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Friend Indeed, A

A Friend Indeed is a short but sweet amateur adventure that is memorable for a unique isometric/overhead perspective, although the puzzles are far too easy and the game is very short - 15-20 minutes is all you need. AGA's nice capsule review for Adventure Gamers explains the pros and cons in detail: "A Friend Indeed : The Adventures of JP & Cosmo is an adventure in an isometric style. You control JP, who's just heard on the news that a meteor is heading for planet earth and that everyone with access to a fallout shelter should get to it within the next 30 minutes. JP remembers his friend Cosmo has a shelter beneath his house, and rushes to get there. You control JP as he enters Cosmo's house - you need to help him get to Cosmo, who's already in the shelter.

The game's puzzles are a little weak, never really requiring much thought to solve. Because of this the game probably won't take more than 15 minutes to complete, which is a pity because it's bound to leave you wanting more. The graphics are excellent, with clear, detailed backgrounds and nice characters (although we only really see the one character 'in action'). There are lots of background animations too, things like a grandfather clock ticking and a pipe dripping. The music is nice, and there are sound effects for most major events. The game is let down slightly by its lack of hotspots, with backgrounds this detailed, it would have been nice to be able to interact with everything you can see.

Overall, despite its easiness, the game is very good. The sheer atmosphere and excellent arts more than makes up for its brevity. The ending suggests a sequel is likely, and I'm definitely looking forward to one."

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Friend Indeed, A screenshot
Friend Indeed, A screenshot

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