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Earthly Delight

Earthly Delight turns out to be a pleasant surprise when I first discovered it in March, 2000-- mainly because it's amazing that an interactive fiction game that is this innovative and well-written for ... Earthly Delight is definitely a cut above average game of its time (1983!), and while it isn't an Infocom game, it is well worth a play through. Highly recommended, but not for the easily frustrated.


Review 1: If you are familiar with any of the games from Sierra's popular adventure Space Quest series you will see several similarities from those games to Earthrise. Mainly the game story as it takes ... logical and fun. Review 4: It's a Space Quest Clone. Save the earth of becoming destroyed by some very big asteroid! Or at least that's what you thing. Exploring this game will tell you more....

Emily Enough

Emily Enough is a fun, professional-quality "black comedy" adventure game by Logan Worsley that offers a unique setting, an interesting plot (not for the easily disturbed) and cast of characters, ... you won't be sure what you have to do next. However, the game world is not that huge so if you explore your surroundings you will be very likely to finish the game without referring to a walkthrough.


In this early Coktel Vision game, your play a smitten lad who's desparately trying to find Emmanuelle, the girl of your dreams, in an island resort and make sure you can keep her satisfied with objects ... for a frustrating experience, as there is a fair amount of hunt-the-pixel objects to find. Recommended only if you're a masochist, or someone who simply must play every game with mature content .

Empire of the Over-Mind (a.k.a. Empire of the Overmind)

Empire of the Over-Mind is an excellent text adventure written by Gary Bedrosian way back in 1979 for the Apple II and Tandy's TRS-80 computer and published by Avalon Hill. The game was never ported to ... for the game to print a response to my input). This is no longer the problem in this MS-DOS version, so there is no reason for any IF fan to overlook one of the most underrated classics of all time.


The second effort from amateur developer Femo Duo Entertainment, Enclosure is a very fun murder mystery game with a lot of sci-fi trappings. You play Mike Goodman, a small-time con artist who was hired ... through the end. It does not quite match the suspense of 5 Days a Stranger, but as a horror/mystery game with some sci-fi trappings, it can hold its own as a very well-designed game. Recommended!


Review 1: You are being sent out to defeat the mighty Wizard Krill. You, an apprentice - merely to be called magician. You only know 3 spells - why you? Why not another mighty wizard? It seems like Krill ... you to deal with "realistic" conditions like thirst or hunger - a nuisance that doesn't add anything to gameplay. Otherwise, Enchanter is a good game that marks a good start to the trilogy.

Eric The Unready

Review 1: This very Pratchett-esque adventure comes from the makers of Spellcasting 101 and Time Quest. It is a text adventure, featuring graphics for enhancement, and menus for the commands, so you ... (e.g. the raft navigation screen in Star Trek spoof section) that are anything but boring. You'll be laughing from the start to the finish as you help Eric along one misadventure after another.

Escape from Delirium

Review 1: When I first saw this game I though it was an unknown game from LucasArts. Just look at that game engine... This is a great game that most of you never even heard of. You, as an archeologist ... and easy diversion, and beginners will find it a good introduction to the genre. Compared with other shareware games, this is not as good as Igor: Objective Uikokahonia, but it is a good effort.


Review 1: Essex is the second, and probably worst, game in Synapse's promising but short-lived "interactive novel" series. The game follows the real-time format of Mindwheel, but with a much-improved ... Irritating science-fiction game. Solve puzzles and find men on a starship. The irritating thing is that the people on the ship are walking free around... It's very life-like, but can be frustrating.

Evidence: The Last Resort

Evidence is a fun and quite underrated adventure game from French developer Microids. You are Dan Singer, reporter from Channel Z. You just broke up with your girlfriend Sarah Hopkins when she calls you, ... Evidence is a surprisingly good mix of many genres that adventure fans should find refreshing. Not a top game due to a somewhat bland plot and sub-par writing, but it comes quite close. Recommended!


