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Dylan Dog

Review 1:

Dylan Dog is my favorite comic book character, but this game is not as good as I could have expected. Italian based company Simulmondo made this arcade based on one of the episodes published in Italy in 1985. The whole city has gone crazy and only Dylan Dog, a detective for paranormal, can save the day. You have to find out what is causing all those nice people to turn into the bloodthirsty killers.

The game has awfully bad controls. Otherwise it could have been much better.

Review 2:

Among other, more conventional features, Dylan Dog features the most bizarre gameplay in any game to date. This game is just so weird, whoever thought of it should be commited ASAP to the madhouse. From a gamer's point of view this is a completely terrible game despite its great graphics, because it features a really disgusting control system, terribly slow and otherwise uninteresting gameplay, and a level of visual violence that rivals Soldier of Fortune. Overall, this is a disappointing use of the valuable license (popular Italian comic book character of the same name). Stay away if you can help it.

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Dylan Dog screenshot
Dylan Dog screenshot

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