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Scorcher is an innovative racer that combines elements of WipeOut and Marble Madness with mixed results. Although the game has many outstanding 3D race courses that are very imaginative and fun to drive ... go back to the tracks in WipeOut. Scorcher is fun for a while - too bad it's only for a short while. If you liked Megarace, you'll probably enjoy this old game for as long as it will last, though.

Scottish Open

Scottish Open is a decent golf game from Core Design. The first entry in the short-lived "Core Sports" label, the game offers armchair golfers a chance to compete in one of the world's oldest ... in this particular tournament. There is realy nothing here to set it apart from the top golf games, but the good variety of gameplay options and graphics should at least keep fans happy for a while.

SEGA Bass Fishing

SEGA Bass Fishing is an excellent bass fishing simulation that has been unfortunately ignored by PC gamers, perhaps due to the mistaken "it is probably not in-depth or realistic" attitude associated ... the superior sequel in stores. You can also purchase a fishing-pole controller that makes the experience even more authentic. Too bad this unique controller was never released with the PC version.

SEGA Worldwide Soccer

Sega Worldwide Soccer (WWS) was, in X'mas 1996, one of the best selling games for the Sega's "golden boy", the CD-32 bit Saturn. Reasons? It was the first *really* good 3D soccer game to be released ... should have no problems, but if you want to use more recent squads sometimes players don't look as they should) and the reduced numbers in each team (16). Definitely a top game, no less. A must-have.

Sensible Golf

Review 1: Those cute little guys from Sensible Software's games seem to be able to do just about anything. They fought wars (Cannon Fodder), played soccer (Sensible Soccer series) and this time it's ... Sensible's hallmark tiny players and colorful graphics, it's a fun diversion from the real thing. Good for when you're cursing Links or Jack Nicklaus games for not giving you that coveted birdie.

Sensible Soccer

Review 1: This brings back some good memories. By 1993 there were numerous attempts to make a decent football game but nobody succeeded in that noble task as good as Sensible Software did with it's Soccer. ... As you can see you've also got quite some tactical variations and not all players are of equal strength. If you're looking for a good, realistic soccer-game with many features - this is just the one!

Sensible Soccer '98

Sensible Soccer '98 is the final release in Sensible Software's outstanding Sensible Soccer series. At first glance, fans may be disappointed by the fact that the game no longer sports the cute tiny players ... preserved and enhanced by hi-res graphics. It is far from being the best Sensible Soccer game, but as far as soccer games go, it definitely is one of the most underrated. Highly recommended.

Sensible World of Soccer

Review 1: This is probably the best soccer game ever made (with all respects to FIFA series by Electronic Arts). Play as almost any team in the world or try yourself as a manager in career mode. The ... and national teams to compete in major tournaments. Highly recommended! And if you love the game, be sure to check out SWOS 96/97, the best game in the series -- also on this site, of course ;)

Sensible World of Soccer 96/97

Review 1: Sensible World of Soccer 96/97 - everything just got a little better, a little bigger, a little nicer. The concept stays the same - you are the coach of a team of some sort. You can select ... the realistic ball handling of Dino Dini's Goal! or complex simulation options of Championship Manager, but for sheer playability and joy of on-the-pitch action, SWOS 96/97 is the only game in town.

Sensible World of Soccer: European Championship Edition

A "sequel" of sorts to Sensible Software's 1996 Sensible World of Soccer, a great conversion of the company's famous Amiga football (soccer) game. Based on the teams that played in Euro '96 tournament, ... And then of course if you are a die-hard Sensible fan, you'd need this to complete your library of this wonderful, yet woefully underrated, football series that was much more successful on the Amiga.

Serve & Volley

Billed as "the most realistic action/strategy computer tennis game," Serve & Volley does come very close to that claim with the excellent "Strobe-O-Stroke" interface that allows you to aim your serve and select shot type (topspin, slice, etc.). It also offers 3 difficulty levels and 3 types of court surfaces. Difficult controls and computer AI mar this otherwise great game.

Shane Warne Cricket

Arguably the best cricket game ever made, Shane Warne Cricket is the last cricket game from Audiogenic, makers of classic games including Allan Broder's Cricket and Brian Lara Cricket. This 1997 version ... handle batting yourself and leaving bowling alone to the computer. Intelligent computer opponents round off this excellent, and overlooked, sports title that cricket fans can't miss. A top game.