Paul O'Brian said it best in his review: "[Exhibition's] story takes place at an art exhibition, the final show of a painter named Anatoly Domokov, who committed suicide shortly before the show opened. ... performance. As storytelling, it is mesmerizing. Exhibition may be a game of absences, but like the stories it tells, it wields a power far greater than the sum of its parts." A must have!


Fable is a decent point-and-click adventure from Telstar that unfortunately got very little notice due to lack of fanfare, limited distribution, and the general slump in adventure game genre. The plot ... a reasonable challenge to players new to the genre. I'd like to recommend it as suitable for all the family, but just remember that it does contain some rather immature and uninspired dialogue."

Fade to Black

Fade to Black is a disappointing sequel to Delphine's excellent Flashback the Quest for Identity. Although it has all the makings of a great game, the constantly shifting camera angles and awkward interface ... in the game, but those who persevere will truly enjoy the experience. Recommended, but definitely NOT for anyone who's not a joystick expert-- this is much, much more action-intensive than Flashback.

Faery Tale Adventure, The

Review 1: It's rare to see succesfull crossover games so early ('88) that were actually good playable and fun, but FTA seems to succeed in it. It's main hart is a somewhat simplified RPG game, but there ... Very nice adventure RPG with all the stuff in it: ogres, dragons, magic, etc. Walk with your brother in the land of Holm. The game had one of the biggest worlds in that time. Over 15000 screens...

Fahrenheit 451

Review 1: I can imagine the Telarium executives brainstorming for this one. A bunch of overweight business men, they smoke their cigars and play with their watch fobs and plot the oppression of good ... 2: A nice graphical textadventure. Not following the book at all. In the game your mission is to burn all books, but doing so you only want to read them and are not willing to burn them anymore...

Fallacy of Dawn

Fallacy of Dawn is the latest title from Robb Sherwin, designer of A Crimson Spring, my most favorite old game of the 6th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition, and is undoubtedly his best yet. Like his ... in for a real treat. I can?t imagine any visitor of this site (except those who mistake it for some cheesy "warez" site ;)) not liking this wonderful old game. A must-have, without a doubt.


One of the most unique text-only games ever made, Fallthru is a fun parser-based RPG that can be played by up to 3 players on the same computer. The game is turn-based: each player has X number of moves ... gamers only, since you need a lot of patience to carefully map the huge gameworld to keep yourself from getting lost. But if you have both patience and time, Fallthru comes highly recommended.


Fascination is, thank goodness, the last game in Coktel / Tomahawk's short-lived line of risque, mature-themed adventures that began with Emmanuelle. Aside from its eye-catching "mature" label, ... Apart from these gripes, Fascination is a good murder mystery, with interesting plot and some good puzzles. Beware of pixel-hunting, and save your game often if you want to finish this quirky game.

Fellowship of the Ring, The

Review 1: After developing a quite good interactive fiction game like The Hobbit was I had quite big expectations to this one considering I'm a huge fan of Lord of the Rings. Sadly those expectations ... expect it to be half as good as its predecessor. It gets credit, however, for being one of the first computer games that allow you to play multiple characters, in this case Frodo, Sam, and Pippin.


Two interesting murder mystery games that plays similar to the popular Host Your Own Murder board game, CBS' Felony and Mystery by the Dozen are each a collection of 12 murder cases for up to 8 players. ... then from minor clues to real evidence that will put the killer behind bars. Highly recommended, especially if you can find friends to play against and to keep your cheating tendencies in check :)


Review 1: The year is 2142. The planet is Titan... Playing the role of Conrad B. Hart, a confused young man with a memory loss, you must escape your enemies and find your missing girlfriend. Flashback ... of the best action adventures you'll ever play. Review 3: Platform game. You're dropped on a planet and have to save your girlfriend. The animations are very good and remind me of Prince of Persia.

Flight of the Amazon Queen

Review 1: Quite possibly one of the funniest games I've played, very similar in many respects to Monkey Island 1 & 2, except this is made by a group of Australians. This beautiful blend of comedy ... games (which are obvious inspiration here), but it still offers plenty of solid puzzles and a gentle off-beat humor that will elicit a laugh or two and leave a smile on your face at the end.


