to see in every shooter!!

A fair description of our main character's (Your) enemy would be: Hell.

Yup yup, you'll have to take on the forces of Hell and I mean all that Hell's got to offer is going to hunt you down unless you send them back to the Abyss.

You'll face the once-human Grunts and Sergeants, armed with pistols and shotguns. (Hint: Get them to hit one another and they'll start going at each others throats! Imps do the same too with Grunts and Sergeants!)

Then you'll encounter demons such as the Imp (which throws fireballs) and the Pinky Demon (which enjoys gnawing on your face like a chew toy).

Another enemy would be the Cacodemon--floating demons with bulbous and bloated bodies, basically a giant, round, pulsing mouth with lots of teeth, and three eyes! And even better! It shoots plasma balls at you!! So be sure to dodge these projectiles, they actually hurt.

Great action, plenty of evil demons to kill, and weapons that range from good to just-plain-insane!! I would rate Doom a 10/10, with its much deserved credit for revolutionizing 3D PC Gaming and bringing the First Person Shooter genre into the world!! Sure there was Wolfenstein 3D at first, but Doom was what changed gaming forever.

Review 2:

So here it is… DOOM. Widely regarded as one of the finest games ever created and the undisputed patriarch of what would come to be the PC's defining genre, the First Person Shooter.

While Doom was neither the first real FPS to hit the market, nor the first to utilize a 3D environment, this game did more to push a very conventional gaming industry to start making changes. To be fair, Wolfenstein 3D was really the first game to push the envelope, both in the world the player experienced and the distribution model of games (shareware). However, Doom's popularity made the concepts viable and so profitable as to make them unavoidable.

At the time Doom was released, it offered the most realistic graphics and sounds available, and helped create the most immersive environment I ever had seen up to that point in either a console or computer based game.

The non-stop action pulled you into the game; I remember clearly jumping out of my chair more than once when surprised by a cleverly hidden enemy. The level of weaponry also added to the rampant carnage, offering the most destructive weapons to date. This game provided the template for all FPS games to come, offering relentless action and a visceral experience that would not be equaled for me until the release of Painkiller nearly ten years later.

Doom has also been nearly unequalled in staying power. It has been ported to multiple platforms and was one of the first major release games to have the source code distributed by the developers (albeit many years following its commercial viability). Due to this, there are endless modifications and tweaked engines which provide OpenGL and OpenAL support as well as 3D model remakes which have kept the game somewhat modern. Perhaps only the original Half Life is its equal in terms of community support. There is no way to determine the amount of user-created levels and full conversions for DOOM. Personally I would estimate them in the hundreds of thousands. I myself made several. This added nearly endless replay ability to the game, a trend that its successors would inherit in the form of Quake 2, Half Life and most recently Half Life 2.

Overall, this game ranks number one on my list of influential titles, as without DOOM, I doubt seriously that the trend towards 3D environments and realistic graphics would have happened so quickly, if at all. Perhaps, the most praise I can lobby against it is that it is still fun after all these years.

Review 3:

Doom, the beginning of a legacy spread over a decade. In fact, Doom is the second game of it's genre. The first one, Wolfenstein 3D, was similar to Doom, but lacked the variety of weapons, different kinds of enemyies, and level design, which you could find plenty in Doom. Doom is a classical 3d shooting game, where you have the ability to browse around the level virtually to anywhere. Enemyies were equipped with (some) artificial intelligence, who made our job, to blow them up, a little harder.

The gameplay is great, easy to control using the cursor keys, numbers to change weapons, and some letters for other advanced features like ducking, jumping and strafing. Doom openned the door to a new kind of genre, came out with various of versions and sequels, even in this time, with the erupt of Doom 3. With no doubt, Doom started more then a decade ago, a genre which is the most popular genre, even today.

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