Shark! Hunting the Great White

Shark! Hunting the Great White is a surprising fun underwater "shark hunting simulation" from Sunstorm Interactive, the company that brought the world numerous renditions of the extremely popular ... could be much more exciting if its production values were higher. That said, I'm not certain hardcore gamers would buy it, while I'm confident that it will do quite well on the bargain shelf."

Sharkey's 3D Pool

Review 1: Back when I first laid hand on this game I had no idea what pool is actually. I kinda liked what I saw and shortly after I became pretty good at it. I mean the computer game of course. Later ... to keep pool fans entertained for hours. I found the trick shots section especially fun, and challenging. Definitely a breakthrough as far as pool games go, and a must-have for fans of the sport.

Shooting Gallery

Most people seem to enjoy trying to hit a target. Whether it's tossing a ball through a hoop, trying to shoot cans off a fence, or blasting space aliens on a computer screen, there's something about it ... carnivool shooting both, to hitting a clay pigeon shot into the sky. A quick eye along with a quick finger on the mouse is the key to this game. Note: slowdown program is required for faster PCs.

Sierra Championship Boxing
Sito Pons 500cc Grand Prix

Sito Pons is a fun isometric motorcycle racing game from Zigurat, a prolific developer who rarely released their games outside Spain. The game is simple: win the motorcycle tournament by being the fastest ... and there is a lot of details for each track. Overall, a very nice racing game that can't compete with Dynamix' Motocross for realism and the number of options, but is good fun as a quick racing fix.

Skate or Die

Review 1: Skate or die is a package of skating games packed in one game. You can choose from different skating games wich you can practice or compete. It has almost the same idea as Ski or die. Review ... (skate & ski racing) to some pleasant surprises (skating ring competition & snowball fights). They're both fun and addictive, with excellent controls, although not up to par with Epyx games.

Ski King

Ski King is a fun freeware game coded by Scott Haag in 1996. The idea is simple: ski down all 50 hills in the game without hitting the trees. For every 10 hills you get past, you are rewarded with a new ... DOS game that won't blow your mind, but will entertain you for much longer than you care to admit ;) It runs way too fast on modern computers, so make sure you use a slowdown program like Mo' Slo.

Ski or Die

Review 1: This game actually is a collection of a few wintersports. Downhill skiing, snowboarding, snowball fighting and more! You will have to train very hard and later on, you can challenge your friends ... (skate & ski racing) to some pleasant surprises (skating ring competition & snowball fights). They're both fun and addictive, with excellent controls, although not up to par with Epyx games.

Ski Stunt Simulator

One of the best "physics-based" games I have ever played, Ski Stunt Simulator is a great game that superbly emulates the physics involved in performing acrobatic ski stunts. In addition to a ... and perform stunts over chasms and houses). Whether or not you like skiing games or physics simulations in general, Ski Stunt Simulator is a unique and excellent game that you wouldn't want to miss.

Ski Xtreme

Ski Xtreme is a superb skiing game by Danny "danjo" Boyd of Apocalyptic Coders. Circy's concise review for says it all about this modern "klik" classic: "Summer is ... and high scores. Hugely addictive, then, is what I can say about this game. Danjo, in my eyes, has released what is Apocalyptic Coders best game so far. I can't recommend it highly enough."


Review 1: If you ever used Windows 3.1, you have probably come across Ski Free at some point. Ski Free deserves to be ranked alongside Minesweeper as one of the best "coffee break" games for ... this one is a must have. Just to play one time and never see again, it's great! And hey, we're still talking about the "wingames" series on this site, so don't expect too much of any game.

Skunny Kart

A High speed 3D multiplayer racing game! 50 Tracks in all to race and battle on. You and your friend can play at the same computer (split-screen) or you can play against the computer. Plenty of pickups ... Lose Time, Seeking Missile, Reduce Opponents Size, Reduce Yourself, Holes in Map, Olil Slicks, etc. This game kicks a whole lot of arse, and can be played for hours on end without getting bored!

Slam 'n Jam

Slam 'n Jam is a decent, little-known PC port of the 3DO arcade-style basketball game, which was in turn unofficially based on Konami's classic arcade game Run & Gun (the similarities between the two ... when compared with the best in the genre, however, and is quite difficult to get to work on modern computers. EA Sports' NBA series and SEGA's NBA Action '98 are both much better than this old game.

Slicks & Slide

Review 1: This game rocks hard, and I love it. You can't beat the whole cute little racing game genre of games. I am totally fond of games like this, Race and also the superkewl Lego Racers games. Slicks ... it's in my top 10 of all time great games. Review 2: Little race game where you play a car with a length of three pixels. You can choose different tracks on which you ride with incredible speed.