Flotsam is a fun Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game that won third-place winner of the 2001 LOTECHComp. Mark Silcox says it all about this fun old game: "This game charts the mundane tasks and interactions ... of the game for me well above the merely worthwhile and into the realms of the truly memorable." If you enjoy IF games or CYOA books, here is one gem that is well worth a look. Recommended!

Forbidden Castle

One of Angelsoft's better releases, Forbidden Castle is a typical save-the-princess game set in a well-defined fantasy world that is brought to life by detailed descriptions. Puzzles are logical and fun, ... now understands some synonyms, although it is still not nearly as versatile as Infocom's. Still, the wonderful descriptions and colorful characters make this worth a play-through for every IF fan.

Forbidden Quest

One of the most innovative-- and obscure-- interactive titles ever made, Pryority Software's Forbidden Quest is an ambitious sci-fi game that features many innovations, but falls a little flat from a few ... there are only five of them. The plot and character interaction are a bit weak, but overall, the game has enough interesting puzzles (including some optional ones) to keep me interested to the end.

Fourth Protocol, The

A fascinating political thriller based on best-selling Frederic Forsyth novel of the same name, The Fourth Protocol is a good game that is bogged down by cumbersome interface and a very slow pace that ... which are not as well-written as, say, Infocom's Border Zone. Still, with very challenging gameplay and intriguing plot, The Fourth Protocol is well worth a try for fans of this niche genre.


Framed is a charming side-scrolling action/adventure game that successfully combines arcade and puzzle-solving elements into a satisfying experience (although it was Alone in the Dark series that popularized ... well. There are a few things that could be better, such as some extreme pixel-hunting (items are hard to separate from the background) and unattractive graphics, but none of them cripples the game.

Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist

Review 1: Yee-haw! Experience life in the wild, wild west in this adventure co-designed by jokesters Al Lowe and Josh Mandel. As the title suggests, you are a gunman-turned-pharmacist who will soon find ... it comes to solving the puzzles. The manual is called “The Modern Day Book of Health and Hygiene.” Some of the content in this book adds comedy to the game as some of the content is pretty funny.

Frederick Pohl's Gateway

One of the best sci-fi games I've ever played, this game follows Pohl's classic: you play a "prospector" - one of the brave souls who volunteer to pilot alien crafts to unknown destinations, ... puzzles are some of best puzzles ever designed for an adventure game, bar none). And best of all, Legend released the game as freeware a few years ago to promote Gateway 2: Homeworld.

Fred's Backyard

Fred's Backyard is one of the most original text adventures you'll ever come across. The game makes up for its primitive parser and lackluster writing with funny ASCII graphics, sound effects, and best ... to be desired, but if you are willing to forgive these weaknesses and just concentrate on the game, you'll be pleasantly surprised with many fun puzzles and good ASCII graphics. Highly recommended.

Free D.C.!

Review 1: After Cinemaware bankrupted, a few employees formed a new company by the name of Cineplay Interactive. This was their first game and it was a huge disappointment. No wonder they never tried ... want a good game in the same style, play Manhunter: New York or hunt down a copy of Dreamworks' Neverhood CD-ROM instead. A very disappointing, nail-in-the-coffin end to Cinemaware's stellar career.

Friend Indeed, A

A Friend Indeed is a short but sweet amateur adventure that is memorable for a unique isometric/overhead perspective, although the puzzles are far too easy and the game is very short - 15-20 minutes is ... easiness, the game is very good. The sheer atmosphere and excellent arts more than makes up for its brevity. The ending suggests a sequel is likely, and I'm definitely looking forward to one."

Future Wars (a.k.a. Les Voyages du Temps)

Review 1: What an unlikely hero! You are a window cleaner. A common, little window cleaner. Yet you discover, more due to your notorious curiosity than by mistake, a time machine in your chiefs back ... games. Review 2: Alien invasion and anti-hero in main role. Game has pretty good story but I don't like the interface (it's not very user friendly). You should check it out yourself.

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