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This game is one of the many games from the "bomberman" genre. The concept of the game is very simple: You are a creature called boody and you run around in a maze of blocks placing bombs and killing monsters or players. The bombs you place explode in a few seconds and the explosions spread toward the four main directions. After you placed a bomb and left the square with the bomb you can't walk over it. If you place bombs over monsters or other players they will be able to walk over the bomb.

The maze is built out of invisible blocks and destroyable blocks that sometimes contain power-ups like bigger explosions or more bombs. There are 8 worlds in this game, each one with different blocks and monsters. Some worlds have features like a wall that separates the level into two halves or passageways that teleport you to the other end of the map...

The monsters kill you immediately if they touch you. The monsters have varying intelligence levels. The dumbest ones will walk where ever they can, whereas the smarter ones will avoid explosions, not walk into an area that contains a bomb, and will generally be on your tail. As you advance to higher levels the monsters will be smarter. Players can usually pass each other without dying.

The game has two modes:

- Adventure: This mode is both single player and multiplayer. In order to pass to the next level you need to kill all the monsters in the level. This isn't an easy task, as the levels get harder and monsters get smarter. Monsters can be sometimes really hard to hunt down and kill, especially when they are trying to hunt YOU down. If you play with a companion the goal of the game doesn't change- you still need to kill all the monsters, but this time with a little help from a friend. The annoying bit is that there is no save option.

- Tournament: This mode is multiplayer only. Of course you can play it by yourself, there is no one to stop you if you want, but it will be really boring. ;) The goal of this mode is to kill the other competitors for a specified number of times. There are still monsters in this mode but you can avoid them if you want. You can also choose the level you want to play in. This mode has a couple of special power ups too but I'm not going to spoil everything for you.

Overall this is a nice game; you can have hours of fun blasting monsters or other players. Too bad I never managed to get the sound working, some music or sounds could really add a lot to it. Another annoying point is the lack of a save option in the adventure mode. It's really annoying to start all over from the start each time you want to play since the game is quite long.

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