Little action-sports game by Microids. In short, Sliders could be described as a mixture of Marble Madness and one-on-one soccer. Two players (you vs. a friend or computer) control a little marble over ... Decent in two-player mode, less decent against the computer. The right SHIFT key might be useful in this one. Sliders should be played in real DOS mode only due to sound incompatibility issues.

Slipstream 5000

Review 1: Slipstream 5000 is a nice futuristic racing game with cool-looking fully-textured 3D graphics. They are very fluid albeit a bit slow. You can fly through varied courses located all over the ... I couldn't keep this one for myself. Great action race/fly game. Move your ship through nice tracks, become first, earn money, upgrade your weapons, engine and stuff. Nice graphics and cool sounds.

Slugger, The

A decent baseball game that's not as good as, say, Micro League Baseball for lack of strategic depth, but is still a fun action-oriented game with good graphics that zooms in on the current player. Lack of variety and few teams provides limited replay value.

Snowboard Racer

Snowboard Racer is a fun snowboard racing game from Hammer Technologies. The game offers 3 different competitions that all require the main ?ingredients? of snowboarding: high downhill speed and acrobatic ... Snowboard Racer may not be as ultra-realistic or as advanced as Tony Hawk or other recent releases, but it's a lot of fun and realistic enough to keep snowboarders interested. Worth a try at least.


Snowcross is an above-average snowmobile racing game from Wanadoo. While it is not as fun as Konami's popular line of snowboarding games, it is still a fun game that introduces a few interesting innovations ... and the snowmobiles "glide" too easily. All in all, it's a competent game with enough production values to entertain you for a while - if you don't look too closely at realism. Recommended.

Soccer Cards

Soccer Cards is a unique football (soccer) game from Michael Douglas, an amateur game designer. Basically a football game that is played by cards, you play the game by using a set of "match cards," ... should appeal to both football and card game fans who want something a little different from normal. Highly recommended, especially as a 'coffee break' game you can finish in 15-20 minutes at a time.

Soccer Superstar

Soccer Superstar is a poor football (soccer to you Americans) game from DDM, a small Spanish shareware developer. Let's start with the few good points first. Graphically, the game is on par with EA's early ... options, but that is unfortunately not the case here. Football fans therefore have very little reason to play this sub-par game that is marginally underrated at best. Steer clear of this one.

Speed Racer: The Challenge of Racer X

"The Mach-5 is the most complex and ingenious car ever built, a tribute to my father's imagination, genius, and technical skill!" -- Speed Racer Japan's Mach GoGoGo [retitled Speed Racer outside ... as a diversion to gameplay. Overall, a lackluster racing game that only die-hard fans of the anime will likely enjoy. Strip away the license, and there is little content underneath the silver chrome.

Speed Rage

Speed Rage is a simple arcade-ish fantasy racing game that lets you race either a dune buggy or a boat on various tracks. The game is decent, but it doesn't really have anything to make you quit, say, ... of your car. All in all, a very average game that really deserves to stay unknown. Although, the game does have a nice modem and network support for those looking for a quick multiplayer game.

Speedball 1

The Bitmap Brothers affirmed their status as leading action game developer with Speedball 1 and 2, two highly enjoyable futuristic ball games that combine elements of handball and rugby. The simple goal ... etc. Speedball 2 greatly expands on the concept with bigger pitches, more complex league play, and more. You are scored for injuring your opponents as well as goals, so... let the carnage begin ;)

Speedball 2

Review 1: The Bitmap Brothers affirmed their status as leading action game developer with Speedball 1 and 2, two highly enjoyable futuristic ball games that combine elements of handball and rugby. The ... away to another player. You can tackle your opponents. There are no borders around the field, because you play it inside some sort of rectangled building, with high wall on which the ball ricochets.

Sport of Kings (a.k.a. Omni-play Horse Racing)

Unarguably the best horse racing simulation ever, Sport of Kings (formerly released by Omni-play as Omni-play Horse Racing) was designed by the master of sport sims, Ed Ringler. As can be expected from ... definitely one of those games that is different every time you play, so you will never, ever get bored. The game design has withstood the test of time, and you will enjoy it whenever you load it up.

Sporting News Baseball

Sporting News Baseball is a fun baseball game that offers a good diversion from other serious baseball games. It offers very few US teams to choose from, and there is no tournament mode to speak of. Still, Epyx' hallmarks of intuitive interface and fun gameplay are present despite the lack of realistic factors or statistics.

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